3 Ways to Start Her Engine

We men know ourselves better than to have erections at random times. While some of us are lucky to be in relationships where the girl wants more, there are occasions the girl doesn’t want any. Besides emotional disasters that keeps her dry, there are still a few tips to improve her libido if you two are on normal-to-good terms. No German sex drops or Spanish Fly tips here, I don’t endorse the use of those ‘magic’ water.

Before you crack your knuckles, recall the sex lives between you two. Has she always been conservative from the start? Or did something happen that puts a barrier between her and pleasure? If it is religion or celibacy that stops her from getting intimate with you, respect her decision. It is always BEST not to do anything in times of doubts.

Beyond that, it could be stress or or simply not ready to explore. For both situations, there ARE gentlemanly ways to break her in. Whatever I’m going to share below will require you to be at a certain stage of your relationship, in specific you, having permission to access anywhere below her waist.

3. Knowledge

Apart from watching porn and having experience, it is critical for you to talk to her at her level. Don’t go ‘my ex and I do this before’ unless you are hinting that she should ex you. Start by telling her what you are going to do, exploring the spot where you hurt her the last time, or the spot where she asked you not to touch. That could be where she is most sensitive and it might well be your ticket.

Prompt her with questions that you don’t need answers for. Ask as you probe around, running your fingers along every flaps. She might be dry at first, but repeat those moves until she starts to relax. Ask her to guide you to where she usually touch (during masturbation) or where it feels really good.

Replicate her moves like her own masturbation and show her that having someone to do the same thing actually feels very different. Communication will open her up to share what or where makes her wet. You’ll be a kinder, more considerate guy after that!

2. Dirty talks

This can be done in a few ways, judging by her exposure to pornography, fetishes, past experience. And for those with girlfriends who know nothing about self-pleasure, let her know that you are more keen to teach her than to get something in return.

If she allows you to touch her (below the waist), you have gained her trust. Don’t disappoint her and take your time to explain where is what. A simple mind is what you fell in love with, and trust me, every girl, no matter how experienced or slutty, wants to feel it like her first all the time.

Rediscover her every time you two get naked. Stop trying to stick your fingers in as soon as she’s wet! Ask her for permission, or tease her till she pushes you in. If she had gone down on you, it’s your duty to go down on her. Don’t tell me why she can do it but you can’t.

Use role play to limit the intensity of progress. Like ‘teacher’ to specifically teach and show her the magic, or ‘doctor’ to massage her for some stress relieve. ‘Daddy’ for more cuddles than sex, and ‘master’ for quick and dirty sex.

If she has an ex you know you can’t match, ask her to call you by his name. You’d rather she use a different name than to do a different guy with that name.

1. Compliments

By that, I mean that guys should stop pretending that they don’t want it in front of their partners. You’re not a pussy in her eyes, and has a dick that is interested in her. Whenever you get hard missing the things you do (with her), tell her. Don’t expect her to sext with you, but let her know you think about her with both heads.

When you see her dress up or changes clothes, spend some time to notice her lingerie. Grannies are unsightly but comfy, and you should be glad she’s comfy showing them to you. After going through so much to be together, the ‘impressive’ stage should be over and gone into ‘acceptance’ mode.

She shouldn’t need to wear anything that kills her own mood, the only loser in that case would be you. Nakedness should be what you two enjoy most, and the occasional sexy wear is to make her feel sexy before she meets you.

Be excited when she gets naked for you, cause it’s better than ‘see no touch’. Compliment her clothes and tell her to keep those on so you can see her in them for a bit more. Take off those clothes yourself so she can imagine you doing that for her when she’s getting dressed/ undressed alone.

Appreciation always make everyone feel good and you shouldn’t be doing any lesser for your loved ones. Take good care of her and she will do the same to you. Be a man and be able to handle her ‘lesser love’ than you give her. Nothing ruins a nice relationship more than doing favours after favours. Be selfless guys!

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