Real Play

It was unusual night where Sarah felt incredibly horny. Perhaps it was her perfect age to get pregnant, or was is her work stress. But it was a day for her to spice things up with some role play. Ignoring the fact it was three in the morning, she went under the blankets and ran her hands up her husband’s bare body, until she reached her favourite part of him. Smiling to herself, she kept her eyes closed in the dark and went over to the limp rod and began sucking on it, licking around it like a melting ice cream, alternating between deep throats and shallow tip tease. After her husband was woken up, she slid herself out of the bed and went to her wardrobe.

Since it was dark, none of them could make out what she was done, but after a few minutes, the bedside lamp came on and she was in a translucent black nightie with a patterned purple panties. It had been a long time since she got so initiative and wild. He got up in the bed and pulled her towards him to give her a kiss before he exit and changed out to something to head out. Sarah was a little lost but thought he might want to bring her out in this attire. So she simply followed.

Husband: ‘Dear, you’re so horny tonight lo. And I think I might need some help to satisfy you.’
Sarah: ‘You going to ask that friend of yours again?’
Husband: ‘No lah. This time different. I want you to drive to Geylang, and wait somewhere less busy. I go take something and will go find you after.’

He handed her a long jacket and she got into her car after he placed it at the passenger’s seat. Once inside, she removed her tall heels and drove off to the designated meeting place. Her husband went back to the bedroom and fell back onto the bed, eyes closing from the tiredness of his work.

Sarah driving in just her nightie without and bottoms had definitely turned some heads from some taller vehicles, but as they were just for brief moments, there weren’t anything to worry about. Her body was still turned on and ready for her husband once they check into anyone of the hotels. She roamed around the less sleazy streets until she found a nice secluded spot and got out of the car with her jacket, throwing it over herself before anyone came.

As she waited, her excitement also grew, with her imagining what he was picking up and how naughty he would get. But after thirty minutes, an SMS came and it was a disappointing one.

Husband (SMS): ‘Dear, I might not be able to make it. But I want you to do something for me. Find a guy, or a couple together, and see how much you are worth from just one session. I want you to be satisfied even if I cannot meet you too.’

She did not reply and just stared at her phone. It was not the first time she fucked someone other than her husband, just that he would be around the other times. At times, she would fantasize about other males, but only went for it when her husband allowed. She reached into her car and took along her bag, before walking around aimlessly, until a pair of China nationals in shabby clothes slowed down to look at her.

Ah Tiong: ‘多少?‘
Translate: How much?

The next more logical reply from Sarah was ‘你有多少?‘. They took out their wallets and showed her S$300. She nodded and brought them to her car, on the pretext of taking something. But since they were paying her, it might be a good idea to help them save too.

Sarah: ‘你们敢在车做吗?‘
Translate: You dare do it in the car?

They looked at each other before telling her yes. They got in her car and she drove to an even emptier streets, with just cars and nothing more. She stepped out of the white car and handed them a digital camera, walking to the back of the car. They fiddled with it before taking it up to snap pictures of her while one of them asked her for the reason.

Sarah: ‘哦,我必须让我的老板知道我有做工。‘
Translate: I have to let my boss knows I’m working.

She stood in front of her car for a few more poses before they went out of control. It was for her husband who love to see how she took good care of herself. The rest of the shots were taken and she was pleased with their skills.

Ah Tiong: ‘你可以尊下,把脚打开吗?’
Translate: Can you squat down with your legs opened?

Why not? She squatted down and adjusted her panties to the sides to show them her pussy, it was the first request they asked of her and she was totally fine with it.

They spoke to each other in their own dialect and Sarah opened the back passenger door to climb into, before coming to a rest in doggie style. With alternating hands, she lowered her panties until it was off and the men entered the vehicle too, one in front and one behind. Out of nowhere, they discussed some issues and had to swap places in the cramped space, but it looked really comical to her how they spoke and behaved.

The man behind licked his finger and rubbed her slit a few times before digging into her pussy, wriggling everywhere until Sarah could not take it and began making the sensual moans usually reserved for her husband. His fingers were thick and rough, partly good, partly agonizing. Her body suddenly came without notice and her pussy wrapped around his fingers while leaking a bit of juice. He was glad to know his fingers were so powerful and it was time to get on with business. The guy at her mouth removed his pants and knelt on the seat with one leg, and the other on the floor.

Sarah knew what to do and went down on him, taking his surprisingly odourless dick into her mouth and sliding her lips up and down his shaft, tugging along the loose skin on it. The guy behind her took his time to let his dick penetrate inch by inch, making her beg for it, ‘我受不了了,可以放进去了吗? I can’t take it anymore, can you put it in already?’. He was sure happy after he heard that and grabbed her waist before pounding his dick in, all at once without warning. Sarah was shocked, to a point she almost climaxed, but the rhythmic thrusts were keeping her climax up and rising.

Her mouth continued to work hard, letting the jerks from the guy behind to help her move forth and back, enabling her to take his dick deeper in this dual penetration doggie style. They did not managed to swap positions, explaining the last minute change, cause the guy at her pussy could last way longer and the guy with his dick in her mouth was just in for the ride. She knew nothing of that and just continued to let his dick give her the orgasms she wanted from her husband. Oblivious to her, the iPhone tracking had activated and her husband found her car making weird movements.

The guy behind then groaned out of control and pumped her even harder, his friend could not hold it back anymore and shot his load into her mouth, which she sucked and held it in while letting her moans get caught in her closed mouth. She gave a hard gulp and moaned louder with him, until she felt his dick burst and a crazy hot goo flooded up her pussy. The scary thought of him doing her without a condom awakened her fears and the huge gush of sperms was a even harsher reminder that she was being filled up with a stranger’s cum, deep into her womb where a baby was ready to be made. She was so used to having sex without a condom that she did not find anything amiss, but it was too late.

The men cleaned up with the box of tissue at the back of her seat and left the big notes where she could see, leaving her car doors open to expose her pussy. She was too weak to push them away when they cummed into her, and the fears of having a child that was not hers drove her to tears. Sarah blamed herself for the lack of self-control without her husband around and thus having to face this sort of consequences.

Her husband walked towards the opened car door and found her lying still, pussy dripping cum, red and swollen. He closed the door and went to the other side, where her head was and her mouth with streaks of white cum tired her jaws out as well. Shaking his head with a grin, he went to the driver’s seat and started the journey home, letting his faithful wife rest. Sarah did wake up in the middle of the ride though and had managed to climbed to the empty seat beside him, before rewarding her understanding husband with road head, with an intensity that almost knocked him out from the ejaculation.

Photos published with permission, courtesy of Stysg.

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