Occasional Sightings

Browsing aimlessly in the NTUC of AMK Hub, I was trying to recall something that I missed out. It was when I saw a lady wearing a one piece black dress, translucent to a small extend not to be mixed with ‘slutty’. Her black bra was showing under the dress but from the waist down, an extra layer seemed to be protecting it. The features of her face was more towards Thailand or Indonesia origin. And her make up wasn’t too bad, just light enough just to complement her beautiful eyes.

What was I thinking! Of course she would wear appropriately to such a crowded place.

I went about my Zen walk to remember the seemingly important item, going through the aisles again. By the time I returned to the milk section, she was no longer at the original spot and I walked around the sushi section, only to spot her among the veggies. I went to that area and stood at a distance, watching and still wondering what was she wearing underneath exactly.

Finally, she moved away from the choi sum and headed for the fishes, where I shamelessly stalked her. After she picked one of the sea monsters, she reached forward to chope the weighing scale and her dress rose. It went up to her butt cheeks and a glimmer of pink hope shone from below. Still in my own world, she pressed her hemlines down and turned around, to see me looking at her direction.

Oh shit..

I picked up the packet of frozen prawns and threw it into my basket, before walking to the pasta section to complete my grocery list. My mind was suddenly intruded by the devil and angel, one begging me to tail her until she paid, and the other told me that I got all I needed and my stomach is empty.

Turning towards the fish section again, I walked all the way straight to the sushi and examined the price tags for the ‘Past-9’ promotions. At last, my fears ended when I stood in the self-checkout line, moving swiftly for me to complete my shopping trip.

Walking pass the Pau stall, I stared at the har gao that I regretted trying  a long time ago, only to be stopped by a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see that same lady I had been stalking with four bags in one hand.

Lady: ‘Sir?’
Me: ‘Yes?
Lady: ‘Can you help me carry my bags to my car? It’s too heavy.’

Yepp, she is from Thailand. I took two of her bags and followed her to the underground carpark. A six-seater sedan was unlocked and she placed all the stuff tiredly onto the seat, asking if I needed a lift home.

Free ride! Why not? I told her my address and we agreed to let me guide her. As her seatbelt went across her chest, her short dress went up to her thighs and that pair of pink panties greeted me again. In silence, the car headed for my place, and she entered the carpark.

What happened is now up to your imagination, with her noticing my stare at her long legs and ‘touched’ by my helpfulness. We stopped at the lot for a full hour, thankful for the powerful suspensions that stablised our midnight activity.

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She exchanged contact no. with u for FB … and the usual FK. BJ CIM.. haha whoo lucky u!

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