Before Jasmine slept that night, she had taken a pill that a friend had passed to her during the clubbing night a few days ago, claiming to make her high and horny once she popped it in. All alone in her room, she plugged her earpiece into her ears and took out the dildo from the bedside desk, planting the base into the ripped bolster cover. Slipping her underwear off under the sheets, the drowsiness was kicking in and her mind was floating already.

Without wasting any more time, her legs went around the bolster and pushed the dildo in, nudging it in inches by inches with her ankles. As the dildo pierced into the deepest spot of her pussy, bright, dazzling lights flooded her vision and everything was moving with a blur. The music in her ears had switched to a more upbeat one, and her head was nodding to the rhythm.

Turning herself over onto the bolster, she was hugging it faced down, changing to a cowgirl position. Grinding her hip slowly on the rubber dick, her singlet was getting wetter from the perspiration, feeling all hot and horny from the effects of the pill. Soon, the moans came and droplets of sweat dripped onto her pillow. Right there and then, she was hoping that it was a guy instead of her bolster under her, almost making the random contractions of her pussy unbearable.

Halfway through the hip slamming, she pushed her body up and swept her hair backwards, eyes rolled back from the pulses of pleasure shooting through her body. Bouncing harder on the toy, she was simply not getting enough to match how high she was. Gradually, her body slid down the bed and was on the floor, bolster still in front and bent in front of the bed. It was getting tiring, but still better than not able to relieve her lust.

Ripping the toy out of her bolster, she leaned against her bed and threw the damp bolster to the sides, pumping the toy into her loose vagina as she tried to squeeze down onto it. The juicy sounds coming from below was making her so crazy, to a point that if a guy appeared in her room, she would just lie flat on the bed and let him abuse.

Realising how messy her position was, she climbed back onto her sweat-soaked bed, lying on her pillow with the dildo still moving with her guidance. As though she was struggling for help, she reached into the same drawer for her ‘help’, a rabbit vibrator that used to be too huge for her. Clamping one of her pillows between her legs, she yanked the lifeless rubber out and replaced it with the battery operated toy, plunging it all the way in and clicking on the ‘ON’ button.

The mechanical swirling sounds was inaudible inside of her, but the little vibrating nub on her clit was the one holding her back. The combination of the merciless spin of the head, with the buzzing tip on her clit, she could not summon anymore strength to sink the toy any deeper.

The pillow between her legs was keeping the toy cranking inside, while her closed legs amplified the sensations of the carved surface against her vaginal walls. Covering her mouth with another pillow, the constant groans was drowned away, and the torment on her pussy was creating explosions in her head. With a toy, she knew that it would not stop, especially when orgasms came to take her energy away. It had to keep going, so to give her back the energy for more.

Oh my, you guys should see how desperate she looked with the pearly droplets rolling off her face, along with the juices that got soaked into the pillow between her legs. Her pussy was contracting violently, and her mind was hanging on the sensitivity of her clit that had gone swollen from the vibration.

As the drug wore off, her body was giving in to the weakness and the non-stop orgasms she had received. With no energy to move, the toy could not be removed, and it just kept blasting her with the same ferocity that drove her crazy. Her legs slowly relaxed, and the toy was pushed out a little at a time, stimulating different parts of her vagina as she tried to get rest.

Finally, the toy slipped out and she reached blindly for it to switch it off, dropping her hand once it was silent again in her room. Panting deeply, the dildo and rabbit were at the edge of the bed, about five inches away from the drawer she opened to put them back. Snores were heard before she could get to that, and her nipples stay erected between her arms.

Falling to a deep sleep, she only woke up in the late morning the next day, breathing with a blocked nose from the air condition that she left on the previous night. Looking at the two toys in front of her, a twitch from her pussy remembered how crazy she was last night, tempting her to give it another go again. Sadly, there was no more pills with her, but a quick inquiry to her friends brought a smile to her face.

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