‘I’ve never done it before.’

‘What in here?’

‘No. Like.. such things. I’ve never had a boyfriend in my entire life.’

She was standing in front of the preparation counter when I leaned on her back, holding her waist very lightly. The denim shorts she always wore on her shifts wasn’t too revealing, but certainly caught my eyes whenever she sat down. It would rise up her thighs to show a little bum, and the pairs of eyes which have watched her were uncountable.

She untucked her shirt from her bottoms and held it higher at the sides for me to go under, feeling her soft skin all the way to her bra. White, was all I could guess since I couldn’t tell the colour under the white shirt. I unhooked them and went over her breasts, holding the smallest cups I could never imagine.

‘They’re small right?’

‘Big enough I would say.’

Her shoulders tensed up when I gave them a squeeze, going on to tease those nipples till she was more relaxed. The only lights in the cafe surrounded the bar, and there were enough decors to hide our activities. For once, we had finished closing the place before our scheduled working hours were up.

I turned her around and lifted her onto the counter top, where she quickly slouched to hide herself from the glass entrance. Unsure of what she was thinking, the surprise came when she stripped her bra off herself. I brought her shirt above her chest and immediately went to suckle her nipples, working around the pointy tips with my energetic tongue.

‘My god.. ‘

Her moans were unlike her speaking voice, sounding like whispers but intense. She was shaking all over for the whole time I was licking those tits, occasionally holding them hard between my mouth. When I lowered her shirt, she knew I was done and let me pull her shorts off, peeping over the displays to look out of the windows.

‘What are you doing now?’

‘Eating you out.’

‘Seriously? You’re okay with that?’

Her pink panties came off in a bundle and left on top of her shorts, just within reach. I took my seat on a stool from Ikea and raised her feet on the table, causing her to fall backwards on her hands. The embarrassed look on her was so cute when I admired her trimmed pubes, running my fingers across them in envy.

After seeing the wetness that had covered her pinkish genital, I dived in to savour her flower scented slit, gorging everywhere my tongue could reach. Her shakes travelled down to her feet and she couldn’t stop trembling no matter how hard she tried to relax. There was a certain energy building up in her ready to explode.

‘J, I’m feeling dizzy.. ‘

The eat-out continued till she groaned and a jet of liquid hit my tongue, forcing me to create a seal around her groin to drink them all up. There was little time to decipher how it tasted as she flushed them all mercilessly into my face. All I could hear was her apologies behind the jerking moans that was consuming her inside out.

‘Fuck. So much?!’

She pushed my head away and saw me wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. I got up and took the chair away for her to jump off and she did, hugging me so tightly in guilt.

‘Can I do something for you too?’

‘What can you give I get myself?’

‘You’re forever so irritating! Get up on the table now.’

I took her place on the counter and she sat between my legs, pulling my jeans just low enough to expose my cock. A little vanilla syrup went into her hand and she was jerking me off the next moment, moving randomly on the first dick she touched.

‘Just go up and down below the head.’

‘Is that what you guys call it?’

She closed her fist tighter and rested her elbow on my thigh, pumping me so vigorously while watching my shameful expressions of lust. I was completely in her control as she went faster, biting her lips to unlock her first achievement.

It took her almost ten minutes before I got uptight, belly arching in and out to the gradual loss of control. The tennis lessons she took really gave her the stamina to go that long, a feat I would never ask from anyone.

‘Are you going to ejaculate?’

‘Shit.. it’s coming now! *breathing rapidly*

The confused girl suddenly cupped the head with her mouth and froze, giving me the last stroke that spurted all my cum out forcefully. I was now the one groaning crazily and her throat just kept swallowing every wave I gave. Barely awake from the powerful ejections, I tapped her cheek and she pulled away from me.

The look of the most clueless face made me twitch once more before she let me dismount the table, giving me a chance to hug her as tightly as she did.

‘Wait. Is that why you asked if there’s CCTV here?’

‘Nooo! I’m concerned about the security!’

‘So you say.. ‘

We got dressed and left the place, bidding goodbye to the world of pleasure we got from within. Headed for a ramen place she recommended, we didn’t talk about what just happened until after dinner, to check which days will we be working together again.

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