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It had been too long since Sarah had a good rest and she returned home to find her husband on the laptop, working although it was late. As busy as he was, he left his desk and went to pour her a glass of wine before continuing his work. Sarah was feeling horny that night, having deprived of sex for as long as her busy schedule kept her. But nonetheless, tiredness was her priority and she fell onto their bed in just her bra and panties. The glass of wine was emptied and she pulled the blindfold over her eyes before falling asleep.

Her husband had been waiting for a long time before he got into bed with her, lifting and dropping her arms to confirm the sleeping drug he slipped into her drink was in full effect. He exited the room and opened the door for his good buddy, Gary. He had been waiting around the stairs for her to return and his magic pills to work. Rubbing his palms together, he was left in the room with her and was explicitly instructed not to remove the blindfolds. It wasn’t just for his safety, but it was a marriage on the line.

Husband: ‘Remember, no condoms.’
Gary: ‘Of course.’

Once Gary heard the door of the master bedroom click shut, he took out his phone and snapped a photo for memory’s sake. He quickly removed his clothes and pounced onto the sleeping beauty. Having a fetish for other people’s wives, he kept her lingerie on and proceeded to push her panties to the side before licking her tender soft folds. As her pussy lips got moist, his dick was rising to the call and it was twitching in excitement. Unknown to him, his buddy had left the webcam on and was broadcasting the live feed to his cell.

It was plugged into the huge flatscreen in the living room and soft music played in the background while he sipped away on his glass of wine. Gary leaned over the hot wife and slid his cock in, filling the emptiness and warming her pussy. Since it was about two weeks since her pussy was last used, it was extremely tight and the juices were upsized as well. The dick struggled for space while she kept closing in on him, until there were no space left and on top of that, every outwards stroke would create an intense suction that made him push right in to relieve the pressure.

The rest of the session was automatic, his body would keep pumping and dick thrusting. Sarah was awake but the darkness of the room was covering the guilty pleasure up nicely. She could not see but thought it was her husband. And even if she tried, she would not be able to remove the blindfolds she placed over her eyes. With the dick ramming hard and fast into her, all she could do was let off her sexy moans to make sure the man kept going. It had been too long and she was almost ready to die to get some cock.

Gary was holding up well and he managed to flip her on her chest after a long while of missionary. He lifted her hips up and the knees bent on its own under to hold her pussy up for him. Without further ado, he shoved his thick cock in and humped away like bunnies in the mating season. He was going so fast that most people would cum at that speed, but not him. That was one reason why her husband picked him, and he looked quite handsome too. With the slapping sounds emitting from the room non-stop, he knew his wife was in good hands and soon enough, he found himself stroking too, in sync with the feed that streamed into his screen.

With no more determination to hold back, he was slowing himself down and increasing the length he pulled and pushed, going into her with long, smooth, swift strokes. Her pussy was pulsating with eagerness but the pace of it was torturing her. For the last few moments up to the final lap, he went like madman and drove his penis deep into her, pulling out slowly and ramming it deep over and over again.

The orgasms were attacking her without hesitation and it was making her even weaker. Her body was glistering with pearls of sweat and her breathing was quick and shallow. Gary was behind her all the time, holding onto her waist tightly while hitting her butt hard with his pelvic bone. Along with that, was his dick that knew no limits except to deliver orgasms and sperms. He was like a machine built to satisfy women.

Soon, he gave off a loud moan and the last shove in pulled his trigger and poured the week’s load of cum into her, like a volcano that had been dormant for life, finally given its rights to erupt. He made sure to keep himself inside until he was done and removed it only when it overflowed. Exiting slowly, the vacuum sucked the cum that accumulated around the opening back in and he was glad he caught the spectacular sight. A photo taken on his phone ended the session and he did not show any signs of exhaustion.

Gary got dressed quickly and left the room, to see his buddy watching his wife lying on the bed panting. They shook hands and he opened the door once again for him, before going into his room to make some love to Sarah. With his dick bouncing in the air, he pushed his cock in in missionary and forced some of the cum that was left by his friend, out.

Husband: ‘Honey, did you enjoy the first round?’

She could not reply but gave him a smile in response. He went for his turn and did not change her position, skilfully only moving his hips against hers and remained that way until he was about to cum. He removed his dick from her pussy and placed it into her mouth, before firing the second load of the day onto her lips. She licked it up and even opened wider so the rest of his cum would not go to waste.

Sarah swallowed his delicious treat and continued to sleep in just her lingerie, blanket kicked to the sides so she would not stain it with perspiration. Her husband on the other hand, went back to his desk and resumed his work that was due soon.

Photos published with permission, courtesy of Stysg.

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