Slimming Dust

(Maeve asked) ‘J? Do you know what’s ice?’

‘Yeah. It’s a drug, also known as meth.’

(Maeve asked) ‘Do you know what are some of it’s side effects?’

‘Hmm.. high? I think it makes one more alert.. and I think it has slimming effects too.’

(Maeve asked) ‘Do you think I am slimmer than last time?’

‘You are always slim, but you are slimmer now than before. Don’t tell me you have ice and you didn’t share k! Haha.’

While I understood her uncanny chain of questions as a joke, it apparently wasn’t so once she pulled out a tiny zip lock bag, with translucent, glass-looking rocks that some of it crushed as fine as a powder. We didn’t really spoke much once she dabbed her pinky-fingertip into some of the finer particles, and snorted them up her nose.

Of course, there was the textbook rush that threw her head backwards, followed by her soft grips on both my forearms. As much as I was in disbelief of what I just witnessed, the pieces just fitted so nicely that I couldn’t deny her story.

(Maeve whispered) ‘another side effect of it, is an increased thirst for sex.. ‘

From that point on, I was no longer in control as she slid her body down to my feet, before parting them to plant her face in my groin. Despite my knowledge of the after-effects of such an addiction, I had somehow managed to restrain myself from making any dismissive action, and even get turned on by her surging ‘appetite’.

Before I knew it, I had possibly gotten half as high as her as she slurped on my cock hungrily, licking every inch of my shaft, and suckling on my balls to include some irresistible-discomfort. Once she found a rhythm, and suction that made me purr so gently, she went at it non-stop until my brain melted into the sheets we were frolicking in.

It wasn’t long before I had to call for a break, which she really couldn’t allow given what her body was going through. In a swift and careful manner, she climbed on top of me and slid her pussy easily over my erection, thereafter rocking her hips back and forth to poke her own G-spot repeatedly.

For clarification, it was known to us both that I wasn’t particularly ‘sensitive’ in this (cowgirl) position, since there was some ‘buttons’ that her movements would not hit. So on my end, while I wasn’t overly stimulated, she was free to fuck her own brains out, right on top of me.

After some time of that one-sided ride, she dismounted my cock and went straight back to eating it, this time going so fast and sloppily that she choked more than once at her incessant deep-throat attempts. In no time, I was in a daze again, from the over-stimulation she caused at my groin area.

What I didn’t notice, was while she was going down on me, she managed to find that zip lock pouch, dipped a finger into it again, and brought it close enough to my nose that I had vacuumed it all up. As soon as I was hit by that magic dust, an unstoppable erection showed up along with some kind of rage that resembled fear, jealousy, and the strong urge to ‘punish’.

Within seconds, I had flipped her onto her chest, raised her ass up into the air, and pierced my engorged manhood into her sopping wet pussy. Given what she had done to me, it was too easy to forgo any worry or concern of ‘hurting her’, and let my hips mercilessly slam into her perky ass.

Thrust after thrust, we groaned simultaneously, and almost in sync as our body perspired uncontrollably, turning our emotions into pure piston-like motion that I just couldn’t get enough of. Fueled by the drug, and satiated by the comfort of her wet, fleshy, warm, meat pocket, it was, an interesting rush of guilt and revenge.

What I didn’t expect, was how little we spoke, even if we tried to, due to our constant need to catch our breaths. We were just essentially fucking each other silly as we took turns to ‘move’ when the other got tired. In our defense, we did change to missionary before we didn’t want to ‘disconnect’ another time, and let sometime magical, and unexpected happen.

Halfway through another mindless series of thrusts, she noticed an abundance of ‘white stuff’ exiting her vagina. Upon closer inspection, we realised that I had came, without any knowledge of it, but was still maintaining a very rigid erection. So, like how any man would cope with a hard on, I stuck it back into her and kept going, as wildly as we have been.

When the ‘medication’ finally wore off, I had regained some sensation in my loin and was able to feel my next orgasm. It was kind of logical, for us to slow down once our adrenaline died down, but I still had some to spur me on.

Just as I neared my second climax, I pulled out of her and brought my twitching cock to her mouth, which she was too exhausted to open. Thus with her permission, I slipped it into her mouth and helped myself to her tired tongue, jerking and jutting my hips until the second, big load sprayed into her face.

With that, I expended my last bit of energy and her throat movements signalled the iconic ‘swallow’ she had not had in a long while.

As for the rest of the night, we just slept soundly like a baby until a loud sniff woke me up, to her second ‘dose’ in eight hours. To that, I just laid motionless like a dead fish while she kept herself busy with my dick, a dildo, and her fingers to multiple orgasms. When everything finally died down, she had to confess, that whenever she took meth, and got incredibly horny, she would find men – to cope with that need.

Those very words, stirred me up enough to trigger another hard on, for a much-less intense session where we made ‘true love’, motivated by the jealousy she wished I was more affected by.

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