In Plain Sight

(Text message) ‘We’re entering the hall now.’

Walking closely behind them, I couldn’t help but gloat when I saw how he tried to peek into Maeve’s low-cut, loose-fitting blouse that barely covered her voluptuous cups. As jealous as I was aroused when she was so ‘outgoing’ with him, nothing much really happened between the time they bought their move tickets, till the time they found their seats in the theatre.

Sitting just two rows behind them, I had my eyes on Maeve who was snuggling and cozying up to him, before fidgeting in an unmistakable manner. Illuminated by what little light was bouncing off screen, I was more engrossed in how often she was planting kisses on his cheeks, and twitching erratically. When her knees finally came into view, I knew that he had placed his hand, between someplace I had been in.

Slowly, her head began to slid off his shoulder, and disappeared for a brief moment. While it was difficult to make anything out in that kind of dimness, I had his slanting head movements to ‘tell me how well she did’. After some time, one side of her blouse came off her shoulder and I had a vivid imagination to fill in his part of the ‘action’, presumably taking place in front of one or both of her breasts.

Once they had ‘enough’, nothing much happened for the rest of the show, and the end of it marked the beginning of another mystery. Following them at a distance (out of the theatre), I was in constant delight at how he couldn’t keep his hands off her, and Maeve was more than happy to let him have his way.

I couldn’t help but be extremely thrilled, and aroused when Maeve led him into a stairwell, as if something was about to happen. Since I was meant to be ‘invisible’, I had to move slower than I wanted, through the heavy, creaky door and down the steps where I could see what he was up to.

When I finally ‘caught up’ with them (from above), Maeve’s position against a wall, with his back turned to me, allowed us to exchange an assuring gaze, that sort of set her off for something bigger. Within seconds, he was groaning as she was trembling, to each others’ hands that I couldn’t see from my vantage point. I knew she had finally ‘let go’ when she began fumbling with his belt, stripping his bottoms so quickly off that I got momentarily worried for them.

In a blink of an eye, Maeve was already on her knees, head bobbing back and forth at the groin of a man, whom could barely maintain his balance. I was increasingly getting worked up from her dominance when he suddenly jumped away from her, before a few loud splatter echoed throughout the enclosed stairwell. Following that unexpected ‘interruption’, I could hear him apologising continuously while he tried to gather his pants.

Just when I thought the whole ‘deal’ was over, Maeve actually coddled with him, and comforted him like how she would calm a lost, little boy down.

After a few minutes, she was back at her game, pumping and jerking at his groin as he remained shamefully silent. It wasn’t after more time had passed when he got into the mood again, this time keeping his hand busy at her pussy. Soon, it was her turn to remove her tights and I was just relieved to see how that blouse was long enough to cover her vital part, if someone ever walked in on them.

It was only a matter of time, that he would want something out of the ‘effort’ he put in, through those fingers he kept removing to see how ‘wet’ she was. It was about then when Maeve set him off with a whisper in his ears, that sent him rummaging through his crumpled jeans – for a condom. Putting it on in record time, I could tell how amused Maeve was when he stood awkwardly-still in front of her, before she even moved an inch.

(Softly asking) ‘how do you want me?’

(Replying softly) ‘you choose?’

To that, Maeve simply opened her legs and he went seamlessly onto his knees, one step below where she laid. In mere seconds, he slipped his rubberised cock into her and she ‘helped me’ by looping her hands around his neck, to keep his eyes on her while she stared mesmerised at me. Since he was more than happy to do all the work, Maeve only had to moan, however genuinely, ‘at me’ for him to hear.

Some time into the ‘effortless’, stairway romp, Maeve decided to ‘give’ a little back by rubbing herself, to expectedly turn him on even more with a tighter pussy.

(Muffled cry) ‘i’m cumming.. inside you!’

As far as I know, he was going to cum in a condom, and none of us was worried about where else he could cum. Within a minute, his hips buckled and the following few thrusts devoided him of any guilt, or shame for that matter. Once he was done, he pulled carelessly out of her and relieved himself of that cum-catcher, clearly uninterested in any after-sex affection.

From that moment on, I was just listening to his one-sided, evasive speech, mainly to excuse himself from a casual cum-dump. After the dick-and-dasher left, Maeve came up to me and bent right over, the handrails for me to doggy her raw.

How else, could I reward my brave little girl besides filling her pussy full of my cum, and then be treated to a front-row seat to watch her clean me up with her loving mouth. As the last few shops in the mall locked their doors, we found ourselves exploring one of the ‘family rooms’ we had never stepped foot in.

What else would you expect, from two, sexed-up adults in a baby room, if they didn’t attempt to make a baby in there? In my defense, I think it was hot of her to suggest a quickie at the one-way, emergency exit, which was our only way out of the building. That tiny, glass window I banged her against, just made things a whole lot more exhilarating.

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