Dangerous Account 2

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The second night, she called me after I told her I was going to turn in and it was more apologies and regret. But I wanted to know if she really changed and realised what a mess she made. Our love was much stronger than that. Well, true enough, she had more to tell me.

After they were done in school, they left for the bus interchange nearby and once on the double deck, she walked to the upper deck that had no one else and sat down, with him by her side. His hand automatically went under her skirt and began a fast and furious massage on her clit, getting her to climax right in the public transport and dirtying the floor beneath them. Her laptop and bag were placed by her side out of the way and she let him did what he wanted.

It didn’t just stop at his fingers though. He too, unzipped his pants and took out his dick without so much an obstruction since he removed his underwear in the toilet earlier. Her hand reached out to it and began stroking it until it was big enough, for I don’t know what reasons. With a strong grip on her hair, he brought her mouth to his dick and was literally torturing my girlfriend, using her mouth like a masturbator by slamming it up and down over his dick.

Shelia did not struggle either, I did not know she had no gag reflex since we never went that crazy before, but she gave in, like she belonged to him. There was no rest and she explained to me how hellish it was, unable to breath and swallow. He just kept going until he was about to cum. Can you even gauge how long he did that to her? For ten minutes! He then lifted her up and made her stand between his legs.

After lifting her skirt up, he pushed her downwards and it just slipped into her pussy like it was intended to, still lubricated by his cum he shot into her earlier. He did not hold on to her anymore, so she took the chance.. to start grinding him. What.. the.. fuck? She just kept bouncing and grinding, while listening to his whispering groans and breaths, at the same time squeezing her pussy tight so she could feel more. Feel more of the man she knew wasn’t her boyfriend.

It did not take long for him to hold her down and press her butt so hard onto his legs that she could feel every throbbing muscles in his shaft, that forced a strong jet of cum into her defenceless pussy, filling it to the brim before they jumped up so as not to dirty themselves with the sticky substance. The rest of the ride was spent with his fingers inside of her giving her orgasms until she reached her stop.

She got off the bus with her laptop down and literally exposed her red bra under her sheer blouse to the passengers for a few seconds. With that, the call dropped dead with her crying and again, another sleepless night killed me for work the next day. How could she do this to me? A man coming twice in her with her permission?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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