Guilt Undone

‘Hey umm.. can you come in for a while? I think I need your help.’

‘Sureee but.. are you sure?’

‘Yesss.. just come.. ‘

At her last sentence, she just grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the handicap toilet she had spent the last few minutes in, and caught me rightfully off guard with her bottom half naked. Maintaining a firm grip on my arm, she didn’t let go until she was seated on the toilet (lid down), and me standing right in front of her. I was still cluelessly waiting for some description of the ‘help’ she needed when I realised what she was after, once she started fidgeting with my pants.

Needless to say, I was very hesitant to give in to her since it was the first time we met, but she was definitely not shy about touching herself in front of me. After some back-and-forth words of reassurance, I let myself go and helped her with that finicky belt on me. Once she broke my cock out of its little cotton pouch, it was all show and no tell with her small, nimble hands. Somehow, she managed to impress me with the perfect rhythm of jerking me off, and fingering herself, that I couldn’t react fast enough when she shoved me into her little mouth.

Within seconds, I was tipping back and forth from the high she delivered through my loin, sucking and slurping as hungrily one could on an inedible man-part. I too, wasn’t just going to let her do all the work and went to her side, sliding one hand over her pussy while she ate me out. For me, it was all about clit-play and she was more than happy with (just) that, rewarding my efforts with deep throats I wouldn’t impose on any partners.

After she was wet beyond satisfaction, and I was hard beyond comprehension, she got up and brought us both to the sink, where my fat, wide body seemed too mature for her disproportionate age-to-body ratio. It didn’t take her much to convince me to proceed, with sliding my engorged manhood into her slippery cunt – without protection.

While the ‘entry’ was a little worrying, the ‘docking’ wasn’t. In little time, I had split her vagina wide enough to accommodate me, and then deep enough to knock the wind out of her. Holding onto that unbelievably-thin waist of hers, she felt like a ragdoll, with a sexual appetite that I didn’t know if I could please. Wordless, I just humped her as hard, and as fast as I could, often losing control of my overrated stamina. Every once in a while, I had to pause, for that achey, over-stimulated cock to settle down before I could go again.

As for her, she had a fingers to keep her mood up, uncaring if she had gotten too tight for me to handle. Soon, I found a sweet spot and a manageable tempo, to expend the last of my energy into. Keeping a loose, but swift rhythm, she no longer needed the assistance of her fingers. For a brief moment, we became one being, hips moving in sync to the most terrifying buildup ever.

‘I’m gonna cum.. ‘

There was no way I could say that without slowing down, and for a good reason too. I came to a complete stop before she pulled me slowly out of her, and led me back to the toilet where everything began. This time however, it was me who was seated on the ‘throne’, and be further surprised by her boldness to ride an unexploded cock.

‘I will stand up in time, trust me.’

Uttering those very (last) words as she lowered herself over my cock again, I was somehow convinced by her confidence in executing that one, single move. There was nothing more I could do except to brace myself, and cope with the danger of impregnating her, while repeating the warning cry under my breath.


And lo and behold, not only did she keep sliding that soft, wet hole down my pipe, she even ‘squeezed’ a little on her way up and down. Unprepared to ‘push her away’, my dick did the one thing it has always wanted to – cum huge loads into a pussy.

Unable to ‘take back my cum’, I vividly remembered how I felt so defeated, that I could no longer care about the overflowing cum that dripped loudly onto the floor. When I finally saw her moving again, it was so she could use my fluids, to lubricate her fingertips as she rubbed herself off once more.

By the time she dismounted my member, I was wholly consumed by guilt, more than any consequences that could stem from a creampie. Sensing my unnerving silence, she caught my face between her palms and gave me a kiss, and revealed her secret that replaced my disappointment with fear.

‘I haven’t gotten my period yet. So don’t worry ya?’

It was then, I knew I had other things to worry about.

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