Walk In

Just as I was sitting at one of the tables with my job done, a girl with brown long hair walked into the cafe, filling the place with the flowery scent from her body. I smiled at her and she looked around to find someone to attend to her, which I quickly responded to see if she needed any help.

Girl: ‘Hi! I didn’t know you are a staff here. Umm.. my friend will be celebrating her 21st birthday today, and we’re planning to have it here. Could you help me keep this cake until the rest of us came?’

I took over the box from her hand and clarified about when I should serve the cake, and my boss was standing outside the kitchen counter looking at me perform. She left the restaurant after giving me the details, and the rest of the night was filled with laughters and self-portrait photo taking at their table. Dinner was served in the busy bar and the cake gave all the staff a treat to the birthday girl’s sweet smiles and thanks, grateful to everyone who made her day a much livelier one. A few of the guests even bought a few rounds of drinks for them, which even drove things crazier, giving kisses and daring each other to hug almost everyone there.

Personally, I loved serving people, and the satisfaction was all I needed to keep going. That night was a quick one, with so much things happening, until my boss had to remind me midway during my service that it was almost 11.30pm.

Boss: ‘K, you can go now. Before your last bus escapes.’

I checked my phone for the time and dashed to the back, collecting my bag and walking out of the restaurant with the three girls, who was still laughing heartily at the bus stop right outside. As how last buses worked, the estimated arrival time of 18 minutes gave me some relieve to know it wasn’t too late, and that two of the girls were there as well, waiting for their buses home.

Me: ‘What bus are you girls waiting for? I can check the timing for you.’

Girl: ‘Umm.. I live nearby this area. But birthday girl on the other hand, lives around AMK.’

The birthday girl reached out her hands and muttered ‘Claudia’ softly, almost in the same manner I replied in. A little chit chat sent her friend away, leaving Claudia with me to board the same bus back, and she was so weak I had to hold her shoulders just to keep her upright.

Bus 76 came on the dot, and we hopped onto the bus, with passengers sparingly seated. I walked her all the way to the end of the bus, and sat at the seats facing the last row. She was left by the window and I made a call home to let my family know I would be home later. Sitting beside me, was a birthday girl, whose age just reached 21. Above legal age right? Still reeking in a bit of alcohol, I knew she was out, and she was all mine to admire.

From her black flats with a cute crystal covered bow, up her thin but tanned legs, and a finishing touch of a tight black dress that was sheer at some parts and clothed on the other. Before I realised, I was dozing off as well, until a passenger woke me up to let me know we were the last on the bus. Quickly looking outside, the next stop was mine, and I managed to get off with Claudia, whom I held by the waist, heavy under my untrained arms.

At the bus stop, there was no way I could get an address out of her drunken state, so, it all boiled down to ransacking her bag for her IC, indicating an address not too far from me. Piggybacking her to her unit, there was no one to open the door. So, into her bag again, for the keys.

Me: ‘Claudia, K here. I’m going to head home now k? Can you take care of yourself?’

Her hand held onto me the moment I got off her bed, and the feverish temperature on her forehead melted my heart to stay and take care of her. Releasing my shoulder-carry onto the floor, I was held down again from going to get a towel to cool her down. Perhaps I should wait until she fell asleep before getting them. Or.. maybe when she did not pull me on top of her.

Everything happened so fast that I lost my balance and fell across her stomach, giving me even lesser time to react to the tug of her hand behind my head onto her face. Going down mouth to mouth, I did not resist that fateful kiss that parted my lips to accommodate her tongue in my mouth. The more I tried to be gentle, the least I realised it did anything to calm things down.

It all escalated to her unbuttoning my shirt and flipping to her side so I could run the zip down behind her dress that would totally strip her naked. There was no way I could turn away from a sweet 21 year old in a nude bra and C-string panties. I knew exactly how to remove all the lingerie she wore. Tugging feebly on my belt, I got my clothes off and in no time, we were both naked, with her drunk, and I, fully sober.

Claudia (whispering): ‘Fuck me please.. ‘

I knew it was the biggest mistake any girl could make, to have sex drunk. But the sudden clarity in her face made me doubted if I should stop at all. What she said, drove me crazier and assured about me advancing on her.

Claudia: ‘I really want it. You know I have been watching you since I stepped into the bar?’

Me: ‘But I am attached.’

Expecting a disappointment was my mistake. She didn’t seemed any disheartened by my statement either.

Claudia (whispering): ‘So am I. But that idiot couldn’t even be bothered to free his rest day up for me.’

With that said, I resumed the passionate kissing, and climbed on top of her, going between her legs which she opened for me. A split second was spent to let guilt warn me about any diseases, but that was already long out of her mind.

Claudia: ‘I trust you are clean. Because you told me you have a girlfriend.’

The same logic could be applied to her, so the last of my worries were out of the way. Laying my chest on her damp boobs, my back curved to let my manhood reach for her pussy. Totally missing the lip-biting expression, I only stopped when her hands went to my waist to stop me. Wait.. it shouldn’t be that difficult to penetrate, unless..

Me: ‘Are you a virgin?’

Claudia: ‘Just go in slowly.’

A frowned appeared between my brows, but my body was inching into her by the second. As her body relaxed, my meat went into her easier, and the painful expression changed to a high-er looking one. Oh yes! It feels so good. I must admit that was music to my ears. Placing my mouth at her nipples, I sucked on them hungrily as I rammed my dick into her, feeling the inexperienced pussy convulse at the deep strokes I was giving.

The innocent sounding moans changed to a agonising tone, growing louder like a slapping sounds of our bodies. Minutes passed without her stopping me, but the tightness was making things unbearable for me too. She was after all a virgin a few minutes ago.

Holding her ankles together during a pause, I turned her body to the side, and pounded against her butt, fucking her deep to get her moaning again. The change in position definitely felt better, assuming if the intensity of her moans represented how good she felt. On and on I went, enjoying the new angle as it helped greatly to reduce the sensitivity of my dick, therefore delaying the end of my fun.

After a while, I just had to turn her over again, this time into the doggie style which I hoped she liked. Tucking her knees together in a forward-kneeling position, I leaned back and sat on her bed, with just the tip of my dick inside her. Before I could jerk my body upwards, she was bouncing herself off my groin already, using the extra cosiness to let my dick scrape against the delicate fleshy walls covered with nerves.

Of course, I wouldn’t expect her to do all the work right? My hips obeyed my command and the upward thrusts threw her into an upright sitting stance, resting her body on her ankles that did not obstruct her butt which was sticking out, begging for more sex.

This tiring position was not my favourite, but it surely pleasured her to a point she could not take it anymore. The number of orgasms she got had drained most of her strength, but I would say the ever-lusting spirit was expected from virgins getting their first vaginal orgasms.

Falling forward on her face, she slumped to the side and sweat was immediately soaked up by her bedsheets. Staring at me with a side grin, I was too tired for another style, which she guessed I was at my limit too.

Like a lazy baby, she turned her body on the bed and stopped as soon as her mouth was right at my dick. She went back into the kneel between my legs and her long hair covered the significant moment where her mouth went over my dick. The gentle warmth and unhurried sucking, with the steady movements up and down my shaft, I almost believed I was in heaven.

Claudia never took a break from the finishing blow, and I suspected she wanted to hear me groan as well. In less than five minutes of her sucking, my body tensed up and the yummy week’s load of cum just fired into her mouth, forcing her to slap on my thigh as I filled her up non-stop. Leaning back slightly gave me a wonderful view after I swept her hair to the back, and the exit was even more seductive. Pressing her lips around my shaft, she lifted her mouth up and collected every drop of goodness.

Going ahhh she showed me how much I came, and proceeded to swallow them in a few loud gulps. Pulling my hands, we fell back on her pillow and laid face to face, exchanging tired pecks on each others’ lips.

Claudia (whispering): ‘You know, I’ve never given my boyfriend a blowjob.’

Me: ‘Then why me?’

Claudia (whispering): ‘Cause you made me want to give it to you.’

I got out of bed after she fell asleep, slipping a long t-shirt from her wardrobe over her limp body. The rest of the night was spent changing the wet towel I placed on her forehead to take away the fever. And by sunrise, she was feeling much cooler and allowed me to sleep, only after I served her breakfast – which was a blowjob to get whatever that’s left in my balls, out.

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