Dangerous Account 3

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After a week of no contact with Shelia, she sent me a text asking if we were still together. How could I give her an answer? There was just no way I could think straight. We spoke that night to thrash it all out once and for all and I was prepared to accept whatever mistakes she made, cause I knew there was something more than just sex we enjoyed together.

As we summed up what happened, she let slip another meet up with him again, this time, at his place. Through that week, she had been restless and tired with what soured between us, and he took that opportunity to ask her out to his place. She took up his offer as she knew he had alcoholic drinks that worked for her to drown her sorrows. They met early in the day of their free weekday they did not have any classes on and he met her to buy the drinks she liked and they made their way to his place.

Once inside, he knew what to do and let her rest before the bottles opened and kept pouring glasses after glasses for her, with an agenda we all know too well. Soon, she was tired and weak from the bombardment of the alcohol in her system and he began his mission as well. Taking his time, he carried her to his bedroom and tugged her shorts off, leaving her grey stockings on. Her panties also came off easily as he decided to cut them off instead of removing them in one piece. The tube bra under her shirt wasn’t his concern since he already had access to something better.

With Shelia weak and almost asleep, he flipped her to her back and raised both her legs to his shoulders, wetting his dick with a bit of whisky before pushing his way in, giving her a mind-splitting shock as his dick forced its way between those delicate folds of flesh, before resting at the deepest spot of her. He then wasted no time to begin moving his hips along the bed and sinking his meat into her, pumps after pumps.

Shelia wasn’t someone who would hold back when it came to expressing her pleasure, so, the room was filled with her voice and his groans, moving along the slippery walls of her privates. At the same time, his hands slipped under her bra and squeezed them so hard the pain kept her awake and going. It was something he needed to keep going, for her to be awake and not a dead fish.

Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out of her and she sobered up as though her toys were taken away at the perfectly wrong timing. He laid beside her and let her flip herself on top, before pushing her hips backwards until his dick got right in to where it belonged. Her eyes were closed for this part and she had no idea if he had been filming her. She only knew her pussy kept grinding over his dick in every angle until she orgasmed, which further drove her crazy and made her move.

With no indication, she did not know when he was about to cum but just kept bouncing until the warm load shot into her, lining her pussy with his seeds while she continued to hop above him. Again, there was no condom between them and she was all his to play with. After he cummed, he did not rest and turned her over to doggie, with a few pillows under her waist to hold her up. After it was all set up, he began pounding her from the rear and again, he was using his new-found delay to really ram her hard.

With her little conscious left, she still managed to pull her muscles together to squeeze him with all her might, and it just kept him worked up and pumping! Shelia knew there was no turning back from the addiction, but she just could not bring herself to end it without a climax. Jonathan had no intention to have her as his girlfriend knowing she was attached, but still took advantage of her. Having no restraints, he took her pussy on with all his strength and went for a long twenty minutes before he found himself extremely tired.

Shelia was awoken too, and she knew she had to stop. As he slowed down, she pushed him away and let him lay beside her while she went over with her mouth to suck him off, in an awesome blowjob that was slow and stimulating. Her tongue kept teasing the veins under his shaft and the suction was perfect to his liking. Going deep throat on him, she made use of her gag-less reflex to get him to cum right down her throat, before he really gave out and fell like a lifeless body.

She took some time to clean herself up, before drinking water and left the place still drunk and disoriented. Her panties was gone, and her stockings had cum stains. It was such a state she was in people might just mistaken her as being a victim of rape. The rest of the day was spent on a bus that went in loops around her area, resting her sore pussy at the same time. Her mind kept bringing her back to Jonathan, who had managed to keep her cumming non-stop. His meat stick just fitted her so well, unlike..

We knew what happened, but now, it’s what that’s about to happen that the both of us were unsure of. I’ll make sure to keep this account going when I am free, and when there’s progress, or something worse.

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