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When I start writing, there are two mindsets I find myself to be in.

1. Heart-burning Plot
2. I have no idea what to write but I feel like writing.

Point 1.

It’s quite straight-forward, to get the story out in the fastest way (if you write drafts) and then start editing it. Or get the story out in the fast way (that’s for me), writing and editing after every sentences. We have the auto-correct, grammar-check, urban dictionary, common sex-words we know of.

There should not be nothing to stop you.

Point 2.

This is where I call it ‘uninspired’. When you write in this mode, there are only three outcomes. You think your impromptu storyline is ridiculous, or get stuck halfway, and the third finale is you completing the story.

There might be occurrences where you felt tempted to delete whatever you have written.

For me, writing has become a habit (until recently). When I sit at my usual corner, (assuming I have no plots on hand) I turn to the usual input. SBF, SgGirls, or my own website stats.

SBF – Once in a while, I come across pants-tightening stories that I wished was on my blog.

SgGirls – I usually head there to see what girls are wearing these days, to dress my characters up.

Website Stats – Here is where I get most of my ideas from. And here is where ‘search terms’ matter AND don’t matter at the same time. I get to see what are the trending words people used to reach my site, and also the direction the mass are heading.

‘Teachers’, ‘Underage’, ‘FBTs’, father/ daughter’, ‘public sex’, those are always the top searches. When nothing new pops out, I would scroll to the bottom of the stat, and see what one or two individual seeks that they found on my blog.

Word Pairing

When all else fails, look for random words, the more the merrier. They can help plot most of the story, or just one word so you can treat it as a challenge.


I don’t know much about writing drafts for erotica. Personally, I don’t. I know White Wolf does. For someone with a short attention span, I turn to writing the stories as best as I could with one try. Sure, I do go back to edit them when I discover inconsistencies or spelling errors, but generally, I write once.

Oh. When I write drafts and keep them under WordPress’ drafts, I find that I can no longer recall what mood I was in when I wrote it. So taadaa! Delete.

Here is the last part before I write a short message to Jo.

Do you remember the attitude you learnt your languages in during your younger days? Remember picture-narration where you have to write 80 words about 4 pictures? Or those one-picture ‘picture description’ that your teachers could forced so many questions out of? How did you write your 800 word composition?

Now that there are no teachers to correct me, there is also none to guide. Sure, there are lots of resources online, but you are talking about teachers, people who perfected their languages to a point where they can make money out of. Now, it’s all up to me, us, individuals that suddenly realised, why didn’t I try a little harder to be a little better when I had the time?

Jo, I see that you have been writing stories that can be continued in parts. You can focus on that style. Most blogs have a fixed sister or girlfriend that lasts quite a few entries. Characters can be introduced or killed off (with proper ending) easily.

I suppose short stories like mine is a double-edged sword. It keeps some readers hoping for more (to a particular story), but most of them can probably guess there are no more.

Episodical stories on the other hand, keep readers checking back. The question – ‘What happens next?’, for decades, that was how TV series were made. I was more of making short flims. But for me, personally, if I didn’t like how it started, I wouldn’t read past where I lost interest at. So yupp. That’s about it.

End of Jo’s Message.

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