Shoot Shack

(Incoming text) ‘Hey?’


Barely a minute into sending that ‘yes’, a loud slam was heard through his front door and it took a few more seconds before Ryan’s door swung carelessly open, for a stern-looking, clearly-agitated female. Not a word was exchanged when she pushed him onto the shoe rack, thereafter ‘ripping’ his belt and trousers open for his unprepared dong.

While he was still in a daze at her unaffectionate advances, she just tapped and nudged and flopped his cock about until it gained some ‘backbone’. Once he was somewhat interested, she turned her back towards him and rolled up that tight, black, hips-conforming skirt to lower that unassuming, lacy panties of hers. Within seconds, he was tucked inside her and thus began the one-way, backward-style, standing cowgirl ride.

Half groaning and half struggling to hang onto the edge of the cabinet for support, she was mercilessly slamming her pussy along his shaft while rubbing her clit furiously. What Ryan didn’t expect to hear was her first use of ‘fuck’, ‘damn it’, along with angry hissing noises.

Despite the little ‘work’ he had to put in, his mind was unable to process such spontaneity, coming from a working-class woman as attractive as her. With that high ponytail, body-hugging white blouse, seductive plain black stockings, and a scrounge-up skirt at her tiny waist, his body was mostly in a state of disbelief. Still, he managed to get to maximum stiffness for both of their enjoyment, and it was then her turn to heave a sigh of satisfying relieve.

(She asked impatiently) ‘Hey?’

(Ryan moaned) ‘Soon.. nghhh soon!’

By then, she had slacked of from fucking him, and appeared indifferent to his increasingly-strong strokes pounding at her puffy pussy lips. For some reason, a sense of ‘rage’ overwritten Ryan’s, otherwise-helpful, character and he just went at her harder, thrusting deeper and deeper to get his revenge. It couldn’t be helped that she too, was getting into the mood again and became even wetter, from being fucked by her ‘helpful’ neighbour.

(He groaned) ‘KAMMM.. MINGGG.. NGHHH!’

As he ran out of breath, his hips simultaneously buckled fiercely for the delightful, morning-load that streamed uncontrollably into her pulsating pussy, that triggered another orgasm for the ungrateful lady. When his eruption finally came to an end, the pair of adulterous neighbour just casually cleaned themselves up, and straightened their clothes for a stealthy exit from his unit.

Once they got into the lift ‘safely’, the two of them became strangers again, going their separate ways to work.

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