The Massage Girl

To have come so far and worked as a masseur was no easy feat. And to BE in this line simply because she doesn’t know of any other methods to make money, is even more disheartening.

Jing Jing provides massage services in Singapore at a condo in the vicinity of the most happening place at night. A place where people claim to eat durians and bak kut teh, where contraband ciggs are sold from black trash bags, where hundreds of thousands of dollars of dirty money exchange hands.

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BTW, this story is in no way the exact representation of an undisclosed visit for her services.

Jing: ‘来了,累吗?’
Jing: ‘You’re back. Are you tired?’

T: ‘还好,工作就是这样的。’
T: ‘I’m alright. It’s just work.’

Jing: ‘臭臭,先去冲个凉?’
Jing: ‘Smelly you, go get a shower first?’

At ten o’clock, T got home after work and as tired as he was, he was ushered into the bathroom with a towel. A much needed one to clean himself up from the day of running around. After a ten minute shower, he appeared in the corridor of their condo, where she sat on the bed in their room, in a green lace nightie.

Jing: ‘躺下来,先给你个按摩。’
Jing: ‘Lie down here. I’ll give you a massage.’

T laid on the bed facing down and let her sit on his lower back, groaning softly as she kneaded those tired muscles. This beautiful girl had been waiting for him to come home and when he finally did, did not disappoint him at all. All those hardwork he put in for them, was worth it. Jing had been feeling frisky whenever she thought of him, but understood that he was worn out. Being his girl (with needs), all she could afford was giving him a massage, hoping he would get her message.

Feeling the hems of her dress brush up and down his back, he finally told her that it was getting uncomfortable lying down, since his little one was stirring to life. She dismounted him and placed a small bolster at his belly, giving him some space so she could keep tickling his sensitive body.

Switching over to her nails, she dragged them up and down his back, going in circles around his ass and between the crack. Whenever she reached his balls, she would fondle them for a moment before going back to his butt. It was like hide-and-seek, except he could feel all his senses focusing at the spot where his testicles were. She had taken massage lessons before, and he was the only man to ever test her skills.

After some time, T patted her thighs to let him know he needed a pause, and so she let him turned over and waited patiently while he adjusted himself on the pillow. Resting her head on his stomach, the teasing continued. Holding his dick lightly and pumping gently, he needed no more than a minute to start groaning louder. In her hand, she could totally feel how his balls were expanding and contracting with the varying speed.

Jing: ‘它一点都不累啊。’
Jing: ‘He’s not tired at all.’

T: ‘不要玩啦。’
T: ‘Stop teasing it already.’

Her hair trailed down his belly when she headed down south and she leaned on her side beside his hips. Mouth completed wet with saliva, she made sure he experienced every inch of descend, all the way to the base of his dick where she deep-throated him for a long ten seconds.

T couldn’t concentrate on her body at all, mind drifting in and out of consciousness, her tongue that was slowly making waves, pushing every button on that piece of meat. Part of him was begging for some action, and the other part was too tired for any.

Being only able to see a bit of her face sucking on his dick, it was all he needed to fill his vision with. His beautiful girl, a hidden talent with her lips, working non-stop on his rock hard rock. He was gradually falling into a relaxing sleep.

Unable to feel the urge due to tireness, he did not want to exhaust her anymore. She went to lay on his chest, while her hand took some baby oil and continued stroking his member. It was a moment of loveliness and warmth when they cuddled. Letting time handle his ejaculation, he pressed her head on his body, despite her wanting him to shoot in her mouth.

T: ‘要来了。’
T: ‘I’m cumming.’

Before she could rush down to contain the explosion, he had already began squirting into mid-air. She froze immediately before the fireworks and watched it ooze out of his dick non-stop. For that moment, everything was worth it. This man, faithful and caring, was who she liked from the beginning. Now, he has become a happier man, at least for that night.

Jing grabbed a few pieces of tissue and cleaned him up. Right then, his phone buzzed non-stop in his office group chat. Perching himself against the headboard, he typed his advice away on his phone, and Jing laid by his side, unable to comprehend what was happening.

But there was one thing she knew she could do to help. Tickling his balls again, she was playing with his dick in no time. It was growing slowly as she playfully dug her nails into the loose skin, overwhelming the little head with some erotic scratches. Without waiting for him to say anything, she went between his legs and took his dick into her mouth, sucking it effortlessly as he continued to be distracted with work.

Jing: ‘今晚我想做…’
Jing: ‘I feel like having it tonight.. ‘

T couldn’t leave her as she is when she got him hard again. This time, he flipped her onto the bed and pried her shy legs apart, with her eyes gleaming with horniness for his animalistic side to overtake his sane mind. She had become the little sheep on the bed.

What more could I say about that night? He gave her what she asked for, in fact, a little too much than his body could provide.

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