Liquid Gold

‘Golden shower’, or pee, is involved in this entry. Proceed lightly.

‘Can I pee now?’

‘No you can’t.’

Xin could barely hold in her pee in the bathroom, having drank lots of water during the day of chores. He was into the challenge too but controlled his intake, though facing an urgent need to relieve himself. They continued to soap each other up with her legs tightly crossed and the intimate kisses soon came instinctively.

She could feel his fingers rubbing her out and began to leak warm urine at short intervals, which he reminded her not to by pinching her clit. There was a certain threshold she had passed when her belly felt bloated, but the pain he caused was just bearable for her to keep holding it in.

He was groaning as well when she teased his pee hole, driving him over the edge with his full bladder. Even her boyfriend could not control his urine besides having a raging hard on.

‘There’s no more soap now. Can we just pee already?’

He sat down in the slippery bathtub and guided her down his dick, sinking him into her overwhelming tightness combined with her exploding bladder. The urge to pee was so strong that he couldn’t focus on the pleasure she was giving, still trying on to outlast her.

‘Fuck it! I can’t do it any longer!’

She hit his belly with a strong stream of yellowish pee and he let himself go too, flooding her vagina with urine and gushing out into the blocked drainage hole. Xin was already riding him when he was still hosing her inside out, grinding that amped up horniness over his lap.

The watery lubrication helped her moved fast beyond her usual speed, as a tiny shiver shot through both their bodies after they were empty. He quickly got her into doggy and she found her footing on the slip-proof rubber mat he brought into the tub from outside. Pounding her fast and loud, Xin was moaning for her life in the echoey cubicle.

He was getting a full treat in her contractions and could feel lust overtaking his erection after the release. The whole thing came really fast for the both of them in the warm ammonia-filled fluid, splashing around as they fucked really hard.

‘I’m going to cum! Get ready!’

She bent her back lower and let him bounce off her ass, pumping that long rod deeper inside. He gave her the hardest thrusts he could summon and came strong into his baby girl, triggering an orgasm from her where she squirted like a dog peeing between her legs.

The clear liquid splattered everywhere as his cum off-loaded, filling her up till it leaked out under his buried shaft. Staying inside her, he took the showerhead and pulled the plug, draining all the kinky pee and cum mix into the drains.

Xin was totally exhausted by then and had to be helped out of the bathroom, collapsing on the bed after he dried her up.

‘It’s so damn intense man. We gotta do it again.’

‘I know right. I didn’t expect this to be so good.’

They were asleep in record time after a whole day of pee-bearing, and a quick but intense fuck in the comfort of their house. Their golden shower really did open a whole new world for them.

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