A Few Drops

‘Honey, when was the last time we did it?’

‘I don’t know dear, I’m tired.’

The married couple of two years started their lives together banging like bunnies every night, but as they settled on the new routine of work that brought in more money to sustain their house, the nights had gone quieter by the days. Hearing her usual answer in that weary voice, Andy knew better than to bother her anymore and brought the cup of ice green tea to her, laced with a few drops of it.

She drank half the cup and let him set it down on the night stand, before turning towards his chest ready to sleep.

‘Goodnight dear.’

Her soft whisper faded with the lights going out and he embraced himself for whatever might or might not come. After ten minutes of stillness, her thigh moved across his groin and her fingers running across his neck woke him up.

‘Yes honey?’

‘Is it hard?’


The 26 year old hot wife shifted her head into his neck and slid her hand into his boxers, cradling that solid manhood in her palm. She could not see that wide smile on his face that night, but he was getting harder as she jerked him a little, the girth of it slowly separating her fingertips around his cock.

‘Can you see if I’m wet?’

Andy excitedly reached across between her legs and felt the little wetness from her vagina, easily spread over her clit for a quick start. The clit rub didn’t stop once he started, making her squeal from the sensitivity after a long period of inactivity.

‘You put something in my drink right?’

‘Just a little. Are you mad?’

‘Yes! And I’m going to get that sorted out after this.’

She jolted up and crawled to his groin, planting her knees by each side of his ears and sitting down on his face. His tongue immediately got to work as she did the same with her mouth, sucking on that cock she remembered going crazy over. He just seemed so much bigger compared to the last time she gave him a blowjob, and the amount of juices leaking was giving him a pleasant surprise too.

Each flick of her tongue would make her go deeper, taking it all the way to the base before she could pull it out of her throat. It felt really erotic to have that throbbing piece of meat in her mouth, as if about to explode anytime. He loved hearing how she could gag and moan at the same time when he nibbled on her clit with his lips, rolling that soft spot around until her ass started twitching.

That gorgeous wife was exactly whom he wanted to be fucking hard every night. Anyway, it had been long enough without a cock inside her. The moment she sat on his face with her full weight, he stuck his tongue in as deep as he could and wriggled around until she was gasping breathless.

‘I want you inside me so badly now.’

Her sweet whispers tore him apart as she fell to his side, giving him his turn to pound her in missionary where he knew how to rock her body right. That was the style no one else could do better than him, no matter how many ex-boyfriends she had before. When his cock split those tight walls apart inside her, the hands on his arms dug into his skin in shock. Which, was what he needed to feel.

‘You’re gonna fuck me till you cum. I don’t care how fast is it.’

Ever since they slept in the same bed, condoms were no longer necessary. Replaced by morning after, they could have all the sex they want in full intimacy without anything between. Andy literally rammed her so hard she lost her voice moaning, and was soon drifting in and out of consciousness. There was no imagination needed to know how wet their bed got, for she was just climaxing non-stop.

The days of tiredness and sexual frustrations were paid in full on that very night, blowing her mind all over the place while Andy was groaning aggressively. Something in him kept wanting to go deeper and faster beyond his own limits.

Ten minutes into the violent sex, she was almost out from the weakening orgasms, while he was nearing his own end as well.

‘I’m gonna cum now!’

She opened her arms for him to fall into and his body jerked randomly for his cum to shoot out of his cock. The sudden exhaustion took everything out of him and his wife just patted him gently. There was nothing they could do in that state, except to roll into their positions to sleep or recover.

‘You’re fine now. Don’t have to move anymore. Go sleep dear.’

She became the stronger one to tuck him into bed, and returned to her side to stick a finger inside to feel his cum swirling around. Well, at that time, how could anyone not expect her to give herself an orgasm with those feminine fingers?

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