This entry contains the use of electricity through a flyswatter racket and should NOT be attempted (without professionals and medical crew present??).

Janice (shouting): ‘Kelvin! What is this?’

She was holding his personal masturbator, a Tenga Egg he bought from a local sex shop. They had been living together since they graduated from university, and their love was growing old with them, fading just that bit. All along, Janice had been very accommodating to his sexual requests but to him, she just wasn’t wild enough. She did what a girlfriend was required to, but was never opened to a threesome or public sex. Sure, going around panty-less and braless was okay to her, but never outdoor sex. With that rubbery item in her hand, she was about to either get mad, or turn very sad, depending on his answer.

Kelvin: ‘It’s just.. a masturbator?’

That answer of his did not make any sense at all. So she went over to him, dressed in her usual old t-shirt and shorts as sleepwear. Her nipples were protruding from under her thin shirt but being together for close to three years, such things no longer turned him on. He took the egg from her and raised his index finger to simulate his rod, and capped the opening of the toy over. As soon as he did that, she snatched it away and cried, jumping onto the queen sized bed and giving his thigh a loud slap. After the slap, she clenched into a fist and repeatedly hit him all over, from his head to his chest to his legs.

Coincidentally, the violence had inflicted more than just pain, it was accompanied with pleasure, only provable by the hard on that was forming under his shorts. Kelvin managed to grab her wrist to stop her attack and it was an emotion he never felt before. He wished she would continue, but his little one would obviously be ignored. Janice looked sadly at him with tears and her eyes followed his gaze to his tent. How could he be horny when she was just so disappointed with him?

Janice: ‘You like this toy a lot is it?’

Silence lingered for a while cause he had no answer for her. On one hand, he could do without that toy since she was around, on the other hand, the toy had been doing a great job helping him to cum in a different sensation.

Janice: ‘Since you like it so much, I’ll grant your wish. Lie down and don’t move.’

He slid down the pillow and got into a comfortable position while she went away, only to return with a flyswatter – an electrical one. His face immediately filled with fear and wanted to move backwards, but the metallic net was soon over his hard on, thus.. he thought it would be better not to move. She took a seat beside him at his hips and turned the egg inside out, with the wavy designs outwards. The flyswatter rested on his body with her finger on the button, like a trigger for a bomb. Her shorts came off at an instant and she inserted a finger went into the inside-out egg. Her hand then disappeared between her legs, out of his sight, for some self-pleasure moments. What a wasted view.

Her hand began moving and she was clearly masturbating herself, moving at irregular speed between her thighs. The moans were so tempting his dick was twitching under his shorts. In Kelvin’s mind, he would give that toy up for her right then, but he was in no position to negotiate. After a dramatic series of moans and a climaxing cull, she removed the toy from her pussy and it was glimmering in a delicious even coating of juice.

Janice: ‘Remove your shorts.’

Kelvin: ‘Can you take this away?’

The attempt to reduce his fear not only went unheard, but a shock went through his nipples that made him remove his shorts in a flash. The egg was turned inside out once again, and she then wrapped it over his dick, excited and scared at the same time. Her hand holding the rubber egg began moving up and down, squeezing lightly to ensure he felt how great it was, when a girl is interested in satisfying a man. The stroking method varied between twisting her hand around his little head, and going up and down, while still having that piece of man made masturbator over him.

Janice: ‘Hmm.. I wonder if this piece of toy can stop electricity.’

Huh! She placed the top part of the racket over the toy, at the top of his dick, and gave it a click. A slight tingle travelled down his shaft and disappeared into nothingness once it reached his groin. Kelvin felt lost for the first time. It had increased his sensitivity at the top part of his dick, and the twitches from his muscles had numbed certain parts as well. With his hands still clenched over his chest, he did not respond and so the shocking continued. This time, her finger did not leave the button and her other hand went under the wire netting, before stroking his dick under the white silicon.

The urge to cum was right at his brink, but the slight shock had delayed it no matter how ready he was to unload. In one swipe, he hit the racket off his hand and threw her backwards, landing on her back on the bed. He climbed over her and stuck his manhood right into her soaked pussy, thrusting like a madman into her. His dick had grown bigger than it’s normal size and Janice could totally feel it. The overwhelming sex was so fulfilling that she could die that instant without regrets.

Her hand reached frantically for the racket and she got it after a quick stretch. Janice’s mind had gone blank with his forceful thrusts and his balls were slapping on her pussy so vigorously. His dick had managed to reach into her deepest part and was filling her tunnel up nicely with his enlarged dick. The racket landed on his back and the shock she sent drove him even wilder. The pain made him threw the racket far away, and the pleasure made him berserk.

He pulled out of her mercilessly and turned her around, like a pancake except it was more of a three-point turn. First to her side, then on her fours. In one stroke, his dick pierced into her and the pounding went even faster. The numbing effects were slowly wearing off and the most intense ejaculation was on his way. In and out, the slurping sounds continued and her eyes were all white from the pleasure. Suddenly, he gave her the two deepest ram and she felt her pussy hot at once, like how a condom would feel when a man shot into it.

The cum was exceptionally hot and the load was simply unbelievable. The heat travelled upwards to her vagina and it all went back into her once he pulled out. Although it was a fast move, what followed was a shock to Janice. She felt on her sides and immediately flipped upwards, bending forward to catch how her pussy squirted out his huge load onto the bed, white like rubber sap, and poured in cupfuls. After her pussy was almost empty, she fell backwards onto the pillow and went into shock. Chest raising and lowering quickly in a pant, eyes wide opened with fear, mouth ajar speechless.

Still filled with energy, Kelvin took the flyswatter and placed it across both her nipples before clicking continuously to send her into a fit, squeezing more cum out onto the sheets. He then went between her legs, and pushed his index finger in, stroking at her G-spot to bring her awake. A minute later, she regained consciousness and moved in slow-mo.

Kelvin: ‘Change the sheets. I need to sleep.’

Like a zombie, she did as asked and although it took her longer than usual, it was done once he returned from the bathroom. Kelvin got into bed and pulled her along, snuggling under the blanket while smiling at her.

Kelvin (whispering): ‘Like it?’

Right then, tears flowed across her nose and face, whispering, ‘a lot‘.

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