A Glass of Milk

Kelda was about to head to bed after her warm glass of milk prepared every night by her mum. And since young, drinking that glass of milk had another more sensual link to sleeping thanks to her sick dad. But her age of 14 soon passed the stage where he could manipulate her, so Kelda was left alone, but not without a little muscle memory.

Since eight, her dad would bring the glass of milk into her room and read a book of short stories to her as she sipped away. Watching his little girl hold that tall glass with her tiny hands kind of turn his¬†paedophile¬†side on and when it was time to tuck her into bed, his hand would run up her legs and push them apart before beginning his gentle massage on her clitoris, going in circles and up and down. Kelda, whom did not know anything didn’t know her body was responding by secreting those sweet liquid, that daddy would claim to be his form of night drink and lap it up off her pussy.

Of course, it escalated to giving daddy some lollipop licking and drinking the new ‘milk’ that had a different taste. But that’s another story. Back to that glass of milk, Kelda was about to sleep soon and that imaginary hand creep up her legs, that warm palm that heated her inner thighs. Slowly gilding to her panties that revealed when her knees instinctively spread. Quietly removing her kiddy looking panties off her shapely legs, fingers started to roam onto the familiar spots that felt best when daddy did his magic on her years ago.

Her eyes rolled back and the movements of the clit-tease hastened, throwing her into body into a slight shiver, which she knew was far from what she needed. Quickly adjusting her nightdress, she tip-toed into her parents’ room to find that daddy’s lollipop had not fell asleep. But mum was just right beside, facing away from him. Like a ninja, Kelda knelt beside the bed on her dad’s side and lifted the sheets up slowly. Watching the bulge rose to a stand. Putting her hand into the sheets was the best scene, it was like reaching into a mystery box, grabbing it after a millisecond of search. Needless to say, dad woke up.

Placing her finger on her lips, he knew it was do or die, mostly for himself only. Her hand skilfully stroke his raging dick up and down in graceful motion, stopping before the sensitive ring and then back down and up, so not to make the head too sensitive to make dad twitch or shiver. For two years, this was what she learned, to pleasure and read the signs of men so well, that she could own any guy with just a handjob. Daddy could only smile to himself as he knew what Kelda was doing apart from masturbating him, she was pleasuring herself too, fingers almost ready to disappear into her love hole.

Bending over the edge of the bed, her head disappeared beneath the sheets and the soothing warmth of her mouth began work on his 7 inch, going down on him and taking it right to her throat without any gagging. The uncontrollable salivating helped her to take it better and she knew the speed could not be too fast to be generating any recoil on the bed. Her hand was still between her legs, half-bent from the overwhelming excitement she gave herself, and moving her fingers into her slit. As it darted in and out of her wet hole, her head increased the pace to reduce oxygen flow for a much intense orgasm. Kelda could take it well thanks again, to the training, conditioning her to know that the enhanced climax was worth the deprivation of air.

Not wanting to risk waking his wife up, daddy did not held back and reached for his daughter’s pussy as he was closing into his own orgasm. Fingering her with his strong thick digits, her knees gave way and his dick almost slipped, if not for his other hand which pressed her head firmly onto his groin as he unloaded his choked pipe of three weeks plus. Which skilful Kelda took it all and swallowed it without letting the texture of it bother her mind.

Mummy wasn’t asleep after all, as she turned around after hearing the door closed with that tiny little click sound.

Mum: ‘Dear.. there’s something I have to tell you. My brother and I.. had been having sex since young and we’re still doing it behind you. I’m sorry. Just be safe with our daughter k?’

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