A Little Less Unknown

(Emma said) ‘See you later dad. Have a goodnight Sasha. See you tomorrow!’

The three of us were still smiling through the car window when Sasha ran her hand over my groin, and then held it tightly in her fist when she gave Emma the final wave. ‘Seeing’ what Sasha was capable of, I just couldn’t wait around any longer and drove us out of the carpark, feeling a little paranoid about what she had just put me through.

I was about to give her yet-another warning when she casually leaned over my lap, undid my pants, and took my weiner into her mouth – without any hesitation. Overwhelmed by such affection, my earlier frustration, along with any stress that had built up over the course of the day, was immediately averted by her conscientious attitude. Despite my divided attention, I was still able to reap the pleasurable effects of her diligence, especially at her lips professing diverse maneuvers on my manhood.

In no time, I was groaning, and trembling as she tucked me further down her throat, making sure to give me her ‘all’ before she started moaning herself. When she had to sit upright, it was so she could give herself some self-care, while keeping my loin up and tight with her other hand.

After twenty minutes or so, I made the big turn into her carpark, followed by a few more smaller ones into a parking lot. Once the engine was shut off, she enthusiastically turned the in-car camera towards the back and proceeded to take her white, off-shoulder dress completely off, before climbing into the rear. As a bigger (sized) man, I exited the car and joined her in the back, where she awaited in a semi-doggystyle position.

Taking up one (far) side of the seat each, I was ‘told’ to be seated as she perched herself into the doggystyle, though she didn’t raise her hips too high up. Just like that, I was completely relaxed this time, able to rest my back while she licked and savoured me, right down to the testicles that gave me the serious tremors. It was quite obvious that my sensitivity, and responsiveness, had an effect on her when she replaced that hand under her groin, to satisfy her own urges while she worked on mine.

Five minutes later into that one-(wo)man show, I couldn’t take the overwhelming stimulation anymore and asked to repay the favour. Without a word, she just plopped her ass down, laid flat on the seat, and hung her feet as far apart as they would go. I took her outstretched hands and realised how I might need them for the next part – only to find out that we didn’t have anything to worry about.

My hips proved agile enough to locate, and invade her nether region with multiple, slow thrusts, before I learnt of her inner-prowess. Warmed to perfection, soft to unspeakable fantasies, her vagina had that specific allure which no (male) bodies could resist. While her pussy did felt a little too ‘relaxed’ in the beginning, the subsequent in-out strokes somehow evoked an invisible rush of stimulants, that tightened her slippery grip around its ruler.

Shutting itself way harder than it should around my cock, I could see why she was putting on such an agonising look. It was as if, she was made to forcibly endure the pleasures her body had involuntarily enforced, by wrapping her susceptible vaginal walls around the bumpy texture of a relentless dick.

Each thrust, seemed to only drive her crazier, as I switched gears from ‘slide’ to ‘shove’, mainly to keep up with the penetrative nature of our promiscuous deed. At the end of the next barrage, I was covered in perspiration, while she was lost between the narrow shades of consciousness.

Just when I began my next ‘wave’ at a slower tempo, she regained some composure and involved her fingers on her clit, rubbing herself to an even more resilient tension in her pussy. Being aware that such ‘flashes’ might mean the end, I went against her ‘resistance’ and pushed myself harder, and deeper into her.

As we all have experienced, giving it our all for an unforeseeable end meant exhausting ourselves, and then depleting our reserves, before we traded-in our souls for some more strength to reach the climax that didn’t seem so worthwhile. In the extended spate of violent, and energetic outburst of profound euphoria, it was in fact, the gentle replenishment of life force which spontenously followed, that forged a certain bond between us.

Sure, we were drenched in perspration, but it was our other fluids that brought us closer. When I came back to my senses, and saw how she was licking up my cum from her fingers, I thought that perhaps, I had given us too much credit for the simple thing I did.

After we cleaned up whatever we could, we stayed for a bit more in the car, cuddling and making out like a young, budding couple. Nothing more was going to come out of this except for more sex, which she induced a little too easily than I would normally be.

(She asked softly) ‘will you show your little girl how she belongs to you, and only you?’

I carried her into my arms and put her down in doggy-style this time, spending just enough time to hike one of her knees onto the headrest, like a peeing-doggy. With a swift jerk of my hips, I was once again back inside her and welcomed a different, more endearing sensation in my mind. Just as she requested, I grabbed her waist and never let go for the rest of the ‘ride’ as I hammered the wind out of her, pumping my cock so wildy into her that she went hoarse.

Half-begging for mercy, half-begging for my continuance, I bit the bullet and went all the way with her request to ‘claim’ my little girl with daddy’s liquid love, and left deep, lasting impressions far down her pussy. Needless to say, I cleaned her up properly and let her take a nap until 2am, about when her parents would be concerned about her well-being.

Still, I couldn’t help but worry when I saw her ‘climbing’ up the stairs, stumbling against walls to get to the lift. When I finally arrived home, Emma was still up, and had this ‘grin’ on her face that didn’t go away until we talked about it. Yes, talked about how my very own daughter, ‘staged’ a car ride to fulfil her BFF’s specific fantasy to get fucked in my car.

(Emma whispered cheekily) ‘i won’t tell mummy.. i promise. but if Sasha needs a ride again.. could you.. ‘

(I hushed) ‘SHHH!’

After a few years ‘together’, Sasha left me for her rightful gentleman and ‘handed’ me over to Emma, along with a confession I would otherwise, never had known. To a large extent, and obvious reasons, those parting words of Sasha, were practically impossible to forget, or ignore – on any levels.

‘You know, you are perfect in so many ways that a lot of us girls fantasise about you, as our father, boyfriend, or even husband. Emma only ‘gave you up’ to me because she knows that she will never have a chance with you, to do the things we did. The secret she kept most strongly to herself was her fantasy to be close to you in every way even if it was sexual. She wanted to belong solely to the very man her friends desire, lust for, and maintain friendships with her for.

Will you believe me if I told you that she thinks of you whenever she masturbate?

But because of the respect you showed us, and Emma, she could never bring herself to disappoint you with an especially mindless confession. So, in case you haven’t realised, she strived to be the ‘wife’ you married, doing housework no one our age will, cooking homely dishes none of us could be bothered with.

I don’t know what you will do with what I told you, and I will text her what I told you because she is more important than our friendship. Please continue to take good care of her. I can never forget you.’

I didn’t wait one more night to confront Emma about what Sasha told me, and it took us the next morning to broker a new role she would play in the household. One, as the dutiful daughter expected of her, and two, as the woman she imagined herself to be in our lives.

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