A Glorious Ache

‘J, how is gastric pain different from stomachache? It hurts neither here or there.’

‘If the pain is higher up your stomach, it’s probably gastric.’

‘What if it’s both together?’

‘Then both gastric and stomachache? Could it be your period?’

Xiqi shrugged her shoulders, stood up and raised her shirt enough to let a little bra show, pointing to the area where she was hurting. She took my hand and placed the fingers on the spot lower beneath her cups, right along the trail to her belly button. The China student doing her degree in a private university got me to give her English tuition, referred by a colleague at work who was too busy with her own school work.

She’s not the type who came to Singapore after getting the minimum requirement for getting into a U, but actually did her studies in a two other countries. Despite completely understanding English, it was expression that she had trouble with. The right words in the wrong place – was what I was asked to fix.

She slanted her body sideways for me to press where she pointed at and I just massaged the spot at the same time, where a sigh told me of the relief she got. In an attempt to hold her shirt up, she accidentally hooked my thumb and pulled her bra away, cupping my palm over her breast. She quickly slapped her hand on mine to stop me from moving but it just closed two of my fingers on her nipple.

The right move finally came when she held my wrist and yanked them away, covering her boobs with her shirt and sat down in embarressment.

‘Sorry sorry.’

She returned my hand to my lap but did not let go, until another sigh came to put me under her shirt again.

‘Hey hey!’

Her circular guidance flicked my closed fingers across her nip, changing sides after a minute or so. I had taken control of the pace as well as the methods, rolling those hard erections in my fingertips. Xiqi did not care about her other three roommates in the house and let off sensual moans, partly drowned by the CD player she switched on.

This room was hers to begin with, so there wasn’t a need to find another ‘place’. We moved to the bed and got ourselves comfortable on it, stripping each others’ clothes while my fingers kept working.

‘Don’t say this to anyone k?’

‘I don’t even know your roommates. Don’t worry.’

She laid by my side during the whole chest game, lying a leg over me like a bolster when things got more intense. My underwear couldn’t hold the bulge any longer, and I had to give it some air. For a 22 year old, she had a meaty figure but wasn’t considered fat, her C cups were soft on my chest and that sexy voice just kept me going.

Her hand though, wasn’t just resting. She was petting my dick like a newborn, without much strength. The sheer gentleness of her got me craving for more but she wasn’t ignorant in that area either.

‘Can I suck?’

‘Of course you can.’

As if it was natural, she 69-ed and I got a taste of the fairest pussy I’ve ever seen. It was like a sandwich with too much jam, oozing out of two firm white bread. I had to lick up the translucent liquid and paint that pinkish canvas, smearing my saliva all over her groin.

Beyond her moans, dirty slurps were causing me to give off a slight tremble, running from my thighs to my shoulders. She was taking it so deep I couldn’t catch my breaths at that rapid but comfortable pace.

Her powdered boobs were sliding so flawlessly over my stomach, while she continued to feast on the Bratwurst sausage. It didn’t take too long before she got tired, and I was glad for the short break too. A bit of her teeth were scraping me but there weren’t any cuts.

She crawled to my legs and sat between them, sitting upright to lever me on my bum. Between our two bodies, among our four legs, she pointed under the bed to get a box out. A cardboard box labelled ‘Fun Stuff’ contained a small vibrator, as well as a box of Durex condoms. We didn’t spend any second explaining/ questioning the pandora and she did the honour of capping me on.

On our asses and hands, we shifted closer and closer until I could slip my cock right into her. I was soon groaning loudly when we jerked ourselves together, tapping our groins as she took all of me in. I was going balls-deep at the tight hole she claimed to be untouched by any man in a long time, giving me stringy wetness as prove of her words.

Sticky noises dampened our increasingly violent shoves, going as fast as we could till she gave in. Her head sank into the bed and I leaned over her tired self, hammering her senseless from the top-down. Setting off a bomb within her pussy, her belly began to ‘scoop’ at my groin with random contractions.

I was getting milked for cum for the short but exasperating period where we totally lost control of our volume. I came into her without warning and my mind went dark for as long as she orgasmed, forcing everything out of me in an involuntary toothpaste-squeeze of her vaginal muscles.

Just as I rolled over on my back next to the panting student, the door swung opened with all three friends staring at us.

‘Close close!’

A loud slam left us fumbling for our clothes, awkwardness creeping into our senses when we were dressed. I gave her a hug out of an unknown urge and walked out into the living room, where the girls were sipping from packets of drinks on the couch.

‘Drop by whenver!’

I got a wink, a thumbs-up and a piece of paper while I walked behind them. Xiqi didn’t show up when I left the house, leaving me alone to check out what they wrote.

Three initials, three numbers.

I had no need to text them after a few messages came into my phone from unknown numbers, setting the time and days for English tuition. Well, I didn’t know which names belonged to who until I went for the first lesson, with the 1.8m student from Korea.

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