A Little Gift

This entry is about an incest encounter between a girl and his father, do not proceed if such topics offends you.

Julie: ‘Good morning Daddy!’

Dad: ‘Morning sweetheart.’

She came out in a short t-shirt and cute Hello Kitty panties, bought by her friends for her during her birthday celebration the night before. The small wet patch at her pussy had caught the attention of daddy, who waved to her to sit with him for breakfast.

Dad: ‘Did my little girl have fun last night?’

Julie: ‘Yupp. My girlfriends booked a chalet and gave me these. They even made me put it on for them to see. It was so awkward! But fun.’

She stood and turned a round to show him the tiny underwear, clinging so tightly to her skin that her cameltoe was visible. It was light blue in colour, made from a soft silky material, explaining why she decided to wake herself up with a short masturbate to energised herself. Daddy reached behind his back and placed a small box on the dining table, sliding it to her as she was sipping from the glass of milk.

Julie: ‘What’s in it?’

Dad: ‘Open and see if you like it.’

She removed the wrapper carefully and popped the lid off, revealing a bunch of paper shreds before finally getting her hands on a beautifully crafted silicon dildo, and a few other straps and toys beside it. The excited little girl bent and squeezed the main lead of the presents, and found it to be very strong but soft to the touch. The card with instructions had a list of materials that it was made out of, and it was one of the next generation materials to recreate skin-like texture, usually reserved for patients requiring skin transplant. As long as ingredients exists for medical purposes, it would not be surprising for sex toy companies to leverage on them to create new products right?

The excited look on her face made daddy finished his bowl of cereal fast and packed the table of empty plates. Walking to the sofa, he took the toy from her and patted a few times on the empty space next to him, signalling for her to go over. Before she sat down, the pair of blue panties came off and was placed neatly on his lap. Her butt sank into the sofa and one of her legs nearer to daddy raised to rest on the leather.

Daddy then slid his shorts to his ankles and let her underwear hang on his upright tip, while reaching the dildo to her pussy. Rubbing the tip on her clit a few times, her juices were soon forming on the delicate folds of her labia. Slowly, inch by inch, the shaft entered her in gentle thrusts, disappearing into her high state of expression.

Soon, the full length of it was squishing at her pussy, soft fleshy testicles hitting against her bum. It was one of the times where Julie herself was surprised at how wet she was, usually requiring lubricant even for fingering. But this time, milky white fluids were just flowing down the toy, reused as juices to go deeper into her.

The feeble body shifted itself towards Daddy, whose dick was still hidden under her panties. She reached for that twitching real toy and tugged her panties down as her hand jerked him off. The smooth, thin fabric was stimulating his little head as her fingers slid down the rest of the unprotected rod. The both of them just sat next to each other, throwing a challenge to each other to prevent the other party from moving too fast.

For Daddy, he had been experienced sexually and often got it on with Mummy, to a point a handjob would take an extra long time to get him to fire. But on Julie’s side, her pussy was never used to such a size inside, and furthermore, moving so quickly to turn that clouded mind into a full black out. It was the conscious faint that was approaching she had no way around.

Her hand lost grip on Daddy’s rod and fell backwards, letting the toy ram till it got slightly warmer. Her pussy was closing in around the toy, enhancing the sensation of its thick ridges brushing along the insides. The opening to her love hole was in a way trying to push that thing out, but it just made things felt better.

With her mouth opened senseless, Daddy knew she was in a trance and pumped his hand faster, sending her into the one orgasm that lasted a few’s worth. Moans went into lengthened mumbling and occasional screams of pleasure. He was glad she loved the toy so much, and went on until he was tired, which was about ten minutes later. By then, Julie had no energy left, but wanted to do something for Daddy.

She turned herself to sit on the floor, and shifted between his legs. Holding onto the base of his cock, she pointed it lower so her mouth could reach easily.

Julie: ‘Daddy. Can you help yourself to me? I’m a little tired.’

With one hand, he pushed her mouth down his shaft and she cooperated by sealing her lips and maintaining a light suck. Pleased at her obedience, he pumped her head continuously on his dick and the gagging sounds had no choking effects. It seemed that the frequent deep throat he had been training her for had worked, and it was this one time he could push her to the limits. Thrusting his hips slightly into her, the tip of his penis was scrapping against the back of her throat, which added stimulation to his rod.

Going non-stop, the excess saliva was dripping onto her folded legs but it was necessary to use it to prevent choking. After five minutes of furious pumping, his hand pressed her mouth hard down to his base and held her in that position.

The thick yummy proteins fired into her throat and flowed down her gullet. It was so refreshing and filling to her that she did not pull herself away even after he was done. In slow-mo, her mouth left his never-ending dick and stopped before it was fully out. Sucking on the meat pipe, the extra sperms was drawn into her mouth and swallowed without a flinch of an eyelid.

Holding onto the raw piece of meat in her hand, she licked in an upward motion to get rid of her saliva, lastly using her panties to clean him up.

Julie: ‘Daddy.. want a massage?’

Daddy: ‘How?’

She hopped on top of him and lowered her pussy down his shaft, still filled with life despite the initial release. Inside of his precious girl, he did not move on his own and simply laid back to feel the contraction she did on his dick, unknowingly in an upward milking motion with her muscles. Giving Daddy little pecks on his lips, he could tell that she could not wait to get home from work to play with those toys again.

Julie: ‘Thank you Daddy for your presents!’

The massage lasted for about ten minutes, with him almost losing control and fucking that inviting pussy. He lifted her body away to restraint himself from doing so, and went for a shower before heading for work.

Julie went back to her room, changing into her outfit of the day, a pretty floral bralet with a contour bandage skirt. She waited for Daddy to be done before handing the wireless bullet to him, and spreading her pantyless legs apart so he could insert it for her. Taking the remote control, they left house for his car and the journey to her office was filled with the wireless signals activating the silent little bullet in her.

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