Dirty Me

This entry is written on behalf of a friend’s wife, Sarah, from her point of view.

My husband was a weird man, somehow, I find him too loving and understanding, almost too good to be true. Nonetheless, I love him a lot and am grateful for him. This recount was written to express myself to him, and to show him that although I say or hint things, it was to make him feel safer and not risk ourselves.

Twice, he had brought me to a multi-storey carpark. It was at Vivocity, where many families and couples gathered. Twice, I told him I disliked taking photographs and even more so if it took a long time. Posing was tiring, and a mood killer. But for him, I still did it. Both times, I walked up the stairs all fired up and horny, ready to strip to nothing no matter how public it was, cause I know he was there to protect me. As usual, he would ask me to remove my clothes, leaving only my bra and panties on.

He took photos of me in that position and I did not show him a happy face because of how he exposed me at my most vulnerable and desperate. Truthfully speaking, if any guy would just pop by, I would grab him and fuck him on the spot while my husband can take all the pictures he wanted. I know he would still be happy for me.

On top of that, once he realised how horny I was, he would ask me to masturbate myself. It was slowly driving me mad! He was so into taking pictures of me during my wetness times, but I cannot resist myself. Everytime he asked, my hands would automatically reach between my legs and start to rub my own clit, it was as though I had been waiting for an excuse to get off.

Finally, when he began moving backwards for the full body shots, I know it was almost over, the photo session. The sex session was about to begin and he would put the camera down after he was done, only to come and give me the hard pounding that I deserve. Up to this point, I could say that he either knew how to really tease me, or not notice that I was getting turned on although I did not express that I liked it.

Usually in public places, he would enjoy taking me from the back in doggie, looking over whichever windows or stairs that I can safely place myself at. He would remove my bra and panties at times, but only if the place is really secluded or secure. I just totally loved how he plugged his dick into me over and over again, making me feel so hot and needy. It was like a desire never to be satisfied whenever his dick was in me. I can still imagine his dick inside of me, sliding against my walls and pumping me like a machine. I could only hold onto the railings or sometimes just let him pull my arms back when he went too fast.

He would usually cum inside me if we’re at home, but when outdoors, he loved me going on my knees and going to him, before taking his dick into my mouth to suck him off.

Like all guys, he love shooting hard and deep inside my mouth, until I sometimes choke, or had to open my mouth to collect his cum. He never allowed me to spit it out, so since we were together, I had been swallowing every bit of cum, sometimes even other guys’. Lately, he had been bringing me out to some crazy adventures which you guys read a few days before. Getting fucked in Geylang was so guilty and wrong, but my urge had built up to a point I cannot fight my thoughts anymore. And all those rape I experienced, I had to tell him in case he found out himself.

Everytime he was reminded of what I went through, he would get all hot and hard, and would give me the wildest sex I ever had all over our house. I’m now at smiles as I write this. Maybe deep down inside, I am more of a slut and less of a bitch, even more of a shameless whore who enjoyed being fucked in the outdoors. I shouldn’t be saying such things about myself right?

Photos published with permission, courtesy of Stysg.

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Applause for this ine.. omg.. I and my gf got to try this crazy outdoor sometime!!

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