(cont.) Exotic A’s

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Fuck it! That thought rang so loudly in my head I couldn’t ignore it at all. I got on my knees and dragged her legs to my sides, spreading them to a suitable width at the same time. When she started to grab my shirt to fight back, I instinctively slammed my hand down on her throat, shocking her to a lie-still position which she dare not challenge.

Wading on my knees closer to her groin, I used my dick to push her panties taside, before dipping the tip in to her cries. Her hands around my wrist were just holding me still, to make sure I wasn’t choking her. Nothing she could do would change the fact that I was going to claim her virginity right then and there.

‘J! You’re so fucked if you do it!’

‘But you’ll be fucked first my dear.. ‘

I bit my teeth and thrust my hips forth, slipping into her pussy without so much a hymen to obstruct my invasive jab. It was then she realised that she had already broken it, from all the sports she did in school. From that point on, she couldn’t stop my hips from slamming itself so hard and rapidly on her inner thighs to get that unforgivably, hard cock as deep as I could reach inside her.

The increasing frequency of her contracting vaginal walls only signalled me to go faster, until she showed me her orgasmic face in front of me. Still far from my own happy ending, I leaned forward to raise her feet into the air, for another round of violent thrusts that sent her screaming, in between reluctant moans, for her life.

‘I gonna fucking cum inside you!’

‘No don’t! Please! Don’t!’

Her hands ignored the choke and went down to my belly, in an attempt to stop me. Of course, why would I impregnate a girl out of impulse to mess up my own life? I wasn’t that desperate yet. I kept pumping till the last second, when I pulled out of her just in time to let my cum spray over the black tank top that clung onto her chest so tightly. ‘Good game’, were the only words that came to mind after that intense session with a virgin.

Having done my deed, I zipped up and opened the back door, to drag her out by her hair to dump her where the garbage trucks would collect the ‘used-and-discarded’. With that overly-cheeky and cluelessly-playful girl fucked and dumped, I locked the place up and on my way home, deleted the footage from the CCTV (that was stored on an Internet-accessible server).

Part 1 | Part 2

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