Trading Places

(Yuting asked drunkenly) ‘Would you let her kiss my boyfriend?’

(I answered) ‘I would, only if she wants.’

(Maeve asked Yuting) ‘And you won’t hold it against me?’

‘Nope! I don’t think you will know how he likes it.’

Suddenly, the ambience in the room grew way hotter as Maeve crawled over to Ian, and seamlessly planted her lips on his while climbing onto his lap. What was supposed to be a ‘peck’, soon turn into a ‘kiss’, before it blew up into ‘necking’. I could tell, from Yuting’s gaze, that she was growing increasingly jealous as she was intrigued, to the point that she was looking to me for some kind of ‘hint’.

Not wanting to leave her hanging, I prodded Maeve to alert her to Yuting’s plight and she set her off with two, simple words.

‘Go ahead.’

It didn’t take Yuting more than three seconds to make herself comfortable in my arms, and swiftly dotted my neck with her lips. I couldn’t exactly remember when, Maeve took things personal and included the use of her hands on Ian’s groin, causing him to groan and whimper loud enough for Yuting to notice. As revenge, Yuting did the same to my loin, and drove Maeve crazier when she undid my shorts.

In a few short minutes, Ian and I were getting sucked off by each others’ partners, with no apparent restraints as they cautiously loosened their own clothes. Since Maeve was wearing just a wrap-skirt and pullover, she was quicker to let Ian into her ‘pants’, allowing him to ‘feel’ her anywhere his hands led.

With renewed spite, Yuting stripped her dress off entirely and put my hands around her boobs, while she delivered one of the softest handjob I could imagine. Obviously, I had trouble containing my moans that Maeve used as ‘motivation’, to tuck his erection into her mouth. In the blink of an eye, I too, was drowning in her oral pleasure as Yuting slurped on my manhood, painting every inch of my shaft with her tongue that garnered some lowly gasps compared to Ian’s plea for mercy.

Realising that she was not as ‘adept’ as Maeve, Yuting pinned me flat on the ground and plastered her pussy over my dick, to use me as a clit-toywhile she awaited ‘further antagonisation’. Maeve, despite not able to see us all the time, noticed what we were up to and followed suite, except she already knew my stance on ‘hot-wifing’.

The only ‘cue’ we all heard was the change in Ian’s voice, from a moan, to a loud gasp that accompanied his rebelling hands. I could almost hear Yuting gritting her teeth when she squatted over my dick, thereafter holding that position for a good ten seconds before she went down my shaft. While it was ‘fun’ to watch Ian try to put on an ‘angry’ face, none of us managed to take his ever-changing, two-minded expression seriously.

Driven by pure rage, the girls made full use of the time we could sustain our erection, right down to the last second when one of us came first. Ian, was first to cum once Maeve lost sight of him and turned her attention to her own orgasm, that made her so tight that Ian only had a guilty, sad look to show for when Maeve finally stopped moving.

As for Yuting, she was about to give up when Maeve pulled herself up, to reveal the load of cum that Ian had irresponsibly sprayed inside another woman. Given that sight, I could understand why, Yuting would go straight onto her fours and ask me to fuck her – while facing Ian. Seeing how pleased and excited Maeve was for this unconventional ‘swap’, I obeyed fate and went berserk on Yuting, without any pause, pace, and control.

Within two minutes, I called my ‘shots’ and pulled out of her at the last minute, too worried to care if she was on any form of birth control at all. Maeve, on the other hand, saw how ‘ready’ I was and helped me to my feet, before she went down caringly on me. In the end, I took another few minutes before I blew my load, into the very woman I loved and would share.

Over the next few hours and more drinks, the four of us worked out what we just did, and left closer than we had met that evening.

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