3 Reasons Why He is Better

If you are someone who feels inadequate, lacking, unworthy of your girlfriend or wife, you probably are. And it’s time to change that little pitiful ego into something stronger.

3. I am not big enough

First of all, accept the fact that it will never be big enough, and there are bigger out there. Do size matter? Yes. Is it all that matters? No. The first cockblock men do to themselves is to think that that is the only way to please a woman. And to that thought, I would say, selfish!

The penetrative period of sex is somewhat like a one-way trip. All of us, that include the ladies, know where it will end. The moment its in, the most intense, tiring part of the whole session begins. I’ll give you guys the hard truth now.

8 inches

To women, 8 inches might do something for them (if it doesn’t hurt). It would brush through every inch inside them, even going to the extend to stretch their insides thin so the hidden parts can be exposed. For how long you might ask? Till they had enough of orgasms. In a way, 15 minutes might not be enough. But no, having 8 inches does precisely nuts for the needs of men.

If you are man, don’t be a pussy thinking that your 8 inch marketing does wonders for you. No point if they want that more than you, it will just make them want to slice it.. oh look! 9 inches!

2. I don’t last long enough

Second of all, accept that there are guys who CANNOT cum during sex. Be it mental, be it mood, be it physical issues. How would you like to outlast them? Cut off all nerve endings to the tip? Don’t be THAT stupid. Let’s move on to my example now.

15 minutes

To men, it’s the fifteen minutes that they wanted. I know I am not someoneone to turn down 60 minutes of foreplay, yet understanding that it could well be 6 minutes if he was to get ahead of himself.

For the whole fifteen minute (if anyone can last that long), the only beneficiary is the guy. Having his cock stroked by a tunnel of tissue so soft and wet, he would want to last as long as he can! No matter if his girl is enjoying it.

Also, it is subjected to her ‘size’. It’s funny how people advertise ‘is an hour of sex too long before I cum?’ and then explode in under five once someone takes up that challenge. Don’t be the loser to jump in on standard-sexathon-timing and lose face when you couldn’t perform.

Question is, why bank everything on the final act? Everything ends there. And is not what any of the men, and women wanted. I bet all of us wants pleasure to last forever if possible. (So, all babies are accidents? :/)

1. She has had better

Of course! She even had someone richer, better looking, longer, thicker, eternal stamina. So why is she with you? Why is she that close enough for you to ask that question?

To her, she knows what she want (or ‘need’ if you are lucky). Someone rich might not be humble, better looking might make her feel insecure (especially with that not-humble nature), longer enough to hurt her, thicker enough to inflict baby-delivery stage pain, eternal stamina that actually made her sleepy than horny.

Whatever it is, you are what she needs right there and then. If you allow yourself to be weak thinking that she deserves better, then I will have to say, she deserves better. Let’s think of it in another perspective.

You two broke up. Things didn’t work out. What will the next bastard be thinking? Wouldn’t you secretly wish for him to think ‘she’s had better’? In a way, you were better, minus a broken heart.

This last point is more of an emotional, psychological issue, but my advice remains, to appear strong, to not show any weakness, to shut up in times where nothing good comes out. It hurts, but it will hurt so good when she is going down on you. Okay, let me un-piss some people off here.

In times of weakness, make sure she is strong enough to handle you. Bullshit will probably shoot from your mouth, and it will take her what it takes you to understand each other. It might not hurt anymore, especially when she goes down on you to make you feel all better. ;)

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