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Nicole met up with Chris the next day after the bad incident and they chatted for a long time at his void deck. It was long past midnight but she had told her parents she would be staying overnight at her class chalet. Somehow, there were more people loitering around at night and he suggested going up to his place, which was considered empty since his parents were asleep.

They snuck into his room that was messy with unfolded clothes on his bed, but it had a homely feel to it that was different from Nicole’s room. She went to the only bed in the room and laid on it, while Chris shifted the pile of clothes away. Joining her on the bed, she had removed her panties by then and was rolling around in his blanket. It was a totally different scent from hers but it had a certain manly smell, that she did not mind at all.

Chris went under the blanket beside her and leaned on his arm looking at her.

Chris (whispering): ‘Enough space?’
Nicole (whispering): ‘Yupp.’

He closed in for a kiss that started as a peck, before her tongue found its way between his lips and a little tongue fight broke out in their mouths. With the passionate make out happening, her hand had moved onto his waist and went under his shirt, going all the way to his nipple to give it a press. Chris was not that sensitive at that part of his body, but the way she slid her hand was sexy and it gave him a growing hard on.

He leaned in closer to her and let his bulge rest on her thigh, which she then moved her hand which was under his shirt, down to it and gave it a little squeeze. Immediately, his mouth broke away and he gave a sigh to whatever she did. Nicole dug her fingers into his shorts, and with his help, removed it and made him lie beside her. One of her hands reached across her body to his dick, and the stroking jolted him up with extra energy. He too, stretched his hand down her body and landed on her pussy that was exposed between her opened legs.

Slowly, his finger circled around her clit and she let his speed guide her hand to jerk him at the same speed. Being someone who does not masturbate frequently, his mind was tuned to ignore stimulations and it helped him lasted through the intense strokes she gave in a challenge to get him to cum. Since she failed in doing it, her hand got tired first and let him work on her clit until he had enough. Whenever she felt a climax coming, she would pull his blanket over her mouth and soften her moans as the pulses shook her body. Chris just kept going despite the tiredness overwhelming her.

After they were heated to the core of melting over each other, Nicole snuggled into his chest and gave him a few pecks, before running her head down his smooth shirt, stopping right before his dick. As usual, the teasing included squeezing his shaft in an upward motion, then in the other direction. She had learnt how Chris liked to be fondled and she let her mouth took over earlier than he would expect. The slow descend of her lips down his rod got him all fired up and she went even deeper that day.

Giving him a feel of her teeth, the sensation through his stick felt even better and the usual up down motion of her mouth started sucking him hard. This time, she took almost no breaks in between but kept going, until she felt him at the hardest and thickest. He let her stop and went back to cuddling, sensing that his body had enough for the night. With his eyes closed, he was ready to go to sleep until she climbed over his body, surprising him with her initiation.

Nicole (whispering): ‘I want you to have me.’
Chris (whispering): ‘No. I don’t want it. I don’t want you to regret. Please don’t be in a hurry to lose your virginity can?’
Nicole (whispering): ‘I won’t regret.’

She reached her hand down her body to hold his dick, pointing at her pussy, before sliding her body down and let his tip push into the soft opening. The entry felt different from the dildo that went in her although it was bigger. Chris’ simply felt stronger and warmer, exactly what her body wanted. Continuing with the cherry pop, she gasped a breath of air as she went all the way down, only stopping when her pussy touched his base.

Chris (whispering): ‘You’re so tight!’
Nicole (whispering): ‘Of course! You’re my first.’

She pushed her upper body up using his chest and started moving her hips, grinding him in a forward-backward motion. Being a dancer, she knew how to move her body and the pleasure just kept her going. Chris’ job was to lean back and relax, while she worked tirelessly, as though the orgasms she received earlier had no effect. As it was his first time doing it in a long while, the urge to cum was even quicker than he wanted it to be. Perhaps it was her blowjob that made him uncontrollable, but the fact that he was about to cum had to be addressed.

Chris (whispering): ‘Shit! I’m going to cum soon! Get off.’

Nicole was aware of the risks of getting pregnant and she paused for a while, before he gave a nod to dismount. She fell to the side and brought her head back to his dick, that was twitching in desperation. Her lips did the seal-and-dive manoeuvre and he could hear the gagging which she did not stop for. As her mouth went down to juice his dick, he became the one to cover his mouth with the blanket and groaned loudly into it.

Finally, his hips gave an upward thrust that shocked Nicole but she held her head down forcefully, while feeling the warm shots of semen shoot into her mouth. It was not as deep down her throat as the one she did for him at the stairs before, so she could totally collect all of it. Knowing that she would be transferring his milk to him, he lifted her head away and brought her lips to his.

*Gulp* Nicole made that loud and clear to him before kissing him lightly, without the tongue in the way. She fell onto his chest and listened to his deep breaths of air he was trying to catch, and slowly drifted off to sleep listening to his hypnotic heartbeat.

The sunlight from the windows woke her up the next day, and he was already up, looking at her with those attractive watery eyes. He went under the blanket and his head moved all the way down, and between her legs. Giving her a quick flick at her pussy, her body arched in bliss and was treated to a full tongue driven orgasm for breakfast. That day, the house was really empty but they had all the fun they needed.

Nicole: ‘Thanks for last night. It was nice.’
Chris: ‘I should thank you. You made a sacrifice.’
Nicole: ‘Sacrifice? No it wasn’t. It was more of an investment. So now, it’s your job to drive me crazy with more sex.’

He walked her down his place and sent her off in a bus, directly headed for her home for more rest. While she checked her bag for her cellphone, she realised her panties was still at his place, hanging from the corner of his wooden bedframe.

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