Dangerous Account

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It came as a shock to me when Shelia told me she did something guilty and untoward to me. It came as an emotional trauma as she spoke to me over the phone about what happened in her school, a local polytechnic which I cannot name.

For that fateful day, she wore the wireless vibrating panty I bought for her cause her menses were just over and was feeling a little frisky as well. Her outfit for the day was a casual translucent blouse with a tank top under, and a short denim skirt to go along with. So with that, her classes came and went without much happening until the last lesson, which was a lecture she sat with another guy from her class that was quite good looking but was known to be a decent young man. Somehow, the vibrator in her panties fired off and although it did not come in contact with those plastic chairs, it did stir something up in her. Shortly after, when the class was still on, that friend slipped a piece of paper to her with a short passage that asked if she wanted to meet him after school.

Shelia could not find a reason to reject him since he might not be the one who triggered the vibrating panties and she needed his help in some of her modules as well. So she agreed and the meet up was done in one of the tutorial rooms that wasn’t locked, which they were not supposed to be in. After they stepped into the room, he took out the remote control and placed it on her bag, which by then everything appeared clear to her. He tried his luck and it hit her right spot. Her friend’s name was Jonathan and he just pushed her to a table and pinned her down with his might, then reaching under her skirt to feel the gadget-laden panties that was still buzzing.

Jonathan pressed onto the part where the panties was in contact with her clit and it totally weakened her in an instant. Being weak in that situation was just senseless to me, she was being assaulted by an unwilling partner but she had no fight left in her to resist? Anyway, her panties came off after a few seconds and she was just bare butt under her skirt. He also lifted her blouse and cut away her tank top, leaving just her maximiser bra under the sheer material of her top.

He did back away after he realised what mess he might be getting into, but that was also the moment when Shelia did the stupid thing. She went over to Jonathan and kissed him! Kissed! Her hands just roamed to his shorts and unbuttoned the soft materials covering his bottom and then took out his dick for a handjob. He was still stunned at that moment but she was all too obvious. He let her finish with a few strokes and it was soon less than sufficient to meet his needs.

With her still standing in front of him, he carried her by her butt and placed her on the row of table at the front, adjusting her skirt to reveal her perfectly shaved pussy right before his dick. Adding some saliva to his hand, he gave two strokes to her clit and she wrapped her legs around him, pulling his dick right into her intimate cave. The size of it made her gasp and lose even more control of herself. It was then Jonathan that continuously filled her pussy with his thick piece of meat, sending waves of orgasms from the third minute they were at it.

The moans she was giving off was turning him on more and he just kept pumping with excitement. It seemed that she was his first. He was not about to cum in this position. He carried her off the table once he reached his fastest speed and placed her on the ground, turned her around and bent her over the long teacher’s desk. With her boobs resting on the cold surface, her bra was still supporting the cleavage she created with the bra.

In one swift move, he plunged his manhood right into her womanhood and it was all history. The table shook like an earthquake that might just end the world, and her pussy just kept leaking juices all over her legs and his thighs. The futile struggle to find something to hold onto, the generous forceful ramming he was giving her, she admitted it was the most intense and crazy sex she ever had. All the time, she was imagining me behind her although I wasn’t his size. It was an insult to me more than a compliment.

Suddenly, he slowed down and a few more strokes of long and fast thrusts later, she felt his cum filling her pussy up and she too, had orgasmed that instant, milking him dry of sperms with the contraction her pussy was giving.

It was definitely heart wrenching to hear that from her, to know that another man had pumped his seeds into my girl. She described how frightening it was with that huge gush of cum that overflowed right out of her pussy after he was done, and they went their ways to the toilet for a clean up. Her tank top cut up, there was no other options except to use her laptop to cover her nudity and they left the school.

How frustrated could I feel? Can you imagine? I was so tempted to end the relationship right that instant if not for her telling me how much she regretted her actions. I said no more through that conversation, and she ended the call sobbing across the line. I couldn’t sleep at all, but imagining another dick inside her.. had a slightly different effect on me.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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