Standing Platform

Despite having no passengers in the bus, the couple decided to stand at the wheelchair area of a double decker, basking in the privacy of the little corner. Samuel’s girlfriend, Lily, had wore a bandage skirt out and had been rubbing on his hard on even before they boarded the bus. As she pressed her butt on his bulge, he quickly tugged his waistband down to let his cock catch its breath. Lily then pulled the back of her skirt up and shook her panty-less butt at him.

As their lust was at its peak, he simply pointed his dick horizontally and let Lily stick her butt down on it. Her legs had widened a little for an easier entry and Samuel was hugging her waist closely. Small, minute movements of his hips thrust that rod into her pussy that was soaking wet, in turn making her bite on her arm that held onto the overhead handles.

The driver being new, drove slowly under the speed limit and gave them all the time to finish their quickie. Without any options for other poses, Samuel could only ram her harder in the tiny space. Lily wasn’t just getting fucked though, she was desperately shoving her ass up and down his groin, forcing him as deep as she could get him.

The few stops to their house were skipped and with time running out, Samuel simply bent her over at the window, forcing his dick deeper and faster.

Samuel: ‘Lily! I’m cumming! Turn around!’

She stepped to the side and squatted down, giving him her mouth and sucking on his shaft while he jerked himself. The fapping went on after their stop and he only came after two minutes, where Lily kept sucking to empty everything. Once he was done, she got up pulling his pants at the same time, before pressing on the bell frantically.

Lily: ‘See la! We missed the stop.’
Samuel: ‘Sorry lo. My stamina too good.’
Lily: ‘See how long you can last when we get home.’

He placed his hand under her skirt on her ass as they alighted, giving the few waiting commuters a free show of her pussy and ass. They got home as fast as they could, while fondling each other on the way. After the doors were closed behind them, Samuel shoved his girl onto the couch and raised her skirt again. This time, he did not even bother with the foreplay and just rammed his cock in, sending Lily crawling away.

Samuel: ‘Don’t you dare escape.’

He pulled her waist backwards and continued jamming into her pussy, causing her body to collapse face down. The helpless girl was enjoying the partial rape but the strength he was going at, was tearing her pussy apart. Lily had not felt anything like this in a long time, and Samuel’s act today reminded her one of the reasons she was with him.

The growing monster in her was getting unbearable but there was nothing she could do. He was pinning her with his body weight. The orgasms she experienced were much more intense to a point her mind simply gave up, letting him did whatever he wanted.

Lily: ‘I can’t take it anymore dear, how long more.. ahh ahh!’

He was already pounding her harder when she had wanted to say a word. After he sensed the weakness in her, he violently flipped her around and went over to her mouth, where his cock was forced in to end her sentence. His hand went into her off-shoulder top and massaged her boobs, giving her a little motivation to suck him off. Apart from just working his hand, his hips were also moving, thrusting gently into his girl’s mouth.

Samuel soon moved his hand down to her pussy, and fingered her mercilessly to get a mind-blowing oral of his life, one that he had never felt

Samuel (whispering): ‘Keep sucking.. keep sucking.. I’m cumming!’

He stopped his hip movement and his eyes rolled white. As white as the cum that exploded in her mouth, he fell forward with his hand on the wall and let his dick muscles did the work. Still turned on by the crazy sex earlier, Lily could not let go of his dick. Her tongue swirled and teased him until he got more tired.

Samuel then sat beside her head on the couch and brushed her hair away from her face.

Samuel: ‘Like it baby?’

Lily then pulled her hand away from her pussy and gave it a lick.

Lily: ‘Yes. I want you to rape me every night.’

They then hugged on the sofa watching TV, with Lily sucking him off twice before he fell asleep right there.

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