Invited Guest

*Ding Dongggg*

(I asked) ‘At this hour?!’

(Maeve answered) ‘It’s just Daniel. I invited him over since you’ll be busy writing. Right?’


As soon as the door swung open, the hot-headed pair exchanged a hug, and then a kiss, that didn’t quite end until she dropped his bag in a corner. That silk shawl that she wrapped around her chest, was not only useless in ‘covering’ anything up, but also failed spectacularly at giving him any challenge too. With a tug, her ‘clothes’ came off and his mouth flew like a magnet towards her pointed-nipples, to deliver their due attention.

Seated in the unlit corner where my workstation was, I was partly watching their uninhibited, while splitting my focus on the webcam that I had turned onto them (with permission). With such vivid scenes from live action, I just had to translate their lust into dust, or rather, digital dust that is.

After a brief moment of nipple-play, she sat him down and kneeled between his legs like his woman, putting on a seductive face as she went down on him. Within seconds he was moaning and twitching for his life, mind split between his duty to maintain eye contact, or shut his eyes and let her take him to the heavens.

The moment she included the use of a hand around the base of his cock, he became significantly more ‘responsive’, and too sensitive to form any sort of warnings for Maeve. Out of nowhere, he started pumping load after load of cum into her mouth, choking her by a surprise that no one needed.

I was about to kick him out of the house when Maeve assured me of her status, and politely went back (down) to clean him up.

After some lengthy apology that I couldn’t quite hear, I was just relieved to see Maeve getting into doggystyle, face toward me, and let Daniel did as he wished behind her.

From that point on, we only had our eyes for each other as I let my fingers did the rest of the work, punching out words that depicted my attraction towards my girl, whom was getting pounded by another man, whose cum had earlier moisturised her face.

Moaning and purring for me, I could not take my sight off her face that was first seductive, then fiesty, spiteful, orgasmic, before agony anticipated climax. What I, and possibly her, didn’t expect was for Daniel to go at it, at that pace, for a full fifteen minutes, until Maeve was at such a level of daze that she couldn’t even say ‘no’ (we did check).

The entire couch, had caught more perspiration than other bodily-fluids that we had imagined. The two of them, Maeve included, were literally pouring buckets out of their skin.

(Daniel groaned) ‘This time.. for sure.. for.. sureee!’

Unlike before, he had full control of her body this time, and boy, he really outdone himself when he yanked her body back, held her firm, and sank his entire, pulsating shaft into her pussy – as many times, as forcefully, as it took for him to get them all out of his system.

At the end of the one-minute-long orgasm, Maeve was as good as gone, with cum dribbling out of her mouth and pussy, and still trembling in joy.

Daniel didn’t stay long and left us to ourselves, for me to find out that Maeve was too exhausted to do anything for me.

(I asked) ‘Can I help myself then?’

(She answered wearily) ‘uh huh.. I insist.’

That said, I placed her on her side against the backrest of the couch and went to her face. Once I was snuggly fit in her mouth, I leaned over to her legs and began teasing her to little resistance, but never getting too intense as she was too sensitive there.

After the sloppy, self-help blowjob, I went at her in missionary and finished uneventfully, into her mouth. Washing up was actually the more ‘fun’ part as I could clean her anyhow I want, not that I skipped any important areas.

The next morning, I was woken up by her descend on my cock, with a pussy filled with overnight-cum. Well, dirty sex is still sex and we spent a bit more time with each other that day, recollecting the highlights of our life.

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