Smoking A Pipe

Taking long drags from his box of cigarettes from Malaysia, Edwin stood at one of the staircase of Downtown East chalet where his friends were still drinking away. He had found this quiet spot from his many visits and knew little people would walk past. Deep in half-drunk thoughts, footsteps were suddenly heard behind him and he tucked his box away, worried that it could be the police making their rounds.

Girl: ‘It’s just me. Don’t worry.’
Edwin: ‘Scare me. Thought it’s the police.’

The short haired girl stood next to him in a silky, one-piece night dress and took his lighter to lit her stick. Edwin only took a glance at her and went back to his thoughts, smiling to himself knowing a beautiful girl was accompanying him.

Edwin: ‘Spending the night here huh?’
Girl: ‘Yeah. My friends were all asleep. No fun one.’

He took a sip from his bottle of Carlsberg, wiped his hand dry and reached out for a handshake, giving his name and getting hers in return. The name Eliza fitted her well as a certain high-class aura surrounded her, especially how her manicured fingers clamped the cigarette.

Edwin: ‘Not drinking tonight?’
Eliza: ‘Nah. They are a bunch of good girls. I think I’m the most badass among them.’

He turned his body around to face the steps, while she slanted sideways at him. Under the dim moonlight, he could make out the shapely figure that was actually braless. The nightdress was slightly loose for her, but it was meant to be comfortable right? He finished his last breath and stamped out the butt with his feet, in no hurry to leave this pretty lady.

Edwin: ‘You.. want to do something together?’

A short blow of smoke concluded her smoke break and she flung the butt into the grass patch through the opening. His bottle was further emptied when she gulped a mouthful down and she stepped up to him, outrageously cupping her hand over his groin to rub it up and down all the time keeping her eyes on his.

Eliza: ‘Something like this?’
Edwin: ‘Yeah. Exactly what I am talking about.’

He grabbed her waist and flipped her back onto his chest, hugging her closely while his hand lifted her dress to get under. In no time, her boobs were getting fondled to her moans and the hand over his crotch was digging awkwardly into his shorts.

Edwin (whispering): ‘Let me remove it for you.’

With one hand, he unbuttoned his shorts and she handled the zip. The cold touch of her fingers on his dick took his breath away and they were getting hotter by the minute. Edwin had no idea how far she was willing to go, but certainly did not want to lose his chance even if it was only a handjob. Subsequently after the breasts play, he ran his hand between her legs to find her panty-less pussy a little moist.

Not risking any mood killer words, he pressed onto her clit and vibrated his fingers, causing Eliza to tremble as an orgasm came for her fast. He had been holding onto her throughout the climax that weakened her legs, smelling the womanly perfume she had wore as her head leaned back on his shoulders. Oh how much did he want to kiss on those thin, red lips of hers.

Eliza: ‘It’s your turn now.’
Edwin: ‘You’ve had enough?’
Eliza: ‘I wasn’t even supposed to get any tonight. It’s more than enough.’

She squatted down in front of his shorts and he let his closed feet drop the pants. The girl gave it a few pumps to get his pre-cum flowing and then took it into her lips, shoving her head forward for a start. Edwin was in the most relaxed mood as he did not need to do anything, for she was diligently sucking him at her own pace.

Her tongue had pushed his dick against the top of her mouth and served as a pussy replacement, maintaining a soft environment in the warmth. Her saliva had flooded her orifices and it was truly as good as being in a pussy. Edwin’s job was simple, to shoot. As the girl placed her hands on his butt, the increase in speed caused him to lose his balance and had to hang onto the railings for support.

Eliza was listening closely to his breathing and voice, slowing down as soon as his rod started pulsating. Edwin was looking down at her when she gave him a grin with his dick still in her mouth, and did a last outward stroke to push the eject button. A little lip massage under his hood caused him to bend forward and exclaim that he was cumming.

As if she was a doctor, Eliza stood up and stepped aside, grabbing his dick and stroking it in the opposite direction. The inward force of his sperms was uncomfortable at first, but she gradually synchronised her movements with the waves, forcing him to keep shooting beyond ten rapid rounds. Edwin had never done this before and it felt good despite the initial discomfort. There was so much cum on the floor that she herself was glad she did not take it in her mouth.

Eliza: ‘Like it?’
Edwin: ‘It was the best in my life I think.’
Eliza: ‘I’ve heard that many times from my ex.’

Edwin passed her the bottle of beer to drink so she could rinse her mouth. He offered to get her off another around and she agreed, sitting on the steps while he sat between her legs. This time, his fingers entered in a +1 sequence until three was all she could take, and body convulsing uncontrollably to his powerful jabs.

As the night ticked away, she was smoking and moaning in pleasure, filled with his hand that had the roughness on the right parts. The first time having three fingers totally drove her beyond her limit and the next orgasm came very differently.

A huge gush of cum squirted over his thrusting hand and onto the ground over the semen, mixing in as it splattered. Edwin kept going despite the fact she held his hand in resistance, triggering a back-to-back squirting move that proved too much for her. After seeing the girl collapse in exhaustion, he finally stopped and helped her back to her room.

With a big patch of wet stain on her dress, she was fully worn out and could sleep better. They exchange numbers at her door and he left after a peck on his cheeks. Lying on the empty bed (while his friends were still drinking), his mind was still thinking about the blowjob she gave and a hard on was slowly appearing in his shorts.

Eliza (Whatsapp): ‘I like your cigar. It is good to smoke.’
Edwin (Whatsapp): ‘Let’s not get me started on your water gun. Thanks for tonight. Really enjoyed myself.’
Eliza (Whatsapp): ‘I had fun too. Am tired now. Goodnight.’

What a wonderful night to be so lucky to win a fling. He went to sleep after her last message and wasn’t disturbed until it was time to check out. As they met again on their way to the gantry, he smiled at the shy girl with friends around looking as great as her. The sight of her in a bikini under a sheer halter dress stayed in his mind throughout the ride home.

As for Eliza, he was just one of the guys she had blew on the three nights stay at the chalet. Who cares if she was a slut? Just so long she doesn’t have any STDs right?

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