A Day Without ‘No’

Me: ‘Baby, put this on. But take off your panties first.’

She took the skirt from my hand and put it on. Then slipping the pair of blue Lycra panties off her legs. For her top, she wore the spaghetti top we bought at Cotton On together over her blue bra without padding, which I liked how her figure filled the shirt up nicely. Holding her hands, we left house and went to Novena Square 2’s Sakae Sushi for lunch. I specially loved this outlet, situated in a corner, the a few of the seats were positioned in the corner too, great for some under-table teasing. Suddenly, while waiting for a table, she pulled my ears close to her.

Baby (whispering)): ‘The weird fluid is flowing down my legs again.’

The waitress came in time and led us to the table we requested to be at. We took our position and baby immediately asked me for tissue. If you guys know me, I am someone who would save serviettes from Mcdonald’s and use them. She took it from me and her hand disappeared below the table. She did what we had to and placed our orders. I took my slippers off and raised it to her legs, brushing against her prickly skin, I reached between her thighs and placed my big toe on her pussy.

With the lack of precise control, I vaguely moved my toe and she adjusted her body to feel the pleasure. I could sense her legs opening wider, and her pussy lips getting wetter. The scent of her shower was detectable too.

Baby: ‘Can we play later? You’re turning me on so much.’

The food came and my toe continued playing at her clit during the service, the guy left and we ate peacefully. After footing the bill, we made our way to my favourite spot, a carpark behind United Square. The top most level was open air and windy, though visible to the taller office buildings, it’s a nice place to hang out. I brought her to a stairwell and pinned her on the wall with my kisses. I was getting horny the moment we reached, and she had not even touched me. Baby was extra shy today, and felt a little insecure, that she could not prepared for whatever I might ask of her on this ‘no-no’ day.

Still kissing passionately, I pulled my shorts down and whispered the next command to her. Baby squatted down and took a sniff of my dick. She gave me a puppy eye look to express her unwillingness to suck on it but I showed no response. Finally, she opened her mouth and sucked on it dutifully. I shifted to lean against a wall and she took my dick deeper into her mouth, pushing my hips against the wall to aid. Her skills had definitely improved these few months with me. She learnt to paste her lips against my skin and managed to let my dick go in and out without slipping or losing suction.

Her tongue could be felt clearly under my shaft, providing warmth and saliva. Once in a while, she would stop and execute her killer tease, to suck lightly and circle her tongue around my little head. It would often drive my legs weak. After a few minutes, I lifted her up by her chin and kissed her again. It’s no issue for me to taste my own dick, after all, she had done much more. I brought her to the railing overseeing the steps beneath and bent her over. She parted her legs shoulder-width and I helped myself in. Her first grasp of tightness did made me pause for a while as her vagina stretched for me. Slowly, I began moving my hips in and out of her and something felt different that day. It wasn’t that sensitive for me, perhaps cause I massaged it extra clean that morning. I managed to up my speed usually reserved for the end and made baby really moan out-of-control.

Me (whispering): ‘Shh.. shh.. ‘

She covered her mouth and frantically reached for my body to slow me down. Instead, I grabbed both her hands and used them as support while I banged away, slapping loudly against her firm ass. After a few minutes of doggie, I turned her towards me and raised one of her legs onto the rail. Standing tall, I made a little squat to insert it back into her and thrust my hips once again. This time, she hugged me really close and clawed my back. She did it so hard I had to slow down to ease the pain, but as she bit into my shoulders, I knew Baby was about to cum. So I kept going at a steady speed till her juices flowed in a large quantity down her legs and over my balls.

Baby: ‘You crazy ah?’
Me: ‘Yah.’

I carried her by her butt and she hopped onto me. With the railing to support half her weight, I slammed really hard into her and she baby hugged me. Using my chest to suppress her moans, she naughtily squeezed her pussy hard and I felt the initial control I had losing itself.

Me: ‘Why you squeeze me so tight?’
Baby: ‘I never!’

I didn’t imagine it was actually her control that made me last that long. I could tell she could not take any more of it. Her legs slowly relaxed as I was about to cum, so I let her down.

Me: ‘Suck me.’

She went down on me again, this time, leaning against the metal rails. I pushed my dick into her mouth against her head and she opened her mouth to let me use it as I wished. I kept going as I watched her hand went between her legs to massage her clit.

Me: ‘Wahh, so kinky ah? First time baby touches herself.’

I knew she could not give me any reply with my dick in her mouth. So I just continued. Her mouth had gotten wetter with her saliva and it was going much smoother. In minutes, I was about to cum. Well, the change in position from a fucking stance to a blowjob had given me extra time on my unload.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum!’

I paused my movement and Baby took over, sucking while forcing her mouth to take my dick. Seconds later, she exclaimed with her mouth closed as my sperms gave her a mouthful of it. Tapping on my thighs, it seemed that I gave her a lot. My feet had rose to its toes as the high hit me hard. My baby girl was sucking me on the tip, the most sensitive part during ejaculation. My body gave the extra squirt none of us anticipated and I pulled out of her mouth.

Baby pointed to her mouth with her other hand rubbing her own clit.

Me: ‘Swallow it?’

She rubbed harder and swallowed the load in two gulps. Wiping the leaking cum off her lips, she went back to sucking my dick to let her body accept the unknown load of liquid. Baby cleaned my dick and balls off any liquid and she wore her clothes back, still pantyless. We made our way to the bus stop nearby and boarded 166 back to my place.

As it was only noon, the upper deck was empty and I slid my hands between her legs under those skirt, rubbing on her clit with no resistance. She held my hand firmly as another wave of orgasm hit her hard, sending another load of juices down the bus seats. Baby napped for the rest of the trip to my place, worn out by the day of madness.

I brought her to the level with corridor and found a nice spot without plants in the way. It was a view of the neighbourhood and most of the windows were closed. I lifted her skirt up from behind and she gave me a killer stare.

Me: ‘Don’t worry k? There is no one here.’
Baby: ‘How you know?’

I let my dick bounce freely out of my shorts and she guided my dick from the back. It looked like she learnt something. It had more advantages to let me quickly finish what I intended to do, than to struggle and reason, resulting in spending a longer time to do it. I wasn’t going to let this day of no-no end like that.

My dick penetrated her easily and once again, I was slipping in and out of her. Knowing that the flats opposite might spot us, she kept her composure while I fucked away, from behind. She knew the objective was to let me cum quick, so she could rest back at my place. Would it be so simple? I went non-stop till the second load of the day came, which took a long time. I splashed my load onto her butt and got her all sticky and wet. Still better than cumming in her I guess. She quickly pulled her skirt down and waited for me while I wiped the excess dripping down my shaft.

Impatience I guess, got me a little treat. Instead of waiting for me to find tissue, she went down on me and licked it clean, sucking on the head for remnants in case more flowed out. I was done sooner than expected and brought her home.

Me: ‘Just take your bra off, don’t undress.’

She went to the toilet to wash up and I prepared the usual blindfold and constraints I made for her. After she was done, I brought her packet of tissue and cellphone. Bringing her out of the house for a while. On the top floor, the unoccupied flat was forgotten and it had been vacant for a long time. I put the blindfold on her and secured her hands above her head onto one of those pipes. Lifting her top, I suckled on her nipples which made her go weak and the moans escaping without any concern in public. My hands ran up her skirt and started massaging on her clit, that made that stream of liquid flow down to her feet.

Baby: ‘What are you doing?’

With my camera, I placed it to aim at her and brought out the nipple clamps that arrived. Clipping them in place, her body gave in and she began salivating through her lips, over her body. I removed my shorts and lifted both her legs up, body supported only by the constraints on her hands.

Baby: ‘My wrist is hurting.’

I rammed my dick hard into her pussy and she wrapped her legs tightly around me, pushing herself upwards to relieve of the pain in her hands. On and on we went, I tugged on the clamps once in a while, and pinched on her clit. As she was about to cum, I pulled myself away and placed the bottle of popper against her nose.

Baby: ‘I really need you now. Come back.’

By then, a male friend of mine had arrived and undid his shorts. He went up to her and forced his larger dick into Baby, but she did not realise the swap and rode him to her best. He undid the cuffs and continued fucking her in his arms, thrusting mindlessly into her, giving Baby orgasms after orgasms. Her nipples were sore and pussy tired, but the sheer size of him got her addicted for more.

I did hope she did not discover the presence of a condom I asked my friend to put on before taking Baby on. He then placed her on her knees and ripped the condom off, before applying a little bit of strawberry lubricant over his dick. Baby took it into her mouth without hesitation and held his waist while forcing his dick down her throat. The orgasm was still lingering in her body and the popper only made her delusional. Baby kept going until my friend signalled to me.

Me: ‘Baby. I’m cumming.’

She pushed her head close to him and took it deep into her throat while my friend’s lower body buckled, at the same time delivering the unexpected pile of sperms into my baby girl. He was done quicker than I did earlier and baby licked him clean as she did for me. He quickly picked up his clothes and left the place.

Without stimulation, my dick had shrivelled by the time baby removed the blindfold. She smiled and ran to me giving me a hug.

Baby: ‘You got so big just now. Did my baby enjoy it?’

I whispered a yes into her ears and smiled happily. It was the wildest thing I wished could happened. We packed and headed home, which then she slept for most of the day. She deserved all the rest she could get for that day of no-no.

After she left, I received her SMS shortly.

Baby (WhatsApp): ‘It’s my turn tomorrow. You cannot say no!’

Oh my. What did I get myself into? ;P

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