Sweet Dream

Like all dreams, it started without head nor tail, but it did however woke something in Jacelyn up. It was a normal school day, ending at noon which made her shirt wet enough to make out the pink bra she wore to school. Schooling just three stops away from home on the MRT line, she was glad the air conditioned room of hers would be within grasp soon.

As the train left Bishan, a guy in his 20s just pulled her rubberband off and whispered, ‘You look nicer this way.’ If only you could see how her lightly perked hair bounced free, onto her shoulders, visually extending the length of her face by covering bits of the cheeks.

The guy did not stop there though, he pulled her close and started kissing her. Jacelyn had reacted a little late and was overpowered by his hug, with his tongue slipping between her lips. Why did I not close my mouth or keep my teeth together? Why did my body let him in? She was trying to push him away while his tongue was making her weaker by the moment.

Soon, his hands wandered up her skirt and reached her panties. Seems like her habit not to put on her shorts under her pinafore turned against her, not that it would make any difference though. The gradual rubbing of his fingers began and it was turning Jacelyn on, feeling wrong, she found herself powerless from the teasing. Like how sex happened, progress took place.

The guy pulled her panties down and went on to pry her thin pussy lips apart, circling her clit with his middle fingertip. That poor little girl needed no command to open her legs wider. Her knees gave way and slowly, she lowered herself to the ground with her legs apart. The wetness that was dribbling down her thighs don’t lie and can’t hide how horny she was. It was going to advance to a point for something long and thick to satisfy her.

Right in the middle of the cabin, the people around didn’t seem to be aware, or perhaps she was invisible. The only thing that kept her upright was the slippery silver pole. Just then, the male leaned on her back and whispered another sweet nothings.

Guy (whispered) : ‘Bend over baby.’

Arching her body forward, her palms met the texture-designed floor and he pushed her butt away from the ground, into a doggie position. Feeling his hips against hers, his rod was stroking up and down across her hungry slit, lubricated with the glistering juices of raging hormones.

Suddenly, something hard and warm was jammed into her. Without regards to her physical well-being, the meat slab quickly shoot in and out of her pure untouched vagina, using it like a Fleshlight or any fake pussy that he could control at his pace. Increasing in speed as he felt numb and slowing down to prolong his ejaculation.

That guy wasn’t keen in getting Jacelyn high or satisfying her, rather, just to cum and empty his balls. Nonetheless, she couldn’t stop right now when the adrenaline was pumping like mad in her, filling her body with that surge of energy that tightened her forbidden fruit. Unknowingly, she was enjoying the prescence of people that couldn’t see her and the mindless, primitive pounding of pure sex.

Guy: ‘You’re.. fucking tight! Arghh!’

With that, he jerked the non-stopping flow of warmness inside, and causing the nearly-crazed girl to stream an endless supply of sticky hot clear honey that poured out of her sex-addicted pussy. Somehow, Jacelyn couldn’t wipe her pussy clean of the wetness and a thought struck her right there – a dream?

Little Jacelyn woke up to find the cute panties she slept in to be completely soaked and her nipples hard and pointing at the ceiling. Still throbbing with life, the desire of losing her virginity to a deserving man got stronger.

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