As a Teddy Bear 2

Note: This story is written in the point-of-view of a teddy bear on Janet’s bed.

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It wasn’t long before Janet invited her friend for a stay over, but I would call it a slumber party. Since the first time she ‘used’ me, I had been seasoned by her cuddles. Moving on, her friend’s name was Judy and she had quite the figure like my mistress too, but with short hair, those stylish type with a slant from the inside out. They entered the room and placed their bags down before changing into their swimsuits. How I wished I could join them. Watching them strip to their undies and then poking fun at each other, tickling at the same time while trying to put on their bikini top and bottom.

Judy: ‘Borrow your toilet!’

Only wearing the top, she went into the bathroom attached and Janet came over to give me a hug, sniffing my paw. I could tell she wished to use me right there and then. Perhaps I had some kind of good karma that Judy had to make another remark from the echoing room.

Judy: ‘Oh no. I need to shit. This is going to take a while.’

Janet: ‘Alright! Take your time!’

Quickly untying her bottoms, she knelt in front of her cupboard and fumbled in her drawer for presumably a condom. My nose was already wet at her pussy, forcing me to take in her bodily scent, which I must say, wasn’t bad at all. Finally, the wrapper sound came and she peeled open the pack and pulled it over my arm. Rubbing her clit with her fingers, she was almost ready for a.. pawing?

Janet: ‘Are you almost done?’

Judy: ‘Haven’t even started!’

Wasn’t that great? Once her juices started to gather around those flaps of pink raw flesh, she used the tip of my paw to tease herself up and down her slit for some time, spreading the natural lubrication throughout for a smooth entry. Pushing my supportless (cause I am made soft) paw in, I could feel my fingers prying her tight tunnel loose. It had been almost a week since she last fingered herself or I should say, pawed herself.

Pulling and pushing my body like a limp soft toy (pun!), the pressure from her slit entrance would have stopped any blood flow if I was truly living. The warmed and ease of the fisting was turning me on too, but sadly, there wasn’t any part of my body that could express that thought. As Judy groaned in the toilet, Janet got a scare and sat on me in the Japanese style, forcing my arm right deep inside her, making her moan as well. Oops! How could I forget the cute action of her covering her mouth.

Quickly resuming our little adventure, the jerking of me in and out of her was making me dizzy, but the imminent climax came and this time, it was so strong that my paw had trouble staying inside of her. How could she let me slip out right? Holding me tightly between her legs, I enjoyed the full view of her slender young body with that tiny neck-tied bikini. That choke was unforgettable too, holding me between her thighs for so long, wetting my fur at the same time. Finally, her body relaxed and she slipped on her bottom once again and lay on the mattress to rest.

Clamping me at her soft sore spot, my nose was teasing her clit once again. It was so discreet that I looked like a bolster, Judy could not understand what made her best friend so tired before the swim. Okay, my nose is itchy and I can’t scratch it. Cause the condom is still on.


Part 1 | Part 2

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