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‘Are we heading back now?’

‘Yeah. Just let me use the toilet first.’

After doing a grocery run at one of the 24-hour supermarket, we made our way to a toilet on one of the top-most floors, where shops have been closed for at least two weeks now. I was about to whip my phone out to play some games when Maeve suddenly dragged me into the handicap cubicle, and pushed me up against a wall with my hands full of shopping bags.

She then recklessly pulled my running shorts down and began sucking on my dumbstruck of a cock, which couldn’t wait to get some attention. Unwilling to put any of the food on the ground, I just held onto the bags tightly as she bedazzled me, in long, swift strokes down my shaft. In little time, I was as hard and as veiny as I could be, appearing way more swollen than normal days.

Still, she went at it with overdue enthusiasm, hitting on all my buttons until my knees were weak. I was brought to the sink next, where she quickly bent over and stuck one hand under her groin. After teasing her own clit with the tip of my cock, I was soon led into the warmth of her juicy, wet pussy.

Being one of the few times she was that ready for me, I only had one motion to repeat, while she complimented my efforts with some rubbing of her own. Sustaining a steady rhythm on that cock penetrating her deeply but gracefully, I was both thankful for the slight desensitisation from her overbearing tightness, and her unexpected vigour that allowed us to do this at this place.

The rest of my ‘ride’ was more or less automatic, mostly plunging my rod into her choked pipes until I was ready to blow.

(I whispered) ‘I’m about to cum soon love.. I’ll cum.. inside of you k?’

(She moaned) ‘uh huh.. I would love.. love that.. ‘

Keeping a paced, swift momentum, I let my body loose and let my cum disembarked at their own course. which could be described as ‘strongly’, ‘violently’, and ‘satisfyingly’. Each powerful spurts were delivered into her vagina without a drop wasted, though our latter detachment let some out onto her thighs.

One of Maeve’s hand then appeared from between her parted legs, and signalled for my cock to let her hold him for a bit longer, right under her cream-filled pie. While it seemed to be a ‘show of affectionate’, her (un)subtle plot was quickly exposed when she ‘drizzled’ the man-made mayo over my hotdog.

I no longer had to guess what her plan was once she went down on her knees, and took that generously-coated cock straight into her mouth. Slurping, licking and sucking me dry, I was once again tested at my (knee) joints with her voracious display of devotion. It appeared, that that particular chain of event invoked a certain bodily-response on my part, in a sense, sustained an erection that should have otherwise subsided.

In an instant, I was all over her again, having strewn the pesky bags in the dried-up sink to free my hands up. I didn’t hesitate to put her on the (closed) toilet bowl this time, and grabbed onto her knees to let myself into her sacred feminine. Igniting my long-dormant engines, I hammered my hips away at her, in the seated, face-to-face position we could kiss in. Over time, she involved her fingers on her clit as well and it unleashed a wilder beast in me, solely driven by the struggle to overcome her insane tightness with raw hardness.

As meaningful as that ‘fight’ was, there was no way I would ‘win’ her formidable baby-maker, nor do I want to go home with blue-balls. After five minutes or so, I admitted my own demise and braced us for the incoming eruption. Happening as gloriously as the initial explosion, I held nothing back as my cock sprayed mindlessly in the safety of her womanhood, perfectly containing my seeds as I quivered and writhed.

That ensuing smile on her face, made all the risk-taking, exhaustion, and cleaning worthwhile. Once we tidied up everything, we left the mall and went on our separate ways home. What could be better than waking up to a short clip, of her fingering a soft, pinkish orifice with creamy-thick goodness oozing out of it?

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