A Little Pity

Guys, this would be the most unpleasant post-national day entry I have to write but this is something I would like to take off my chest. It is about the girls who had appeared on my site, either before or currently, and then disappear.

If you guys have noticed, there are entries that mysteriously vanish overnight without any warnings or statement from me.

It is often an urgent case to protect the ladies, especially when it is their choice to do something out of their convenience for me (my blog more specifically). Therefore, resulting in the ‘no questions asked’ policy, sudden removal of posts. Keep reading and you’ll understand the situation better.

There is only one simple guideline for me when I post any photos up, that is, a freedom for the girls appearing in them to notify me anytime they feel threatened, at risk, guilty or worried. I will not ask any question and will remove whatever is linked to them as soon as I can. Ever since the appearance of a few girls’ pictures, there has been countless attempts from readers to expose their identities, and none of them had successfully gotten what they hoped to get.

I hate to use such strong words, but I am disgusted and feel pitiful for what the readers tried to do. No matter which person decides to post their photos on my blog, it is with a reason. The girls are proud of their bodies, they want some attention to their kinky sides, they need help financially (for Nicole’s case).

It is of pure intentions that we (men) get to enjoy such intimate views of their bodies. Here is what will most probably cause some of you to lose respect for me. No matter how much I hold faith and determination to protect privacy, the ladies who risked to share their images will always come first. What does it mean exactly? You might ask.

It means that if they feel threatened, I can remove their photos without seeking acknowledgement of my readers or regards to my reputation. If there are people who contact me trying to expose the girls, no matter if they were guessing blindly or accurately, the girls will receive the news as it is, without revealing email addresses.

And if they felt a little worried, it is my obligation to put them out of misery and remove everything related.

At this point, I would like to point out that the removal of photos is not caused by the correct guess or detailed information from the readers trying to get lucky, but it is the loss of hope in people who does such things. To even try, is bad enough and the girls do not deserve to go through this ugly side of humanity. Along the same line, I think those people who try to expose the girls, aren’t that intelligent to understand how things worked.

If a girl feels threatened, you will never get to see a single photo from her again. But if you stay silent and quietly enjoy whatever she submitted, then more photos or videos would surely come by.

It does not matter if you know any of the girls or not. Because they had taken the risks, to show their naughty side to people who appreciate courage.

Now that Kgirl, Elise and Nicole is no longer keen to share anything, it also marks the beginning of a dark age 7Sidedbox will go through. Sarcastic as it may be, thanks guys. Whoever tried to gain whatever from making the ladies feel threatened.

All necessary precaution has been taken to hide compromising parts that would danger them. And anything more that the girls allow on the photo(s), is a sign of imperfection that they had no qualms about showing. Using those natural flaws, countless photos, descriptions, had been attached to emails, again to try their luck to identify the girls. Seriously, J is NOT an OKT. I am a blogger, and have no obligation to anyone.

Now you guys see why there are no photos in my blog? I had been worried about what will happen if I feature girls, with calculated risk when I finally give in to the demand to slightly make my site more interesting. It is not the miscalculation that made me tired. It is the number of replies I have to give about how I am not related to the girls. And on top of that, to keep the girls notified about the appearance of such people, constantly bothering them with details that they have to go through to make sure it is not someone familiar who saw the pictures.

Why can’t, we just enjoy what comes along and not ask for a foot when given an inch?


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It’s sad but unfortunately the world is made up of all sorts and there seem to be more idiots than not.

You can try privatizing your blog and do it by invitation only?

People would just create alternate email address to get entry. So the best way to maintain the sharing spirit without harming anyone would be remove all the risky content.

Haizz… basterds.. really.. I think.. you just make this a private one instead? With photos to only the private site like “the innocent slut” …?

Thanks. .. basterds

Anyway.. I support your decision Jhae.

of course… i respect that and the privacy of the girls.
still… thank you for all the sharing

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