(Winnie asked) ‘Coffee for you uncle?’

‘Oh yes please. That would be nice.’

Sitting on the study table amongst the girls who had just finished decorating the hotel room to celebrate my daughter’s sixteenth birthday, I was just touched and grateful that she had them as friends. Witty, cheerful, and forward-thinking, it was then I realised how much they had influenced her, even though it consisted parts of a ‘rebellion’. While they seemed like the type who would go wild if they ever had the chance, I was not worried at all worried about my girl’s safety, for I know their strong-willed nature would not let any harm come to the group of them.

As soon as the coffee was cold enough to be drank, I slurped up the entire cup hungrily and resumed my ‘old man talk’ with them, trying my best not to ‘disgrace’ my girl as I cleverly kept up with their random change in topics. In the next few minutes, I gradually lost coherence (in my words), along with increasingly-weaker limbs that I could no longer lift.

(Claire asked) ‘Uncle? Are you ok? You’re not speaking straight.. uncle? Uncle?!’

The three of them then rushed to my side, prodding my arms and legs to make sure I wasn’t numb in those places. Despite my fragility, I managed to conjure a smile, that reassured them of my awareness. They then brought me to the lounge chair, arranged my arms in a comfortable position – and began tugging at my pants.

All my ‘screams’ and ‘shouts’, were easily ‘ignored’ as they were no louder than the TV blaring their club music in the background, partly disabled by whatever drugs they had slipped into my coffee. At one glance, I realised that of all my ‘limp’ parts, there was one that wasn’t affected.

Janice, the fittest of them, grabbed my cock and began to fiddle with it, dragging her fingertips along my shaft repeatedly to the amazement of the rest of the girls. One by one, they took turns and used my hopeless, helpless, facial expressions to ‘see’ who did the best. Bombarded by such, fantastical hands that excelled in their own ways, I was more tired than if one of them had just finished me off.

(Janice asked) ‘Who wants to taste him next?’

(Winnie raised her hand excitedly) ‘I’ll go!’

Leaning in from my right, she put her lips over the tip of my cock before she gathered her long, wavy hair, tying them into a ponytail before diving further down my shaft. With no other means to channel my exasperation, I breathed deep to the rhythm of her strokes, unintentionally ‘growing’ my manhood while I broke out in hot sweat.

Sensing how I was turned on by her mouth, Winnie ended the blowjob just as I was at my hardest, and held the girls back as I lost some ‘motivation’ down there. Once it dwindled far enough, it was Claire’s turn to have a go, starting with a slow, sensual handjob. A few minutes of that later, she slipped her mouth over my cock and went all the way down, shocking her friends with repetitive, deep throat thrusts that sent my hips shivering uncontrollably.

All of them were in silence as Claire devoured me like a sex-starved kitten, jerking the lower-half of my erection while suckling the other half hard. In mere minutes, I was groaning beyond my control, and she knew better to stop and let me catch my breaths.

(Claire asked) ‘Janice? You wanna have a go?’

‘Umm.. I think not. There’s some liquid coming out of the tip.’

(Claire replied)Tsk! That’s just.. licking droplet off pre-cum.. It’s sweet!’

(Janice interrupted) ‘Can I just.. ride him?’

(Claire and Winnie oof-ed together) ‘Woooo.. GO GO!/ YOU GO GIRL!’

Without hesitation, Janice pulled her panties down from under her high-waist, pleated skirt and climbed over my member, ready to guide my meat into her, if not for the two girls who had already caught it. Like good tag-team partners, they pointed ‘me’ in the right direction as Janice lowered herself, in whimpers and gasps as she was split around me.

Adding some spit and saliva to where she had not ‘covered’, the rest of the distance were made easier once Janice started moving, back and forth in an autonomous trance. Soon, loud, livid moans echoed around the room as her vagina tightened around me, leaking more juices as her movements went out of tempo. In less than five minutes, she came and crashed hard into my shoulders, body still trembling when they helped her off me.

Still as hard as a rock, Winnie mounted me in reverse-cowgirl and went wild like Janice. It was when she became much tighter, and wetter, did I learnt what her hands were so busy with. Adding some fingers to her clit at the same time I ‘entertained’ her pussy, she came once, then twice, then thrice before a gush of warm, viscous bodily-fluid rained over my balls.

Her orgasm, that came a few seconds after the squirting-spree, was undoubtedly more intense when she almost fell off the chair, saved by Claire who was flabbergasted, by her explusion. Once she was tucked away into the bathroom, it was Claire’s turn, to receive the full brunt of my restored vigour. Some time between Janice and Winnie, my strength was slowly returning, but it wasn’t until Claire’s turn, could I ‘test’ all of my muscles to know that I was ‘back’.

Claire, was taking up the forward-cowgirl stance when I suddenly sat upright, hugged her clothed-body close, jumped up, and laid her on the bed. Since I was already, and still, inside her, I showed no mercy when I unleashed the dragon, pummeling her with full force that knocked the wind out of her for a second.

For some reason, I couldn’t resist the urge to pull Janice’s leg to put her next to Claire, and swiftly jammed a finger into her sloppy-wet pussy. Finger-fucking her as I pounded Claire silly, it was no wonder Winnie had to ‘rush’ out of the toilet to see what was going on. I just needed to point a finger at her (Winnie), and then the bed, for her to crash right beside Claire.

Filled with either two fingers, or my dick, the girls were too eager to let me punish them, in an unharmonised melody of moans. Thankfully, I was able to swap between them for a bit before I had to explode, without knowing how they would take it.

(I groaned) ‘I’m cumming.. how do you girls.. ‘

Before I knew it, Winnie, the smallest of them, flipped onto her back and flung her legs into the air for me. No more than a few seconds later, Claire crawled on top of her in 69 and sat over her face, in an attempt to mute her while she finished me off.

For fairness’ sake, I didn’t allow Claire to just undermine her friend and shoved my cock into Winnie, jerking her whole body as I slammed my groin at her pussy. Moving faster and harder with each passing second, I had to delay my orgasm by grasping Claire’s ample bosoms, tuning her nipples like a DJ while she got eaten out.


I pulled out just in time to litter Winnie’s belly, with thick, gooey cum that sprayed as far as her tiny chest. Making use of Claire in that unique position, I brought her face to my cock and made sure I was thoroughly cleaned, before I let her go.

To end it all, I fell back into the lounge chair as Claire and Janice, the two girls I didn’t cum on, laid next to Winnie and proceeded to slurp my cum up, tickling Winnie in the process. After that unspeakable session, the four of us took a shower together and got dressed, with a time to spare before the party began.

Like a un-idiotic dad, I let the girls have the room and only returned late at night to check on them, which really were just my daughter and Claire. I had just tucked my drunk little girl properly into bed when Claire, the light-sleeper unaffected by any amount of alcohol, woke up to my presence.

Unwanting to disturb my girl, she asked me into the bathroom and we had a long talk, about what we did earlier, and how sensitive her over-developed breasts were all the time. It was there, when I decided to show her the allure, of her unconventionally-sized boobs – in doggy-style, in front of a full-length mirror.

In her minced-up, choppy words, ‘there is nothing, sexier than, to see my boobs jiggle, to a big cock sliding in, and out of my, pussy that no one else, could see, and only I, can feel.’

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