The newly opened 24 hour NTUC was a nice place to go when you can’t sleep at night. So Rose did the same, draped in her night slip, the translucency of her dress was too little to bother her. Stepping into her lacy black panties, she pasted the nipple cover after she adjusted the height of her undies. For a twenty year old, there was no reason for her boobs to be sagging, and she would love to flaunt the fit little body she owned.

A pair of wedges completed her grocery shopping outfit and she made her way after picking her matching purple purse. Rose had a loving boyfriend, always making sure she was taken care of, no matter sexually or physically. Though he was only twenty three, his clever mind ensured her constant lust to be flowing through her body. From how she was dressed, he was the one she asked for opinion, including this visit to the supermart.

Did she know he would following her that night?

Jawn (SMS): ‘Take a cab.’

Obeying his instruction like how a girlfriend should, the parting of her legs to enter the taxi showed more than what the driver deserved, giving him a growing hard on beneath those work pants. With just the nipple cover protecting her modesty above, the shapely round breasts revealed how naked she was below the thin night dress.

Rose: ‘Ang Mo Kio Jubilee.’

Within ten minutes, they arrived and the cab driver took one last look at her slightly parted knees down to her black laces, showing her flesh between the spaces. The faint yellow light had illuminated well for his eyes.

Cab driver: ‘Take care girl.’

Do you think that’s what he was thinking? Concerned for her? Or really wishing some guy luckier would just do what she was dressed to do? Making her way to the NTUC would pass by a S11 with many beer drinking uncles, which true enough, generated a lot of stares and even whistles.

Jawn (SMS): ‘Go to a corner, remove your panties there.’

Huh! Shy? Maybe. Then again what are those glistering moisture doing at her pussy lips? She made her way to the second level, and into a corner that wasn’t fully renovated. Peeking around for cameras and late night shoppers, she finally gathered her courage and made a quick pull at her panties, the black laces left her body and into her bag.

Suddenly, a pair of hands hugged her from behind and the bracelet felt all familiar, that only her boyfriend could be behind her.

Rose: ‘Oh my God! You’re here!’

Jawn: ‘Shhh.. Don’t let anyone hear us.’

Pushing their way into the loads of unopened cartons, he lifted her dress to her waist and dropped his pants. Spreading her ass with his strong hands, the wet slit was waiting for him. Without wasting another minute, he dived right into her and slurped in and out, merciless, and sexcitedly. There wasn’t much time to waste in case they get caught, but rushing did not help the fact that Jawn could last for quite some time himself.

Just like how speedily he penetrated her, the hole changed to her ass which only been done once, with lots of lubrication. But this time, there was no need for that. Her juices were overflowing down her thighs and it was more than enough. Plunging into her once again, Rose was doing all she could not to scream, both in pain and pleasure. Giving into her body, all the energy had been drained and it was all his to play and abuse.

Jawn wasn’t doing fine too, her tight anus was testing his limit, squeezing his manhood so tight he could cum any moment if he didn’t control. Not wanting to put it back into her pussy for hygiene reasons, it had to end there and then, in her ass.

Increasing his tempo, Rose’s pussy was excreting even more cum and almost driven crazy by the mix of pleasure and pain of both her holes. Another ten minutes later, Jawn paused and Rose focused her attention between her legs, feeling his love flow into her, from deep down in her intestines to her anus. It was true love he had for her, giving her all he had, who else could loved her more?

Rose: ‘I’m too wet to move, and it’ll leak.’

Jawn: ‘Don’t move. I’ll clean you up.’

Taking her panties, he wiped whatever that went down her legs and fluid that would stain her dress. After they done their grocery shopping, the cab ride home was eventful too, as Rose lost control while Jawn fingered her to orgasm, leaving the driver the voices of her moans and heavy breathing.

Where did they leave the black laced panties exactly?

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