Update 4rom J!

Hey guys, J can’t be any happier to have you guys checking back especially after the change in URL. I know some of you arrived disappointed about not seeing what you followed a link (from elsewhere) for, but the change in URL will be reflected in all search engines soon. Their site-crawling robots are probably full from crunching too much data.

There hasn’t been a personal update for some time now, and I am glad to announce that the site has long past it’s 4 million page views. If not you guys, who else to thank?

All visitors should have seen the new logo/ banner of Phantacee by now, designed by yours truly. I haven’t asked for any feedback cause I think I deserve to indulge in my own happy thoughts that it looked great (please tell me it is). However, if you do find it intrusive, please scroll down immediately, and don’t accidentally make yourself a talking point about visiting ‘Phantacee’ and then having to explain what site it is. I wouldn’t mind the free publicity though.

Besides the new layout (or theme, or blogskin if you’re still in the ‘write-testi-for-me’ days), a friendlier mobile version is coming has been launched for you sneaky readers. Unlike the current version (as at 13th July ’15), the responsive, more presentable site will stream RSS feeds from ALL independent, local writers (that I liked and linked). I will have the final say on who appears though, judging by the frequency of their updates. Non-active founding writers of SG’s ero-tertainment scene will permanently stay on my static blogroll.

If not for you guys (referring to the ladies too), I won’t be writing. If not for you guys, there will be no interest for the other authors to express their kinky side too.

With the recent saga revolving around SBF, the well-known one-stop-site now risks being blown to bits around the net, propagating more (thus harder to regulate) sources of videos and photos that caused the outrage to happen in the first place. Phantacee has not seen any surge in visitors yet, probably cause this is not a good source of fapping material.

Right! Recalling a meme, ‘The moment you realise what you were watching after you’re done masturbating’ [insert Jackie Chan meme], I guess climaxing after an reading an erotica makes you think so deep that you can’t even see yourself. Well, that’s a good thing on some level right? … Right?

While the objective to ‘entertain’ remains, small steps have been taken to make this site more interesting. A few entries have been written under ‘Kinkies/Articles’ and that will be a representation of J’s view on sex related topics. They are NOT backed by any scientific evidence or research data, so take whatever I wrote there with a pinch of salt.

In the long run, I hope this site can be a source for educating the younger population about sex, as well as provide tips for whoever needed them.

Trivia time!

‘The average age of a person coming in contact with pornography is 11.’

Will this website be a good source of education for an 11 year old? Anyway, during the course of bringing this site to where it is now, I have gained a huge deal of knowledge, developing most of the skills on my own – thanks to the unprecedented situation of don’t-know-who-to-ask-for-help-regarding-running-an-erotic-blog.

If you think I can help in any areas, feel free to get in touch with me. For now, the best support you guys can give is to buy something from me! Or perhaps a small donation? Read on, and prosper! I know it has been YEARS for some of you, and it will continue for at least a year ahead – if you know what I mean ;)

Unfortunate disclaimer: As all of J’s posts are NOW written in advance, there could be a chance that our country/ society/ lifestyle are outdated by the time you read the entries. In those times, please bear with me and endure the time travel/ reminiscence/ flashbacks , better stories will come.

Thank you‘, says J wholeheartedly.

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