Tomorrow the Sixteenth

Not even I, would suspect that we were up to anything with our unnerving silence, distant glances, and respectful proximity. Neighbours, we first were, before the casual greetings ensued, along with more personal, but not intrusive, curiosity about each other. It was during a run in the scenic, vast land of Bishan Park, did we learn of our common sport, and began involving each other in our subsequent runs.

We didn’t speak a word, nor exchange a gaze too suspicious, until we reached the highest floor the lift would take us. We then intuitively made our way up the stairs to the top-most, unoccupied level, where the roof-access, service ladder were, and let our zealous sexuality loose. Unlike the first time where she had to remove her running shorts to reach her panties, she actually took my advice on the ‘use’ of the inner-lining, and simply went without any underwear.

None of our clothes were actually removed since she just needed to push her shorts to one side to expose her pussy, while I had my over-stretched waistband to thank for the quick-access. In a flash, I was already tucking my cock into her vagina, lubricated by a mix of perspiration and the wetness she had mentally-prepared for me. Within seconds, I was thrusting my cock into the able-bodied young lady, to the same rhythm I jogged in.

Keeping our voices to the minimum, the only noise that came from us were wet, sloshing sounds as I pummeled her rear, sinking the entire length of my shaft into the arching waist of hers. After five or so minutes of steady, paced doggystyle, she initiated a change in position and led me to the ladder, further confusing me when she put me in front of her face-to-face. I did hope that she wasn’t going to suggest some acrobatic pose that my short physique would probably fail at.

To my surprise, once she got a grip on the horizontal steps of the ladder, she raised one leg above my shoulder-height and placed the heel on the ledge of the parapet, like a how a ballet dancer would ‘stretch’. Before I could finish fawning over her agility, she was already pulling my cock close, slipping it right back inside her pussy.

As soon as I resumed jutting my hips at her groin, she lifted her other leg and put it around my back, impressing me with her grip and arm-strength this time. For some reason, seeing how much more she was perspiring, spurred me to ‘work’ harder, ramming deeper and faster as her feet reciprocated the pleasure shooting through her body.

(She moaned softly) ‘I.. am.. gonna.. kaaa.. cummm.. ‘

With that, I put my arms around her and took her weight off her arms as she threw them around my neck unannounced, body going into a fit that I delightfully enjoyed like a man gloating over the orgasm he gave his woman. Out of caution, I didn’t do anything more during the period she regained her composure, and finally let her down at her request.

Seeing how tired she was, especially from pulling off that strenuous stunt of ‘hanging like a piece of meat’, I let her down onto the floor carefully as she had intended. Instead of catching a break like I thought she would, she caught my calves and made me place both feet on each side of her (seated) ass.

I only understood what she wanted once she pulled my shorts down to meet my shrinking cock eye-to-eye, before resuscitation it with a sensual blowjob. After she pulled my hips in, and let me retracted (out) a few times, I knew what I had to do and automated the task for her, unofficially fucking her face albeit very, very delicately.

As time passed, she hinted at the greater capacity she could handle and I went along with it, jerking my groin deeper and harder into her mouth. With varying suction strength and her accompanying handjob, I was brought to my wits’ end pretty quickly, trembling at increasing intensity until I could no longer ‘keep it in’.

(I whispered aloud) ‘jamie!’


With a pop, my cock was released from her glistening lips and her hand executed the finishing move, all the way right up to the moment I blew my load, straight into her strategically-placed mouth that caught every, single, drop of me. Spurt after spurt, I was captivated by her simultaneous swallow that emptied her kept her mouth empty and ready for the next. By the time I was done, her lips were around my shaft once again, repeating an outward-milking motion with her luscious lips.

‘Mmmm.. yummy!’

What felt like a workout as intense as our run, our adrenaline only died down when everything was over. Cleaned, drained, and satiated of any pent-up distress, we straightened our clothes and took the stairs down, a few flights to our houses just one floor apart. I can’t deny, that our close proximity to such an unconventional convenience, did play a part in how much we lusted one another.

(She asked) ‘Tomorrow too?’

‘Maybe. I’m working late.’

‘Hmmm.. a quickie then? Say 11?’

‘Sure. That’ll do for quick workout.’

That night, for the umpteenth time, she slid a video into my DM, of her taking a shower, followed by some ‘self-care’, in full-frontal view complete with facial expressions. ‘I’m turning 16 tomorrow’, those words she whispered at the end of the clip sent literally shivers down my spine, as I mysteriously coped with a hard-on that I didn’t understand how it happened.

So a present, along with whatever she wanted, at ’11, tomorrow’.

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