Quiet Night

It had rained in the day and Kacie finally found a good time to head out to the study corner below her house. Giving an excuse to make some calls, she slipped on a thin cotton laced spaghetti top and a pair of FBT shorts, going panty-less since she was just around her house. At the void deck, she scrolled along her collection of short pornographic videos she downloaded and played one at the lowest volume, careful not to expose herself to the neighbouring blocks of flats.

As her eyes fixate on the huge white dick pounding into a thin girl, her pussy was reacting to it and was wetting her privates. Tempted by the lack of netting of her shorts, and the privacy of the corner she sat in, her fingers wriggled into the opening of her shorts and stroked along her slit, spreading the juices around her opening. After a few minutes, fingers found their way into her pussy and the public masturbation began. In and out she went, producing just small slurping sounds that would stop whenever anyone walked past, but no one spotted what she was doing.

Right behind her at the opposite block, someone had been watching her through his long zoom lens of the camera he carried. His friend spotted her and they spent some time to find out what she was watching and they got their answers. Her random erratic body movements further exposed her daring self-pleasure in the tranquil corner, making wild head throws whenever she orgasmed. There were just so many clips to get her going, and the pleasure was just too overwhelming to stop.

They sneaked up behind her as their watches neared ten, which would trigger an automatic switch to dim the lights where she was. Finally, their patience had paid off and a few lights went off, dark enough to provide cover in a few corners of the area. Jim went behind her and covered her mouth while Nicholas placed his DSLR on the table, aimed at her and the dark spot behind. Her screams were well suppressed through Jim’s hand and an alcohol scent was weakening her. Nick had suggested to use the small bottle of cleaning solution for their cameras, as a replacement for chloroform which they had no access to. Either way, it was working but took them some time.

Kacie’s body was forced onto the ground and her shorts was pulled down to her knees with Jim going first. His pants dropped in a flash to his ankles and the rape began. Nick took his tripod and raised it to the highest point, before using it to break the rest of the lights that were still on. One by one, the place began to go into darkness. He took a piece of towel reeking of sweat and used it to stuff her mouth full, and held her face to the ground so she would not spit it out.

Jim’s dick went easily into her lubricated pussy and the pain tore Kacie right apart. As a virgin, nothing wider than her fingers went inside her before, and the girth was nothing compared to her hands. Jim did not waste anymore time and held onto her waist with his free hand, and rammed mercilessly into her. Her phone that laid in a distance was still playing the porno flick she was watching, and it was all her eyes could see from the side.

With his dick reaching deep into her pussy, the pleasure she was experiencing was beyond what masturbation could provide. So addictive yet unwanted. Moans were still heard, but it was too inaudible to be of any threat to them. Nick’s DSLR had been shifted to the floor right in front of Kacie and filming her vulnerability in full HD. Low light performance would be put to the test in this situation. Jim did not spare himself from cumming and literally fucked her brains out with his force and fury, she was dripping while being raped.

In a few minutes, Jim groaned and whispered to Nick that he was cumming and the next thing she felt, was a gush of hot liquid pumping into her tiny slit, shocking her into silence. The amount was so huge she was certain pregnancy would be imminent. Once he was done, he pulled out and his pants went back on, letting Nick go behind her and do what he needed.

His pants dropped like Jim and while Jim held her down, Nick could hold her slim waist firmly and thrust into her with long strokes. He was much longer, but not thicker. The journey inwards was so fulfilling and satisfying, yet scary due to the fact he was pushing the previous man’s cum deep inside. Nick’s strokes slowly grew shorter as he kept most of his meat inside her while pounding, and was going way faster than Jim, which drove her really crazy.

Never before Kacie felt so useless and dirty. Getting ravaged by two unknown men, and still could climax while they were at it. It was beyond her control but her body had gave up fighting after she was penetrated. Thoughts about her crush at school was basically, crushed. Her pussy was willingly accepting the strong thrusts and was even contracting to intensify the experience by making sure every area of her pussy was covered and caressed.

Nick spent a slightly longer time than Jim, but his cum came in no time and flooded her pussy with the second course for the night. Still hard and long, he made sure to push every drop of his cum into her womb and pulled out only when he felt her pussy squeezing. Like a vacuum, the leftovers were drawn and deposited inside her before he was out.

Very quickly, the two men put their clothes back on and gathered their belongings, before snapping a few pictures of their conquest. She was slumped to her sides with her mouth still gagged, and cum leaking out of her reddish slit. It was humiliating to be photographed, and even more after she was used as a cum dump. They took off after getting enough shots and Kacie recovered her strength after a while, to put her shorts back on and dig out whatever cum she could reach. Yet, none of these no longer mattered.

The videos in her phone was deleted immediately to ease her guilt, and once home, the attempts to rinse the sperms out only made her felt dirtier as she touched herself, to yet another masturbation session in the showers, with thoughts of how she was raped just earlier at the void deck. Will Kacie ever be the same again? Only time will tell.

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