Fucking slut! Terry could not control his own thoughts as he continued towards his destination, behind a girl around his height, with wavy hair up to her mid-back. It wasn’t her long legs nor fair complexion that turned Terry on, but the laced hoodie she wore did nothing to hide the seemingly braless figure of hers. Actually, this lady was wearing one of those silicon stick-on bra that compliments those outfits that require none of the bra to be revealed. Terry had heard of them, but never expected to see one in her attire. It was atrocious, but he wasn’t complaining for the free eye candy.

As they continued walking, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her thin skirt which swayed so hard in the wind, lifting just little enough to reveal that bit of skin. Those brief of his was about to break apart as his thoughts started the fantasy to ambush this sweet young thing in the dark tunnel leading to the private houses. Wait.. wasn’t there a house under a full renovation that did not lock its back door? And that door.. faced the walkway they were on.

That fantasy of his quickly turned into a plot and given his meticulous character, the finest details of the plan were put into the picture and it seemed like a foolproof plan – He walked close to her, and approaching the door, he would pull her hair and shove her into the unfinished kitchen, lifting her short skirt up and ripping whatever off and did his job. Would it work?

Within minutes, his biological clock struck action time and he scurried quietly behind her, giving her a shove and throwing her by her hair into the dark kitchen. Illuminated by the flickering street lights, his perfect eyesight helped him more than anything. The poor girl was blind without her glasses and those clothes she wore was too little to be considered ‘cover’. Pinned by the strong arms, Sarah could not even make a noise as he quickly kept her mouth quiet with a ball of cloth. Feeling her panties being pulled off, her kicking legs were next to be disabled by jabs to her inner thighs, resonating a lingering pain that almost knocked her out.

Terry couldn’t be more excited and happy to own this helpless lady, dressed to be raped. Pulling his old berms down, his cock sprang to life and he spat a load of saliva to lubricate his own dick. The muffled plea for help was ignored as he was more interested in getting his satisfaction fulfilled. No way he would take such a huge risk and then give in to pity. With a tug at her waist, her hips slid back into a doggie position and her knees had scraped along the rough concrete ground as he spread them wide apart. Pushing his middle finger into her pussy, her hymen tore and blood streamed like a pellet through skin.

Fucking virgin slut! Terry couldn’t believe his eyes. Being a virgin, she dressed as though she had sex with so many men. Was she naive or had the wrong upbringing? Nonetheless, he dived in for the kill and within three strokes, his full length of dick was slurping in and out of her love hole, opened to public for the first time. Unknowing to her, the new-found pleasure was turning her body on for more abuse and the juices made work a lot easier for Terry.

With an increasing pace, he was yet able to control and made the session last a good one hour, alternating between strong powerful thrusts into her painfully sore pussy and long moments of break inside of her while he enjoyed the warmth of a fresh conquest. His hands were savouring the softness of her flesh while his dick continued to scrub the insides of her contracting pussy, pistons like a locomotive wheels. The sensation of her hot virgin pussy embracing his invasive penis closely like skin to flesh. It felt really sexy like they two was a couple having sex for the first time.

Finally, the hour had gone by and he decided to release his mind and body of control, his hips continue pounding onto her, echoing loud slaps across the empty house and the faint moans of Sarah’s abused body. Her skirt and top was still on, only her panties and virginity were lost.

A few more powerful thrusts deep and hard into her, Terry was at his limit and the orgasms were strong, since he was trained in harnessing the power of his mind to maximise sensations. Sarah wasn’t too ‘bad’ either, the strokes of his dick diving in and out of her, filling her new tunnel with lots of energy and heat, gave her at least three unwilling orgasms that she would never forget. Plus, in mere minutes after, the intense load of warmth that was pumped into her womb kept her awake for the longest time in her life. Her mind ruined by the pleasure and sickness of enjoying a rape, yet her body kept her vaginal juices flowing non-stop since her cherry was popped. Pure creampie.

Having his balls emptied, his escape plan was simple, to get dressed and out of here. Poor Sarah once again was left blind in the dark, glasses crushed, and pussy damaged. With that mix of cum and fluid still leaking from her pussy, she fainted and went into deep sleep, only to be awakened in the hospital for injuries and multiple rape bruises, given to her by the foreign workers which came to work early to find a sex doll on their workplace.

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