3 (more) Things Men should know about Women

While men and women are from two different planets, the only common factor is the molecular structure of our physical bodies. Given that most of us are not in the human research sector, our knowledge about the opposite sex comes mostly from social interaction – and porn.

Speaking from a guy’s point of view, the complexity of women are beyond the many types of ’emotions’ as we can name. Anger, sadness, bliss, happiness, euphoria, are all processed differently. To most men, the common misunderstanding seem to be ‘if you can understand a woman, you can get her to do anything’. That is only true if you can fulfil the first part of the sentence.

Picture a Rubik’s cube that has pretty LED lights. Then imagine the LEDs coming to life and changes to 27 different colours. Yupp. You’ll say the words, ‘fuck it’ pretty soon.

3. Women (almost) doesn’t need sex.

Men needs it more. Before you start showing me the ‘Hot girls nearby’ banners, let me explain myself. During our grandparents’ time, knowledge about sex pretty much comes from exploration. Newspaper were only read by those who went to school (most women back then don’t), radio, television were luxuries, and internet didn’t exist. While the men worked 8 to 5, the women did chores for equally as long. Once the husbands reached home, and had dinner, the only physical activities anyone would willingly do is procreating.

Fast forwarding to our generation, money IS survivability. Besides three meals a day, we want three houses per country, and three cars per family. Men held their usual working hours, and chores are completed faster with machines. Homecooked meals become an occasional treat, and there are uncompleted tasks more important than sex.

While men view sex as a relief, women have their own worries to handle. For a quick perk-me-up, the ladies can get themselves off anytime of the day without feeling tired. But for us guys? Nah. I need to wake up early tomorrow.

The more desperate men become, the less effort they put into bonding and socialising. Are we just looking for a soft, warm, fleshy hole to dump our worries into? How can we expect women to do you that favour when you don’t even pay attention to their needs?

The point is, worry less about getting into the pants of the girl and put more thought into getting the girl. Most women need assurance, that amidst the strong front they put up for work, there is someone out there who pays more attention to their feminine. Their desire to be wanted is as strong as men, but for a much practical use. That is to be there at their weakest, and embrace them at their strongest.

The world is harsh to everyone no matter our gender, and as men, we can afford to give the ladies a bit more hope, by being less egoistic and more feminine (you read that right).

2. Sex goes beyond mere pleasure.

When intense emotions are called upon during the bodily connection, a penis reaches far deeper than the vagina its in. Intentions, ideas, beliefs, perception of her (or that particular partner), appears crystal clear.

C’mon, you are inside her, with pheromones and other chemicals bridging you two as one. Don’t think that your tiny dick is her main concern. Simple pleasure stimulate tons of emotions that gives her a personal rating on the ‘value of life’.

Casual sex can remind her of why she should stop doing it, and passionate love making can assure her of why she is with you. Besides feeling good (which is addictive), darker emotions mix into the mood the ladies are already in. To make her feel secure, you must find the perfect rhythm. To make her feel like a cum dump, just keep moving till you cum. We, as men, always think of orgasms as a mark of our masculinity. But can’t the ladies get orgasms on their own? It would probably be more intense and quick than our feeble attempts.

To let one person into their bodies, trust has to be there, and chemistry has to be excellent. On a personal note, I think that women whom have many dicks inside them, they are the more sensual ones, trying to find the perfect one through intimate connections that most guys just take advantage of. As for the strong headed ones withholding sex until they are certain, they are just the result of the black sheep among the white.

Sadly, the amount of black sheep outdone the white.

1. Sex is a reward, not indulgence.

We all know how great sex feels, to a point we get addicted to fantasising just to achieve the measly few seconds of orgasms (for men). While we turn the act of sex into an indulgence, women are starting to accept the idea of pleasure as a reward.

Be it for love, or a good workout after a long day, it’s a reward nonetheless. ‘Fruit of our labour’, meant that we outdone ourselves and should make a baby to signify a successful bond. Indulgence in sex results in single parent families, or even orphaned kids. You will just be destroying your own mind if you constantly thank condoms for their existence.

To some of us (guys), we have figured out the idea of ‘reward’ long before the others. We stopped indulging in pointless masturbation that wastes our Yang qi, and embrace the fact that we need communication to get a girl.

Those pretty boys who are still trying to get laid for a brief moment of relief, the ladies are much more aware of your intentions than you think. As the awareness of the consequences of ONS snowballs, the availability of women with loose principles dwindles. It’s time to stop taking advantage, and be their advantage to have you guide them in life.

If you are looking for sex just to release your load, then you might well be jerking yourself off. In a way, you will NOT be affecting the chances of you getting a partner for life (by not ruining the already-poor impressions women have of men).

There was a time when women are spoilt for choices with the availability of hardworking men whose purpose is to save money for their undetermined future. And now, women find it easier to identify the men who are NOT husband quality. Seriously, if you are not husband quality, what are you?

Don’t the ladies yearn for a dick they can call theirs, to be fucked by it anytime they want without any unwanted consequences? Or do you (guys) really want to be the ‘popular’ rifle for ACS – used by many, wanted by none. Just recall how ‘dirty’ it was when you cleaned such accurate and powerful gun(s).

0. Ask and you will not receive, but seek and you shall find.

Unlike your pocket money during your primary school days, no one is going to have sex simply cause you asked. A human mind takes time to understand another, and it is always the intention that bring doubts into the picture. Most sexual goals are temporary, usually one night long. As cute as you may look, it’s a totally different story if the ladies want you as their lifelong partner, or a warm, moving dildo.

But look at the number of happy marriages out there, bickering couples that return to the same bed every night. Can you imagine the sex they are getting? As bad as the sex may be, the loving husbands still gets it. There are no hurt feelings and even results to look forward to (having kids). To materialise love, sex is imminent, and out comes a baby to improve their sex lives even further.

Start loving, and sex will find its way to you. AND STOP RUINING THE GIRLS THAT WHITE SHEEP DESERVES!

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