Inside Out

‘I’m still in my school uniform!’

The school girl had to push Ryan’s hand away after he tried to hold her waist. The two of them had met outside her school after lessons, for a date that would always ended up in exhausting activities.She couldn’t let him do anything in public though, especially when she was in her school uniform.

That afternoon, they didn’t go anywhere else and went up their usual ‘play’ spot, a secluded staircase not too far from her school. Kind of like a routine, she did not question him when he led her there, also feeling kind of frisky given how early they got intimate in their puppy love.

In the humid weather, Cindy took her skirt off first and let him see the pair of FBTs she wore, that was barely long enough to hide the little ass cheeks peeking out underneath. Though it was loose, the length was too short to cover her bum, and that was what made him went a little crazy too.

‘Don’t take off those shorts!’

‘I’m not!’

The pair began making out against a wall, feeling each other under their shirts. He had long entered her bra from under and was massaging those C cups, making her moan sexily while she fumbled to get his cock out. When she finally got a hold of his erection, he was already oozing pre-cum out of the tip, which she used as a preliminary lubricant for the handjob.

‘I’ve been thinking of you the whole day.’

‘Me too.’

Cindy’s shy tone turned him on even more and they were quick to lean against the handrails, with her in front and legs parted to let him stick his hand into her shorts and undies. The sudden penetration of his fingers got her fidgeting in his control, palm moving around the contour of her ass to plunge them deeply in.

‘Can I put it in?’

‘Please.. ‘

His cock went into one of the thigh gaps and went around her panties, diving right into her pussy that was wet as hell. The instant he slid the full length in, she was gasping and moaning, frantically trying to adjust to his size.

‘Fuck. You’re so tight!’

‘Just remember to pull out k?!’

He held her waist and pumped fierce, squishing between those fleshy mould into her vagina. Cindy’s vision was fading to a blur as that thick cock pounded her hard, spreading those soft, sensitive walls to the sides as he ripped between them. Ryan enjoyed watching her slam her ass backwards whenever he paused to catch his breaths, before returning to take over the job of tearing that cute pussy apart.

When he engaged the full-length, slow strokes into her, the first orgasm came and drained her life in one go, convulsing in his arms where he held her so she wouldn’t lose her balance.

‘Are you going to be done soon? I can’t stand much longer.’

‘A bit more. I’ll hold you.’

The hugging doggy did get her in the mood again and he was just fucking her gently, in small little jerks that would drive her crazy with the lack of satisfaction.


He pulled out without delay and she sat herself down on a step, letting him stand over her legs while she took his cock into her mouth. Thrusting a little, sucking a little, Cindy got him cumming in under a minute. The experienced girl swallowed as soon as the first load hit her mouth, drinking everything casually without a flinch.



They wore their clothes back and got out of that corner, leaving for home in livelier strides. The lingering wetness in her panties was still reminding her of all the fun they had in their secret hideout.

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