Cindy woke up late one day for her school and rushed to wash up. After she was done, the drawer she kept all her intimate wear was empty, void of her lingerie. A single item rested in it, a strap-on that had a butterfly shape at where the groin was with some metallic device in it, connected to a wire leading to a small controller with two buttons. It would be a smart move to just ignore it but it meant that she would be panty-less under her skirt. So, to reduce the insecurity, she slipped it on like a panty and positioned the little nub under the butterfly on her clit. It definitely triggered something in her but she was more concerned about not being late. The control sat firmly at the edge of her denim skirt and she rushed off to school.

Upon reaching her class, the teacher had just begun teaching and allowed her in, without so much a warning. Halfway into the lesson, as she was writing notes, the vibrator went off and the minute vibrations teased her clit to an extent she climaxed within minutes. Her body did not produce much fluid so she had one less thing to worry about. The toy went on and off at random times and it made her so horny that most of her mind were wandering instead of paying attention. Although it was just a 3 hour day, it felt as though a long time had passed and she just rushed off without bidding goodbye. All her close friends knew something was up, but could not pinpoint what was it either.

When she was walking out of her university, her brother waved to her and she went over to him, about to question him about what he had done. They walked to the far end of the school where constructions had just finished and he told her about punishing her, for going through his wardrobe and deleting his photos on his computer. They spoke strongly but quietly like a silent fight, revealing their feelings for each other slowly, realising the bond between them was more than just sibling-love.

Jeremy: ‘I am sorry for doing this to you.’
Cindy: ‘It’s my fault.’

They hugged each other for a long time and Jeremy clicked on the remote he kept in his pocket, turning the both of them on and letting his hard on poke at her toy. It pressed harder onto her clit and she was breathing much quicker, hugging him even tighter. He moved his lips to her ear and began clamping on them, while running his tongue along the edges of her ear, with slight slurping sounds that made her wet. Without much movements, her hand slid down his shirt and into his pants, unbuttoning the snap on and pulling the zip down.

The corner they were in had no entrance and anyone that came would need to go through the canvas sheets that surrounded the area. His pants fell and hands went under her skirt to drop the toy to the ground too. Her sensitive clit was in the open and he just had to massage the erected erogenous spot to get her to moan and quiver on his shoulder. Her hand increased the pace stroking him and it got him moaning as well, breathing hot breaths into her ear.

He then led her to a scaffolding of metal pipes and helped her onto a platform. He held her knees up and placed it apart onto the platform, before squatting down to lick her tender soft pussy. Running his tongue up and down her slit, it provided the lubrication she lacked and the whole sensation was mind-blowing. He then pushed his index finger into her pussy and sank it as far as he could, wriggling and stroking the insides at every area. Juices then began to flow and it was coating his fingers in generous amounts.

Keeping up his movements, he got her to cum within three minutes and it drove her wilder with that huge amount of liquid pouring out. Her skirt was well at her waist and out of the way, for her to hold his head full of thick black hair, guiding his tongue to where she felt best for one more orgasm. After she gone weak, he stopped for a moment for her to recover. And once she had her strength back, it was her turn to show what she had to her brother. Hopping off the platform, she knelt in front of him and tugged his underwear down just low enough to let his dick free itself into the air.

Without hesitation, she took his dick into her mouth and went back and forth, sinking his dick in graceful strokes at her mouth, sucking it so lightly it could easily felt better than normal intercourse. Her attention was at the ring under the little mushroom and it surely made him lose control, holding her head and ramming it towards his smooth groin. She wasn’t a fan of deep throat oral, but endured it since it was her brother she was giving it to.

In a few minutes, the sky turned dark and rain poured like a toilet flush, drenching them in another few minutes. How sexy could it get, to make love in a heavy downpour? He lifted her up and brought her back to the platform, gently nudging her back forward so he could proceed. Cindy did not think twice and opened her legs slightly, before embracing herself for the first incest they would be going through. She felt his hot dick touch her labia, and very slowly, it went in like an arrow, splitting her sensitive folds apart and continued inside her until she gasped at the distance it covered.

They paused for a moment to savour the overwhelming pleasure, from how her pussy fitted his dick so well, like a sausage getting wrapped in an encasement. It felt perfectly close, warm and loving. Having no time to waste, he began pumping his meat into her and she responded with her sweet voice. Watery slaps were barely audible in the rain, but their voices were distinct. His dick was also holding up, moving swiftly with aid of the rain water, his pre-cum and her bodily fluid. His stamina made it seemed like there was no day and no night to what they were doing, but we all know there was a limit.

Cindy’s body counted down after five orgasms and her pussy just tightened without control, until it was so sensational it made Jeremy rammed harder. Channeling all his energy to his hips, he pounded her hard and fast, making sure to do it right so he did not cum in her. In just seconds, he abruptly pulled out and turned her around, pushing her down onto his feet and she knew what he wanted too, to have her suck him off.

She devoured his meat in one move and let him thrust against her mouth, choking her with the rain and the depth it was going down. Her throat was getting numb from the gagging and it finally gave up, resulting in a nice transition to an awesome finish. He gave her the final few thrusts and pulled it out enough so only the top was left in her mouth, while hot cum shot onto her tongue. It was like hot cocoa drink in a cold rainy day. Cindy let him finish topping up her mouth and looked up at him after he stumbled backwards.

Opening her mouth, the huge load surprised him and what she did, surprised him even more. She swallowed the mouthful after some rain mixed into it and it took her a minute to recover from the salty-bitter drink. They quickly got dressed after their hormones died off and went to the underground carpark of the compound, to where his car was parked. In there, they cleaned up and she slipped on the butterfly toy, ready for the long ride home.

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