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Guys, it’s J here to deliver a special feature by one of my readers, White Wolf, whom had written a novel out of his own free time. While I busy writing punching keys on my short stories, he was working hard to recollect and brought his memories out in a detailed yet casual manner, filled with emotions close to my heart that I can relate, or anyone could per se.

From here on, I will let him tell you his story, and hopefully enjoy it as much as I did. Like all writers preferred, a minute to write your comments under this entry would be greatly appreciated. He will be closely following any feedback on his work.

Yours Truly: The Beginning

To be completely honest, this wasn’t a story that I had intended to write. While I was musing about writing a short kinky story, I grew more and more dissatisfied with that idea. I wanted to write something more. I wanted a story that would bring fond memories to surface, cause tears to flow, bring about silly smiles, and a whole range of emotions that would awaken the heart…

The more I identified with these emotions, the more I discovered the kind of story that I wanted to write. So here it is. It’s not a “quickie” story, so you might lose patience with it, waiting for the kinky bits. But I promise you, that the build up to it is worth it. This is a story set in the days when phones could be used as hammers, and internet made phone calls impossible.

This is a story of our first time.


In a certain all boys’ secondary school, I was having a pretty bad day. My buddies had gone off to the arcade, but I was stuck here moving tables and chairs for some wonderful event tomorrow with our dearest sister school. Didn’t help that it was ridiculously sunny and hot today. Fuck me, right?

I hammered on the toilet tap for more water, scrubbing black dust off my hands and face. Those tables must have been in storage since Singapore gained independence. I won’t be surprised. My white shirt had gone grey, and my green shorts gone brown. Ridiculous. Stalking out of the toilet, I was going to get my stuff in my classroom when I heard a girl’s voice behind me.

Woah there.

You see, after three and a half years of intense competition with other boys, I have developed this super power to instantly detect any pretty girl in a hundred meter radius around me. It’s an important evolutionary capability to survive at my school… And if you believe that, I’ve a gold mine to sell you.

Putting on my cool face, I turned about… And lo and behold, before me stood this tiny girl a whole head shorter than I was. That’s pretty short for a girl when I’m measuring 165cm. Her black shoulder-length hair was neatly tied up in a ponytail that presented an incredibly adorable pretty face. Clad in a neatly ironed blue pinafore, my eyes wandered down her chest and the rest of her body. Damn that school uniform. Why can’t they just do away with the pinafore? I can’t see anything! Then, I noted her tie and badge. A school prefect. I tried not to stare. Really.

“Hey?” She said again.

“Eh?” I put on a straight face, “Yes?”

“Where the fuck is the girls’ toilet? I’ve been looking for one and I can’t find!” Okay, now that got my attention. Blinking from the unexpected vulgarity, I pointed a finger over at the well-hidden teacher’s toilet, “Eh, behind me. But the lock spoil.”

“Shit la!” She fumed as she fiddled with the lock, “I really need to use. You stand here hor. Don’t let anyone peep!”

As if anyone would, you flat-chested bitch. I crossed my arms and leaned against the wall outside, while wishing all manner of violent death upon her. So I tried to be a gentleman. Fuck me, right? Whatever happened to cute girls being cute? Nobody would come by this part of school at this time, so why am I even doing this? Just as I wanted to walk away, the prefect came out and shot me a look, “Can you bring me to the school hall?”

Biting down my frustration, I simply nodded and said, “Look, if you’re here for the event, it’s tomorrow. Not today.”

She looked at me like I’m an idiot, “Of course I know. I came here so I can tell my friends where to go tomorrow. Now, can bring me there or not?”

What’s with this streak of bad luck I have? First, my teachers picked me to stay back. Now, this girl. Fuck my luck today. “Yeah, can. Let me get my bag from the classroom first,” Stalking in there, I slung my bag over a shoulder and tried not to react violently to her face of disgust as she peered into my classroom. Show some respect, damn it! That’s my sacred ground!

Heading down a few flight of stairs and along some corridors helped improve her attitude a whole lot. She must really like me to keep ranting so much. Finally unable to bear it any longer, I rolled my eyes and she noticed. Whoops. She turned her pretty face towards me and “tsked” in disgust, ready to let loose another bitchy remark… Moments before she walked right into an open classroom door with a resounding bang!

I couldn’t help it.

I laughed.

Clutching her face, she fell against the wall and slumped down upon the ground. Retribution! Oh, thank the lord! Then, her face scrunched up and she started crying. Holy shit. Not cool! Not cool! It wasn’t like what you would see in a drama or anything. None of that false dignified sobbing that a pretty actress would use. This being real life, she was really bawling it out like a little kid lost in the mall. It was like death’s knell. My laughter choked off as I froze in place.

Shitshitshit… Shit!

My mind bailed and went blank on me. Now what do I do? Right, tissues! Hurriedly rummaging through my bag, I grabbed a half squashed pack that I never used and squatted down to hand it to her. My mind absently noted her name tag spelt “Tan Xin Yi” and that her shoes were pretty white. Funny how many details the human mind can pick up in moments like this…

After a torturous moment of watching her cry, Xin Yi finally plucked the tissues out of my hand and tore it open, her face turning away from me as she blew her nose daintily. I looked away politely and shuffled my feet uncomfortably. Thank god there didn’t seem to be any teachers around in the late afternoon. I would be so screwed if there were…


What did I just hear?

“Hey, I said I’m sorry,” came the cute little voice again. Woah, where did that angelic voice come from? It had to be a trick. I wanted to give her a piece of my mind. Seriously, did she think a simple sorry would cut it? Fuck her! Spinning around with some choice vulgarities in mind, I immediately lost them as soon as my eyes fell upon the sight of a wide-eyed adorable pretty girl huddled up against the door.


Her liquid eyes were a rich chocolate-brown that shimmered as the rays of the late afternoon sun danced within them. Her now-disheveled hair framed her delicate heart-shaped face, lightly tanned skin slightly flushed from her tears. She was biting down lightly upon her lower lip, vulnerability plain upon her face as she waited for my reaction. My heart melted. How could I have ever thought to unleash a torrent of vulgarities this sweet little thing? What was I thinking?

Puss-in-boots has no power compared to her.

I cleared my throat lightly, realising that it had went dry in the past few seconds, “Eh… It’s alright. Erm… Why’re you here anyway? There’ll be prefects to bring you to the hall tomorrow.”

If possible, she looked even more miserable. I tried hard not to rush up and cuddle her.

“It’s not like I want to. My teachers decided that prefects won’t have school tomorrow, so we all can make our way here from home. I have to tell everyone how to get to your school hall. If I don’t come here, how can I know?”

“Oh… So you’re the same as me,” I said with understanding, “I had to stay back to prepare the school hall for tomorrow’s event.”

“Huh,” She look cute when confused, “Just you?”

“No la. Everyone else went home. I was washing up.”

A long silence before she sniffled and spoke up again, “Uh… Can you help me? My legs are numb.”

“Ah! Sure,” Without thinking, I squatted down and carried her up easily. She was so light I could swear my schoolbag was heavier than her! She gasped and clutched me tightly as I probably stood up too fast for her, her eyes squeezed tight as her lips trembled. Why is everything about her so adorable? Be still, my thumping heart.

In those days, classrooms were always open because there was nothing to steal. Holding her delicately in my arms, I went into the war zone of a classroom and used a foot to pull back the chair at the teacher’s table. Gently setting her down on it, I went back outside to get our bags. Xin Yi looked absolutely forlorn, her petite form slumped in the large chair. I handed her bag over and she hugged it with her chin atop it. It was silent for a few minutes.

“Thanks… Hey…”


“I’m hungry.”

“Got hawker centre nearby.”

“I still haven’t tell my president how to go to your hall…”

I bit back a sigh. This girl is so troublesome.

“Where’s the nearest phone?”

“Come,” I offered my hand to help her up. As she took my hand and our fingers touched, she blushed a tomato red and clutched her schoolbag tightly, as though trying to hide behind it. Com’on, those were just her fingers. Get a grip, man!

“You got phonecard?” I asked nonchalantly as we stood around the payphones.

“Got.” She said as she fumbled in her bag for her wallet and slipped the phonecard into the payhone, while I gave her several minutes to make the call…

“Okay, finished.”

“Huh? So fast”?

“Yeah, I’m awesome that way,” she said proudly.

“Sure… Sure…” I muttered while rolling my eyes again.

“So when can I eat? I never eat lunch!”

“Now also can. You want to bite my arm?”

She snapped her teeth as though to bite me and stuck out her tongue at me, “Mmm… I’m Xin Yi. You?”

“Chen Sian. Nice meeting you,” I replied while leading her out of my school. Boy, is it great to be out!

“You know… You’re actually nice.”

“Huh. So you saying I look like bad guy?”

She gave me this absolutely sweet smile that sent my heart skipping. “No,” she giggled ever so deviously, “You look like Ah Beng! And Chen Sian? Really? Since when did you become a deity huh?”

I tried to think of a witty remark and failed. Instead, I snorted. “Someone suddenly don’t want to eat hor?” I shot her a sidelong glance and smirked as she looked at me in mock horror.

We grinned stupidly at each other for a moment before sharing a bout of laughter. It was easy to hold a conversation with her. The walk to the hawker centre was not as much of a torture as I expected. “Kay, we’re here. Not so crowded in the late afternoon,” I dumped my bag at a table. “Meet you here?”

She simply waved me away imperiously as she marched towards the hawker stalls. Some minutes later, we met back at the table and I no longer felt so self-conscious. Our lunch together was a simple and silent affair. I didn’t feel the need to strike up some meaningless chatter… Neither did she. We shared a comfortable silence.

I remember stealing glances at her during our lunch. Some of her hair had come loose from her ponytail to give her a fringe, so she had to tuck it behind her ear. Her small hands handled her spoon and fork deftly as she picked up bite-sized portions of meat and rice. She looked up suddenly and caught me looking at her, which made her shyly look back down.

I cleared my throat. “Trying to bury your face in your food ah?” I teased her cheekily.

She murmured something that I couldn’t hear over the noise in the hawker centre, but suddenly started eating really quickly and finished in a minute. Avoiding my gaze all the while, Xin Yi took out a tissue and offered me some.

“You going back?” Deciding to spare her from my teasing, I changed the topic while wiping my mouth.

“En,” She nodded her head while still looking at the table, “Ang Mo Kio. You?”

“Er… Same.”

“Really? Where?”

“The St Nick Primary there.” That got her attention. She looked up at me in surprise.

“Block 271?”

I nodded and gulped. “We’re…”

“Neighbours,” She finished for me. She looked shocked and I felt the same. How could we have never met each other?

Breaking the silence, I grabbed my bag, “So… Shall we get going?” She mirrored my movements and we both headed for the bus stop. While waiting, Xin Yi pursed her lips and peered closely at me, “How come I never noticed such a mean looking guy like you?”

I failed to think of a suitable comeback again, instead opting to look hurt. Delighted at my response, she gave that cute devilish giggle once more. I felt my heart take a tumble. Okay, get a grip. What’s this I’m feeling? Something must be wrong with me today. It was probably the hot sun. It was pretty empty when we boarded the warm and humid bus. She nudged me out of the way and slipped right into the last window seat all the way back. “What was that about?” I muttered as I took the seat next to her.

“I just like it here,” she murmured while hugging her bag like a pillow. I grunted in acknowledgement. Unable to steal glances at her this time, I chose to settle back and keep my eyes ahead. I don’t recall how much time passed, but to this day, I will forever remember the leap of my heart as I felt a gentle pressure against my left shoulder.

I didn’t have to look to know that her head was there, but I turned to look anyway. The rumble and jostle of the bus became a distant noise as an aching sweetness filled my heart for the first time in my life. It was then, at that moment, looking down at her dozing form that I knew I would do anything for her… To see her sweet smile, hear her cheeky giggle, and catch the twinkle in the depths of her chocolate-brown eyes. That ache in my heart mellowed into a tender warmth as a smile found its way across my face.

I’ve heard that time speeds by during moments like this, but I didn’t feel that way. The 24 minutes on board that bus 562 seemed to last for an eternity. With infinite care, I delicately tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. I touched her shoulder lightly, “Hey… Hey, it’s our stop next.”

Murmuring something incomprehensible, she rubbed at her eyes blearily and froze. Our faces were centimetres apart as our eyes met. Chicken rice. I remember she smelt like chicken rice. I probably smelt like char kway teow. It seemed like Xin Yi was moving ever so slowly towards me, her eyes seemed to be closing again… My heart was doing a tap dance. Then, some auntie pressed the harsh buzzer to get off and we broke apart abruptly. We both grabbed our bags in a fluster and got off the bus, aware of the giggles and stares from other passengers.

“Uh,” I was breathing pretty hard. Stay cool man. Get a grip! “Let’s walk back.”

“Yeah…” She nodded absently, slinging her bag around. The neighbourhood we stayed in was a very quiet one, pretty far away from the main road, so it helped us both to calm down as we walked back home. Without anyone around, I felt far more comfortable and less self-conscious. Stealing a sidelong glance at her, I saw her fiddling with her ponytail. A gentle wind sent some leaves rustling by as Xin Yi tugged away the rubber band holding her hair together. With a gentle shake of her head, her long hair fell free across her shoulders, tumbling down in a wave.

She looked good. Really good. I swallowed hard, my throat clenching up all of a sudden.

There was a half-smile playing across her face as she started to say something. Turning to me, she noticed the look plain upon my face and smiled shyly, her footsteps faltering. “We’re home…” She murmured softly while looking down. I stepped in front of her and she fidgeted with her fingers as the wind picked up a little more.

My throat felt tight. My hands shaky. My vision just a little dizzy.

“Hey, Xin Yi…” I swallowed hard. “Would you… Be my girlfriend?” Oh my god, I must sound like an idiot! Nobody asks that question on the first day of meeting! The wind picked up a little more as Xin Yi finally looked up from beneath her lashes at me. The same shy smile was still on her as she met my serious eyes and nodded.

“Yes,” she replied in that sweet angelic voice of hers.

“Uh?” I grunted.

She poked me hard in the stomach suddenly and I doubled over as she burst into giggles, “I said… ‘Yes’!”

“Ow…” I rubbed at the spot where she stabbed me with her finger. Oh my god! She said ‘yes’! Holy shit!

The stupidest grin I ever wore in my life found its way on my face as I looked up at her, still bent double. “Yeah!”

“What’s with that look on your face!” She swatted at me playfully, giggling bashfully as I grabbed her hand… And held it clasped within my own. It felt so small and delicate in the palm of my own. Again, I felt that mellow warmth within me. Her eyes met mine as I gazed deeply within, the early evening sun setting a sparkle in them. She blinked twice as I straightened up, looking down into the depths of those eyes that stole my heart away.

Looking into the eyes of my girlfriend.

I took a step closer to her, her other hand finding its way into my free hand. Her smile was gone now, her lips slightly parted.

She shuffled her feet a little, her body leaning ever so slightly against me, our fingers intertwined, her eyes fluttered close as I bent a little to bring my head lower. I could feel her warm breath on my lips as time seemed to slow down once more.

Our lips touched.

It felt like a jolt of electricity passed through the both of us. Her body rose up as our arms wrapped around each other in a tight embrace. Not knowing what I was doing then, I held Xin Yi even tighter and felt her moan into our kiss. Her tongue brushed ever so lightly across my lips and I felt my erection pressing against her. She leaned fully into our kiss as my tongue snaked out against hers and I begun grinding my hard cock against her. We both moaned and my erection got harder as I felt her breasts pressing against me. Our tongues met again and again, mashing about each other. Neither of us had any idea what we were doing…

But that felt really, really good.

It was perhaps an eternity before we finally broke off, panting and gulping for air. Xin Yi’s long hair was a tangled, sweaty mess that made her look incredibly sexy as we held onto each other tightly.

“That felt… Nice,” her angelic voice was husky. I was fully aware of pre-cum staining my underwear. “Yeah,” I sounded strange even to myself, “Really.”

We sprung apart as we heard some footsteps from a distance, conscious of our behaviour in public… Getting caught in that compromising position would be serious trouble. We both looked away in an uncertain silence and greeted our elderly neighbour who was trying to comfort a whining baby. When the old lady was gone, I broke the silence first, “Hey… Where do you stay?”

“There,” She pointed to the second story apartment above us.

“Hmm… Can I have your number?”

That brought a smile to her face, “Aren’t you supposed to get my number first?”

I couldn’t help it. I blushed. How was it that she was so damn shy a moment ago, but so cheeky now? “Okay, I’m sorry! Can I please please please have your number?” I begged in my best imitation of her cutesy voice and doe-eyed look.

“What the hell?” She burst into a fit of laughter, “Well… There’s a queue for that, you know? It’s about this long and starts at my school gate. You will have to take an application form tomorrow for that too.” Xin Yi made an exaggerated gesture into the distance, while shooting me a haughty smirk.

I continued using my cute tactics and pouted, trying to look miserable. That apparently worked since she snorted and rolled her eyes at me. “Ugh, okay. Fine. Since I’m so kind and nice, I shall take pity on you. Na! Take it. My number!” With practiced ease that probably came from taking names down, she reached for a notepad tucked away in her pocket and wrote her number down before tearing it off with a flourish. Pretending to be formal, I took it with both hands and bowed deeply to her, which made her swat my head playfully.

“Tomorrow… We can go to my school together. I also got no school. 9a.m?”

She nodded and suddenly hugged me tightly before quickly walking away for the stairs. Xin Yi’s my girlfriend now. I have a girlfriend. My first girlfriend. I did a little silent victory dance and leapt into the air with a fist pump. Hell yeah! Then, there was a sudden bout of laughter from the stairs as I realised that Xin Yi had just noticed what I did. Shit man, that was not cool! Not cool!

And so she went up the stairs, laughing all the way.

My girlfriend, Xin Yi.

That night, I took a late shower. I masturbated to the memory of our kiss and the feeling of her soft petite body against mine… The touch of her hands, the feel of her lips, the electricity from our tongues meeting. I came really hard and thought to myself: If that was just kissing… Then what would sex be like?

I had no clue.

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Story published with permission, courtesy of White Wolf.

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