Drinking Night

Nelson gulped down his glass of Martell and laid his head on the cosy corner of a pub he frequent. It was a usual night for him to get drunk alone without disturbance from friends. The staff who worked there knew of his lonely habits and left him as he was, since he had been spending steadily.

A new girl who was hired part time to work in the bar was at a lost of which customers to accompany. Being Mabel’s first time taking up such a job, she quickly spotted Nelson looking around. She shyly walked over to him before any of the staff could stop her and sat down next to him. The glance he gave her had a queer look, well aware that she was new.

Right as another staff wanted to approached his table, he gave him a wave of his hand to let him know it’s alright. And a sigh of relieve came to the manager.

Nelson: ‘You’re new here?’
Mabel: ‘Yeah. Can I accompany you tonight?’

Nelson: ‘I think your colleagues know that I like to drink alone. And when you chose to sit with me, you must be trying hard to find someone who doesn’t look so intimidating.’

Mabel: ‘Really? I’m sorry. Yeah. I don’t know who to drink with. The other girls are much better than me.’
Nelson: ‘It’s okay. I don’t mind. Come, drink up.’

He threw in some ice into her whiskey glass and poured his Martell in. She drank obediently and Nelson brought her closer to him. Giving the girl a little initiation, they were soon drinking non-stop as they shared their lives, going on all the way till her hours were up.

Nelson: ‘You have to end now?’
Mabel: ‘Yeah. You want to go too?’

Nelson was about done with his dose of alcohol and picked up his tab, leaving the bar with Mabel over his shoulders. He walked her to his two passenger sports car and popped her right in, zooming straight for his place.

Nelson: ‘You can stay over right?’
Mabel: ‘Yeah. I told my mum I’ll be out for the night. I can’t go home like this anyway.’

He parked in his garage with ease and carried her to his bedroom, where he tucked her in before heading for a shower. Everything was happening so fast yet smoothly to Mabel. The meeting in the bar had opened her up and he did a great job of protecting her too, never once tried to take advantage of her.

By the end of his ten minutes shower, Mabel had removed her short black dress and hid herself under the blanket, eyes looking at the door Nelson came out of.

Nelson: ‘Not tired?’
Mabel: ‘I want to sleep with you.’

A grin appeared on his face and he jumped into bed naked after a quick dry with his towel. What was waiting for him under his sheets had well surprised him and he got even harder for her.

As his hand roamed over her hips to her panties, she stopped him and disappeared under the blanket, head stopping at his bulge. For the first time, she had no doubts about doing this for a guy she barely knew, cause he was full of respect for her. Such men deserves to be pampered, and she knew exactly how to do it.

Her tongue went along his shaft a few times and her mouth took him in swiftly. Her lips stroked along the girth of his manhood fearlessly and Nelson was making soft groans in enjoyment. Mabel was wet by the sounds coming from him, and a self-restraint came to hold her back from touching herself.

Nelson soon detected the unwilling twitches in her waist and slowly brought her mouth away.

Nelson: ‘You’ve done enough. I want you to rest now.’

He placed her on his bed and went under the sheets to her legs. A slimy trail lead his tongue from her knees to her fleshy folds of meat. He had his ideas around licking a pussy and displayed a skill that brought Mabel to a climax in minutes.

Her fingers stroking his cheeks told him exactly how crazy she was from the cunnilingus. The lapping changed into kisses and went up to her breasts. It couldn’t get anymore desperate for Mabel who fell to his mercy. He knew a woman’s body much better than her, and was pushing all her buttons at the right pace. She has never expected herself to fall prey like this.

Her nipples were swollen by the time he was done and had secretly rolled a condom over his erection. Mabel caught a glimpse of it, and did not speak cause it was to her advantage too.

Nelson lifted her thighs up and placed it on his butt, while putting her hand at his shaft.

Nelson: ‘Guide me in. Slipping at this spot can hurt.’

Mabel closed her eyes and ran his tip along her slit a few times, before bending it a little to poke it into her pussy. Nelson knew it was in place when her hand was gone, gently pushing his hips at her. The entry was much sensual than those sessions with her ex-boyfriends, for they were more concerned about fucking her.

Nelson was just moving his shaft without those clumsy body banging, and his hands were busy massaging her boobs too. Mabel felt so free to focus on the action happening down her waist, and the gliding of his wet meat suddenly felt so sensitive.

The depth he reached was so clearly identified by her head that it was a new record. Those untouched spots of 23 years, were being explored for the first time. On top of that, the need for orgasm did not even come to her until he pressed her knees to the bed, officially spreading her so wide for the next level.

Mabel: ‘Don’t be too.. ahh.. ahh..

Nelson couldn’t catch what she said and pounded her uncontrollably. A little of their juices were splashing, but more importantly, she was in the heavens. Mindless murmurs kept Nelson entertained by the out-of-body state the girl was in. He just couldn’t get enough of her.

Soon, he was getting tired of moving without an urge to ejaculate. Politely asking of she could turn herself over for doggie, she let her actions answer him and stuck her butt out ready.

Nelson parked behind her and poked right in, almost causing her to faint from the force. Her pussy immediately went into full tightness when he rammed in that particular angle she loved. He was groaning soon after from that pressure in his piston.

Nelson: ‘Baby, you’re killing me!’
Mabel: ‘So are you. It’s just revenge.. ahh..

And another climax took her breath away. The two bodies rammed hard at each other until Nelson was about to cum, slowing down just before he did.

Mabel: ‘About to cum? Wanna take it off?’
Nelson: ‘Sorry but I don’t do without it.’
Mabel: ‘I want you to unload on my body.’

He slid his cock out and ripped the condom away, letting her flip onto her back. She then reached down to his rod and let him thrust into her closed palm, while he shut his eyes and enjoyed.

Nelson (whispering): ‘It’s coming.’
Mabel: ‘Just let it out onto me.’

The graceful strokes unloaded the thin strings of cum onto her breasts and tummy, dripping into her belly button as the last few drops trickled.

Mabel: ‘It’s so nice and warm.’
Nelson: ‘So were you inside.’

She got up for a shower and went under the sheets naked, joining Nelson in a spooning pose.

Nelson: ‘Goodnight baby.’
Mabel: ‘I’ll give you a special morning call tomorrow.’

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