Something Light Under

You would not be able to differentiate Erine’s dress from any other office girls’ as it was the common tunic design clothes that had long sleeves and a slightly lower cut that revealed some of her chest but none of her cleavage. The top’s hemlline ended slightly above her mid-thighs and most girls would wear a pair of shorts or some protective layers under. Erine was somewhat unique that day, forgoing the protective shorts and decided to go for a normal pair of laced thongs. It was such a sight for anyone behind her on an escalator to watch how the dress got lifted higher and higher, yet without so much a glimpse of panties nor anything close.

She had been careful the whole day and work had been normal apart from the occasional urge to masturbate in her unusally vulnerable outfit. It had been making her feel extra sexy and every slide of her dress across her thighs would send a tingle up her spine and chill her with a shiver at times. The clock ticked to 5.30pm as she stared at it for the final moments in her office and when it striked, her colleagues shuffled their papers on their desks (which we know is not real as they’ve packed about 15 minutes before) and got up gradually to leave the place. Erine had planned to stayed till everyone was gone, so her office fling would then be able to meet her for some workplace joy.

Erine (SMS): ‘You can come over now.’

Damien did not work in the same office as her, but wasn’t too far away either, higher up in the same building. He gave her a call before going down to her office, which she knew she was the last when the first person to reach office that day, handed her the keys so she could lock it up. He waited for Erine to unlock the automatic doors and walked into her cubicle after she locked, and dimmed the lights. Immediately, he carried her up and placed her on her tidy desk, lifting her dress up just enough to reveal the playful little thongs under. He slid them off her legs and onto the carpetted floor, before spreading her legs apart to feast on her tiny oyster pearl that was juicy on its own. Just like how the shellfish would squirm when lemon drops were sprinkled, Erine’s arms wrapped around Damien’s head and held him tight as his tongue sensually glid across her clit and down her slit, with her waist bending back and forth so he could reach into the perfect spots of her private area.

As she increased her pace and loudness of moans, he easily spotted her orgasm as she would clamp her legs tightly onto his head and let go a gentle spray of juice at his mouth, which he would gladly drink them all up. It could not be more thrilling than doing this in her own office, with all the privacy and freedom. Erine rested for a few minutes kissing him passionately, but in fact, a countdown to what was about to happen next. With a shove, Damien fell onto her chair and she hopped off the desk, down on her knees on the carpet and unbuckled his belt eagerly. He tilted his head back in normality and let her work out his belt, zip, underwear and finally, his dick was out and ready.

Erine did not waste any more time and just placed her mouth over his dick, which then continued downwards slowly, so she could wet the rod with her saliva. Once her mouth opened wider reaching the base of his rocket, she slurped up the excess on the way up and once it was done and well lubricated, she gave a cold stare into Damien’s eyes. It was a look she never done for him before, somewhat like the last moments in her life as she took the plunge down her throat, with her gaze still locked on his. As she hit the bottom again, her head went into a piston like motion and continued pumping up and down, sucking and teasing with her tongue. It was such a warm, and loving blowjob as she would take her time to focus on his sensitive little head, trying to push her tongue down his shaft, sucking really hard on it, doing swirls around and under the little mushrooms, and just as it got too much for Damien to handle, she would slid his rod down her throat for a cleansing ritual and it would return back to normal for him, taking deep breaths as the comfort relieved the tension built up earlier.

This went on for as long as he wanted, until it was time to move along. He lifted her head up with his fingers on her chin, until their lips met again and they kissed for a minute or so, without so much a thought of separating. Erine brought him to the Director’s room and stood where her boss would sit, before lifting her dress up, and keeping her legs together while leaning over the table. Damien knew her cue and stepped forward to poke his spear into her fleshy folds, at the same time letting her peel her ass open so he could sink it in deeper. As the journey to the center of Erine began, it felt like infinity as it gently split the raw meat apart until it reached where it could.

Once connected, he pinned her upper back down and began moving his dick in a swift and graceful manner, going shallow and deep at random times, it was making Erine hornier and more desperate by the strokes. With her pussy drooling non-stop, it was a pretty obvious sign that she wouldn’t mind a brainless fuck, but not for Damien. He had a need more than just what a pussy can fulfill, more than just what a woman can satisfy, he was someone who bothered with the process to his needs.

He smiled and picked up his pace, while shifting only his hips, to drive the screw into her, motion after motion, Erine was in his full control. With him still inside of her, he held her by her butt to remain connected while they walked awkwardly to the comfortable sofa by the window, that was gleaming with moonlight then. Once nicely positioned, he began banging her for real this time, slapping their bodies together like tick-tocks of a grandfather clock, steady and rhythmic. He understood it was crucial to maintain a tempo if he wanted to deliver a mind-blowing orgasm. Of course, apart from the climax she received from the cunnilingus, she had been kept on the edge and not given enough to cum.

Erine could not hold herself back anymore and as much as she wanted to be fucked silly, there was not much she could do when he was behind her in control. Moving on her fours backwards, she managed to knocked Damien off balance and he fell onto the sofa. With her advantage getting on top of him, his dick was still inside and she just started bouncing up and down like a cowgirl, riding a perfectly still bull. Well, it was short of a bull’s length, but it didn’t matter to her. It was as though she arrived at the heavens and the craze of her speed and intensely deep strokes were just steps to the final doorway.

Damien no longer resisted but allowed her to do the work. In fact, he himself was about to cum if she kept up with her pace of bobbing up and down. He soon felt his dick got squished by her soft vaginal walls and she was began to convulse as well, somewhat disabling her body movements. He immediately took over and jerked his dick upwards while lying down, forcing his meat into her tight opening, driving into her sensitive privates with a long tool that was about to explode inside of her.

As the protruding part of his little mushroom gave the final stroke across her G-spot, an intense pressure built up in her created a suction so strong Damien felt he was about to die. His dick gave way like a virgin’s dick and blew up in her pussy, creating an overwhelming warming and contenting emotion in Erine, as though she was the luckiest girl in the world. Damien wasn’t just cumming, he too felt very satisfied with her vigour and power, that gave him such a crazy ejaculation he never had in a long time. They fell onto the sofa still inside each other to rest for a moment before his dick slipped out of her, totally soft and weak, but still had cum dripping out.

Damien: ‘Erine, would you like to take these little soldiers in? Or should I just wipe them off?’

She turned around to look at him, then his dick with the pearly white droplet at the end of his rod. She then tiredly crawled to him and once again, placed his dick into her mouth to give it one final slurp, that got all of his precious cum out and down her throat they went. They then cleaned the place up, before she packed her things to leave for home together.

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