Brother and Sister

Bernice came out of the shower in her sports bra and an FBT shorts, drying her long hair between the towel while Bertrand was waiting outside the bathroom with his towel. The siblings had been used to getting a shower in the morning, especially on a Saturday, when their bath time would be longer than usual.

He stepped into the bathroom and the sight of the worn FBT shorts she wore yesterday caught his eyes. It was just hanging on the rack, forgotten that it should go into the laundry basket. As he was done rinsing the soap off his body, it was time to get himself off with his younger sister’s clothes. He pulled the shorts off the horizontal pole and wrapped it around his dick, carefully laying his dick at where her pussy used to be in contact with.

Bernice: ‘Kor, are you going to be done?’

Bertrand: ‘Soon. Just wearing my clothes now.’

Stroking his dick through her shorts slowly, he had sat himself on the toilet and closed his eyes, imagining that she was sitting on his lap, grinding her hips as his dick sank into her pussy. Just as the room was getting all hot and foggy, the two partitioned door opened a gap and a hand stopped in its track when she noticed the shorts were gone.

Bernice: ‘Kor.. did you see my shorts?’

The door suddenly opened to the maximum width and she peered in his direction, looking at his perspiration covered body with her shorts in his hands. Still dressed in the sports bra outfit, her shocked expression gave no more words and she just closed the door and left him alone.

He quickly returned her shorts to where it was and dried himself, heading into the living room where she was sitting with her face flushed.

Bertrand: ‘Mei, I’m sorry. I’m done now. I’ve put your shorts in the laundry basket.’

Bernice: ‘What were you doing with my clothes?’

Bertrand was already back to the kitchen to pick up the sandwich she had made extra for him. Avoiding any eye contact, there was no way he could give her an answer. He stood at the window and looked out of it, drinking his daily dose of coffee from the mug on the window ledge. He then heard the faint footsteps nearing him, and the volume of her voice confirmed that she was right behind him.

Bernice: ‘Are you masturbating with my shorts?’

His head pointed onto the ground floor, and gave a nod. A hand then reached in front of him, placing his long lost underwear on the window. He looked at her hand retract, and was eye to eye to her embarrassed face.

Bertrand: ‘Are you masturbating with my underwear?’

She nodded shyly as well, and he took a step closer in front of her. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her in for a hug and slid his hands up and down her back, comforting her that it was not a big deal. Her chin rose to face him and the few seconds were the most emotional yet risky. Their eyes had been conversing in the most ‘wrong’ debate and her shutting eyes did not help at all.

His lips planted onto hers and they made the immoral kiss. Standing that close, the rise of his dark knight was just that obvious as it poked onto her stomach, while her nipples grew erected behind the sports bra without the padding under. His hand roamed up her waist and reached under her bra, to cup onto that firm, perky 18 year old breasts. The gentle squeezes made her let off a sexy, impatient moan and a respond by cupping her own hand over his bulge.

As his hands continued to massage her breasts, her fingers were digging their way into his shorts, coming into contact with his raw warm dick. Parting his lips away from her, the kissing trailed down to her neck, where she stopped him and took over the journey, lowering her body until her knees were on the floor, and mouth at his rod.

Without looking at him, it had sort of taken away the thought of the dick belonging to her dear brother, and that it was throbbing so hard as though it had wanted her since a long time. Giving the tip a sweet kiss, her lips remained on his head and tongue began wetting whatever meat in her mouth. Making her way down his shaft, her tongue swirled around wherever that was dry, and focused on the stretch of veins on the underside of his rod.

Stumbling on his footing, he had leaned against the dining table, and she just continued to give him the forbidden blowjob. She did not intend to make him cum, and was only interested in getting him big enough to lose control. After a few minutes of sucking, she gave a naughty bite and went into the living room, sitting in front of the TV with her usual cartoon showing on screen.

He stood in front of her to block her view, and then pulled her shorts off her legs, which she showed a little unwillingness but raised her butt anyway. With that young looking pussy in front of him, he sat on the stool under the table and landed his tongue on her clit. Giving it a generous load of his saliva, the one instance of a suck on her clit sent her back arching forward, and hands over his head to push him deeper between her legs.

Flicking that tiny pink dot up and down, juices were flowing out of control and he was sucking them up as she moaned. Within a minute, she was pulling his head upwards and he followed suit, returning to kissing his beloved sister in a tongue fight. As they made out, his hips were closing in on his pussy, and the tip was pushing its way in as well. Making gentle thrusts, his dick slowly disappeared into the splitting vagina and soon, he was kneeling on the floor while his sister’s body was sitting at the edge of the couch.

The slimy rod was pounding into her while her legs around him pulled him closer, wishing he would go deeper. A couple of seconds was all she needed to pull that annoying sports bra away, and his mouth was free to suck on her nipples. Flirting with those pointy erections, her head was back and eyes rolled white. The position she was in was a common yoga stance, and a test of squeeze was all he needed to distract him.

Feeling the tightness around his dick, his vision turned into a stern look and he forced her backwards on the seat. Helping her to lie on the sofa, he brought one knee onto it and placed both her legs on his shoulders. Ramming his hips at her bum, the long rod was dipping all the way into the areas unfelt before. Bernice had already lost concentration on the yoga squeezes and was just enjoying the hard pounding from her brother.

Reaching for her shorts on the floor, she covered her mouth with it to suppress the crazy noises she made, and Bertrand leaned on her body to take a whiff of her shorts as well. Fucking like sex-deprived bunnies, she was bombarded with orgasms that she lost count of. And all he was doing was move his hips, and prevent himself from cumming.

Bernice: ‘Kor.. shoot it all inside me. Mum has got contraceptive pills for me to control my acne. And I haven’t had my period for four months already. So, cum inside me.’

Knowing that he got nothing to fear now, he sat upright and let her legs stick on his sweaty chest. Jerking his butt fast on the sofa, his rod was sinking all the way into her at a high speed that sent her into a trance and salivating from the sides of her mouth. It was pure mind and body fuck that she was receiving 100% of.

Counting down to his ejaculation, his hands went to her boobs to knead them really hard until the pain complimented the pleasure at her pussy.

Bertrand: ‘Mei.. I’m cumming soon!’

Bernice: ‘Oh yes kor! Keep going! Don’t stop!’

He leaned his chest over her and made sure her legs was angled where he could reach all the way. The few remaining strokes got him to finally cum and sprayed into her as his little head continued stimulating her vagina. The warm load felt extra hot in her and that was nothing like how she’d expected but, longed to feel.

Bertrand had to pull his dick out after the tight clenches of his unwilling sister, at the same time milking whatever that was still inside, out into her pussy. He fell onto the sofa after he was out, panting with his sister who was rubbing her clit in front of him to relieve the soreness. Smiles broke across their faces, without regret as they knew it was impulse that drove them to it. It wouldn’t be a crime if they were never caught right?

That day, they wore nothing around their house, and whenever Bertrand’s dick rose, it would be the signal to get it on since they might not have many chances once their parents return from their yearly honeymoon. The unlimited rounds of sex was also a challenge to break their personal records with their partners, kinky huh?

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