Winnie’s Wrath

Shane (shouting): ‘I want you to suck it.’
Winnie (pleading): ‘No I don’t want to!’
Shane: ‘Then you don’t ever need to think about leaving my house.’

In his hand was a cane she had a taste of when she struggle to keep her clothes on. He had to whip her so badly that she could not stop crying. The scars appeared on her thighs and she finally stripped in front of him, keeping only her bra and panties on. It was her greatest mistake to have wanted a fling and went to his place, just a few floors from her. He had chatted her up on a social app and she had initially thought he was nice enough to ask her to his place for dinner. But after the meal, he led her into the room and locked it, before pushing her onto his bed.

Sitting sideways on his bed, Winnie knew she could not outfight the stronger guy, and there was no other way out. No one else was home and he assured her no one would be for the next few weeks. Sobbing helplessly, she reached for his dick and Shane stepped forward for her. Winnie adjusted her body to sit at the edge of the bed and felt his hand going behind her head, nudging her mouth towards that erection.

Frightened, she opened her mouth and let him thrust that slab of meat in, plunging it all the way and then using his hand to start the momentum going. Clearly, the only way out was to quickly satisfy him and leave. So she did not resist and let him fuck her mouth, ramming it harder into her face.

After what seemed like a long time when only five minutes have past, he pulled his saliva coated dick and pushed her to her sides. This time, he was going for something she feared would happen.

Shane: ‘You wanted a fuck buddy right?’
Winnie (sobbing): ‘No. I don’t want.. I just want to leave.’

Hearing that, he landed another stroke of cane on her butt cheeks and she crawled away towards his pillow. Hugging it in her arms, she cried into it as she understood that there was no options for her. He sat behind her body and tugged her waist so she would get into doggie. Carelessly aiming his dick for her pussy, she felt her vagina tear painfully to his force and the only lubricant between them was her saliva from the forced blowjob.

He gave no fucks to her cries and proceeded to pump her, going so deep that her body started juicing for comfort. Being forced fuck was not a pleasant experience, and those unwilling moans sent the wrong signals to her assailant, making him think she was enjoying it. Shane was pushing her body down with his free hand and the other with the cane, was used to whip her, not for disobeying or resisting, but for fun.

Her body was being tormented in such a painful and helpless manner, totally voiding her of any hope. Somehow, the pain mixed into the pleasure from her pussy and her strength drained away, letting Shane pound her rear without much effort. He had sensed the hopelessness and switched his hands to her waist, grabbing them so tightly as he continued fucking her.

Despite her mental struggle not to lose consciousness, the first wave of orgasm was building up against her will, and it came as soon as he grew bigger inside of her. Trembling in the most subtle manner, her pussy squeezed onto his dick so hard that he groaned louder in excitement, going against the contractions to pound her deep. That opposing force wiped out any remaining energy in her and he flipped her over onto his back before he came.

Taking a moment to snap a few pictures of the lifeless body, it was his triumph card to get her back for more sex. The phone was placed away shortly after and he took her legs above his shoulders, shoving his cock in so hard that he woke her up. That very position was one of her most hated one in this case, for she could see his devilish face enjoying at her expense.

She could not stop the orgasms that kept coming from his huge dick that was constantly stroking her g-spot, and it sent him crazier when he learnt how to get her to cum so easily. Winnie’s mind was going blank from pleasure and the occasional contact with the cane marks jolted more joy into her head.

Shane: ‘You like it slut?’
Winnie (murmuring): ‘Keep going.. Don’t stop.’

With that said, he rammed her faster and his tone changed when he felt the squeeze on his dick. He was about to cum and he knew there was no way he could keep fucking her if he came inside. Like an animal, he pulled his cock out of her and hopped off the bed, going to her head and sticking his rod into her mouth. This time, she was lying down with her head to the side and his cock was just jabbing at her throat.

Shane: ‘You’re going to drink all of this. Don’t let me catch you spitting out.’

Her jaws hung loosely opened as the choking slowly woke her up. Within minutes of that breathless mouth fuck, her tongue tasted his salty cum that kept squirting non-stop. It had filled almost a quarter of her mouth and he pushed her lower jaws up to keep them contained.

Shane: ‘Swallow slowly. You can go after this.’

She squinted her eyes and it went down in a gulp. She kept her mouth salivating to wash away those stuck on her teeth and gathered her clothes. Shane walked to the cupboard to retrieve a panties with a dildo attached to the groin area, demanding her to put it on instead of her panties. As it was the last demand of the day, she wore it and walked awkwardly towards the door.

Shane: ‘Come back tomorrow. Same time. If there is any changes, text me. Don’t let me start spreading your photos to get you back here.’

Winnie looked at him and nodded with tears in her eyes, scars covering her legs. As soon as she got home, she dialled triple nine, and the cops arrived without the usual siren. What happened next was as you guys had expected, they stormed Shane’s house to find his phone left untouched with her pictures, and the cane he used earlier.

Winnie dare not go online for flings anymore, but every night, she would have the same dream. One that repeated itself, getting more detailed each time. In it, she would be tied up and pleasured, in the opposite manner of what Shane had put her through. A faceless man would tease every part of her genitals, completing a round of careful foreplay that turned every part of her body on, before he stick his dick into her so gentle, and pumped her in any positions she asked in her dreams.

Every time after that dream, she would find a wet patch on her bed, and her FBT shorts soaked with juices. As much as she wanted (or not want), that same dream never went away, and she would always cum in her sleep.

Is it a blessing or curse?

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